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Season 1
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"Love can lead people into traps. But still have time to get away."


Age 26
Height 1.80 m
Birthday November 15 (1991)
Zodiac Scorpio
Occupation Genius Scientist
Evol replication (This is mentioned later in the plot.)
CV (EN) Anthony Hansen
  • Bill Rogers
CV (JP) Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大辅)
CV (CN) Xia Lei (夏磊)
CV (TW) Xiao Ding Rei (蕭定睿)
CV (KR) Lee Hyosan (이호산)
Season 2
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"Whether it's a play or a game, All I want is to spend time with you."


Age 26
Height 1.80 m
Birthday November 15 (1991)
Zodiac Scorpio
Occupation Genius Scientist
Evol Copying
CV (EN) Anthony Hansen
CV (JP) Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大辅)
CV (CN) Xia Lei (夏磊)
CV (TW) Xiao Ding Rei (蕭定睿)
CV (KR) Lee Hyosan (이호산)

Karma Featuring Lucien







Mind's Quest
Phone Calls


Xu Mo is a well-educated, talented, and quiet young professor. Outwardly, he is the leading scientist in the field of neurology and extremely persistent with scientific studies, but in fact he hides unknown secrets. Although he is gentle towards people, it makes people feel that there is a sense of distance, and it is difficult to really enter his inner world.


In the eyes of the public, Xu Mo is a young and remarkable neurologist and a guest professor at Lian Yu University. He is serious and persistent towards his scientific research, which is how he's obtained extraordinary achievements. At 26 years old, he has already obtained achievements that most people wouldn't get in a lifetime. There is no other word better to describe him than "genius".

The progress of science is often accompanied by many failed experiments, and towards those failed experiments Xu Mo will feel regret. But at the same time he believes that it is a kind of honor to contribute to a better future for humankind. Under his elegant and gentle face, there hides an inexplicable dark side which is the most deadliest poison.

Xu Mo grew up in a happy family of intellectuals. He was called a genius from birth, but on his 7th birthday his whole family met with a car accident and only he survived.


Xu Mo was born from a scholarly family. His parents were highly talented and leading researchers, but their personalities were easygoing and, although their work kept them very busy, they did not neglect caring for Xu Mo. Before the car accident they were a very happy and ordinary family.

Meaning of the Name

CN: 许墨 (XuMo), the word 墨 in his name stands for 墨水, ink, symbol of culture.

JP: シモン (Simon), which is derives from the Hebrew שמעון (Shimon), listen.

KR: 허묵(Heo Muk), direct translation of his Chinese name.

EN: Lucien, a French name which means "light". Furthermore in the Black Swan organization he's called Ares as the Greek god of war.

Too much time has passed and Xu Mo has almost already forgotten his original name. The "Mo" in his name was once his mother's favorite word. This word represents pen and ink, a literary family, and the black and white world in his eyes.


Top 1: People Watching. He has a curiosity towards new things and occasionally, for the sake of observing humans, he will do some amazing things that do not suit his usual image, such as watching animations.

Top 2: Films. He likes to study European classics and some old movies, and he often goes to see movies late at night.

Top 3: Drawing. He once used to like drawing, but he's not very good at it. He can only draw very realistic sketches and has no creativity.


  • His world is black and white and only by your side can he see colors.
  • He has a memory that doesn't forget anything he's looked over, is good at logic and observation, and is a "God" in the Werewolf game[1].
  • His sense of taste isn't too sensitive, but it's not completely absent either.
  • In his circle of friends, there is only one person who he replies to.
  • Sometimes he drives a black SUV but he much prefers walking home from the lab.

[1] In English it's more commonly known as the Mafia game.

Quotes About Lucien

"Little Xu, ah, he's an especially outstanding young man. It's rare to encounter or even meet a scientist who researches with such intensity, not to mention he's so easy to get along with. There's a lot of young ladies who like him in the institute, but it seems like he has no thoughts towards this at all."

-- The Dean (of the University)

"Xu Mo? We've only seen one side, but he looks a lot like the small boy I knew when I was young, but Xu Mo's attitude is much more modest. If that boy is still alive, I hope he's living like someone as likable as Xu Mo."

-- Fan Zihang

Star Sign

Scorpios are considered the most intense signs of the zodiac and are associated with death and rebirth. Almost everything is in absolutes with them. They are also considered the most sexual sign too and they "rule" sexual organs.
Scorpios, like Lucien, are known to have great personal magnetism, great powers of persuasion, with some having the ability to coerce others. Their will is strong and nothing stands between them and their goals. What's interesting about Lucien being a Scorpio is that through the suffering they experience early in life, their pain leads to important personal transformation, which we learn in Chapter 9. Scorpios are also shrewd judges of other people's motives and willing to use that to their advantage.

Romantically, they are known to be very passionate, but not likely to show that in public. In private, they'll shower you with intense attention and affection. While they may be secretive, their ideal partner should not be. They also have a burning desire for knowledge of any kind and this leads them to examining all potential friends and lovers, to decide whether or not they're worth their time. Once you have a Scorpio's romantic attention, they can be extremely possessive.

Although they can be manipulative at times, when they take time to work through their issues, they have the ability to take on the charismatic power of a natural healer.


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Members of Black Swan saved the dying Xu Mo and ever since then Xu Mo is a member of Black Swan. After coming back from studying abroad, he returned anew to the organization with the code name Ares, and participated in the secret genetic modification project.

"We're similar and he's the only one worthy of being my opponent, although he's becoming more and more disappointing. If we were to cooperate, we would definitely be able to control this world!" -- Hades

Evol Power: Copy

References/Further Readings

Both official and unofficial references for further reading if interested.