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Season 1
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"Either in the past or in the future, I want your time to stop only for me."


Age 28
Height 1.83 m
Birthday January 13 (1989)
Zodiac Capricorn
Occupation LFG CEO
Evol Time Control
CV (EN) Eliah Mountjoy
  • Benjamin Diskin
  • Jonah Scott
CV (JP) Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和)
CV (CN) Wu Lei (吴磊)
CV (TW) Ye Wen Hao (葉文豪)
CV (KR) Lee Donghun (이동훈)
  • Jeong Jaeheon (정재헌)
  • Kang Minkyun (강민균)
Season 2
Victor Season 2 Promo.PNG
"You're the only one who can set foot in my world."


Age 28
Height 1.83 m
Birthday January 13 (1989)
Zodiac Capricorn
Occupation LFG CEO
Evol Time Control
CV (EN) Eliah Mountjoy
CV (JP) Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和)
CV (CN) Wu Lei (吴磊)
CV (TW) Ye Wen Hao (葉文豪)
CV (KR) Lee Donghun (이동훈)

Karma Featuring Victor







Mind's Quest
Phone Calls


Li Zeyan is the president of the Huarui Group. His personality is decisive and overbearing, and his aura can fill a room. In university, he set out to start his own business and within a short 8 years he created a legend in the financial world -- the Huarui business group. Although Li Zeyan is young, he possesses an outstanding business acumen and an ability to carry things out. He is a "capitalist" who is strict and serious towards people and things. However, this sort of man also has a secret identity which reveals a hidden side of his character, which is being the manager and chef of the restaurant Souvenir.


Only ever talking about rules and regulations, not discussing emotions, and having a crushing decisiveness is Li Zeyan's calling card. He is not a kind philanthropist and he won't waste time or money on meaningless things; his company's interests will always be the focus of his considerations. He is like a lion, born with an emperor's aura, and keeping a foothold at the peak of the world with majesty and dominance.

Li Zeyan has a cold and indifferent outward appearance, but underneath is a soft heart. He is kind and it's his habit to help out a weak person or animal in passing. However, he knows the principle of survival of the fittest better than anyone, and so he doesn't choose to help at all times. From the start, he has never been a savior and just tries his best to help the "weak" become "strong".

Li Zeyan's hidden identity is the manager and chef of the restaurant, Souvenir. This is a special restaurant and its business policies are very much in Li Zeyan's style; the food is delicious, but he only serves the people he wishes to serve, and almost no one knows that the odd manager of the restaurant Souvenir and the CEO of Huarui are actually the same person.


Li Zeyan was born into a happy family. His father was calm and dignified, his mother was lively and romantic, and this let Li Zeyan have a blessed childhood. His mother was a university professor and once went to study abroad in France. When Li Zeyan was 14 years old, she passed away due to an illness and Li Zeyan, who misses her dearly, will sometimes call to talk to his mother up in heaven; he also inherited a romantic and art-loving side from her.

Meaning of the Name

CN: 李泽言 (Li ZeYan), the words 泽言 in Chinese have the same pronunciation of 择言 (zeyan), and 口不择言(koubuzeyan) indicates a person that is too honest and speaks without measuring his words.

JP: ゼン (Zen), which is pretty close to the pronunciation of his Chinese name.

KR: 이택언 (Lee TaekEon), direct translation of his Chinese name.

EN: Victor, a Latin name which means "victorious, winner".

At the time of his birth, his mother felt he was the most precious treasure bestowed by the heavens and wished for her own child to be blessed[1]. Meanwhile, his father had high expectations for this child and hoped for him to be someone temperate in word and actions[2]. In the end, they joined these two beautiful wishes and hopes into one name -- Zeyan.

[1] The word 恩泽 (en ze). A favor that's bestowed from a higher being to a lower being (ruler to their officials, nature to humans, etc).

[2] The phrase is 谨言慎行 (jin yan shenxing), which is like to be cautious in words and deeds. Being deliberate and knowing right and wrong in your words and actions.


Top 1: Work. He is worthy of being first place with respect to this. When he is in a bad mood, he will also use work to dispel his negative mood.

Top 2: Cooking. He is an expert in French cuisine, and one of the dishes he prefers is beef stewed in red wine. Marseille seafood soup, and Burgundy grilled snails.

Top 3: Art. In his leisure time, he will go to art exhibitions or listen to classical music.


  • When he was a child, his father adopted a panda in his name at the Lian Yu (Loveland) Zoo; its name was Yan Yan.
  • When he is anxious, he will choose to look at the nightscape of the city from a high location.
  • His regular routine is to sleep at 10PM and get up at 4AM to jog.
  • Surprisingly, he's very popular with cats.
  • His house is decorated with a very expensive piano, but he's not that good at playing it.

Quotes About Victor

"Evaluation? Can I rate my boss? If I have to say something -- he has a first-class business acumen, is incomparably wise, and is a bold leader. I often feel like the disparity between me and him is as wide as the Amazon River! (Can I get a bonus at the end of the year?)"

-- Wei Qian (Goldman in English)

"The manager is a very interesting person. Regardless of how other people see him, the young man I am familiar with is someone who hums songs while peeling shrimp, who will stare entranced at the dessert on the verge of being done in the oven, and, when there is no business in the restaurant, he will open a bottle of red wine and eat and talk with me like an ordinary person."

-- Mr. Cai (Mr. Mills in English)

"I say, our Li Zeyan is good everywhere, but the only one bad thing is that he's already 28 years old this year, but he still thinks about work all the time. How can this be?"

-- Li Zeyan's Aunt

Star Sign

In general, Capricorn represents the accomplishments of the material world: prestige, honour and public success. At the same time, the driving force behind this ambition can be from hidden feelings of insecurity or low self-esteem. There is a tremendous pressure to be cautious, and a deep feeling towards being responsible for those around them. Their aloofness may also hide them from creating closer connections with others.

Once Capricorns let down their icy walls, they are considered the most loyal romantic partner to be with. They are very open to communication, and are known to have deep passion for their partner, but trust is absolutely the most important thing to them. Once you lose the trust of a Capricorn, it can be hard (some would say almost impossible) to gain it back.

A Capricorn, like Victor, also seeks freedom of guiding, controlling or governing by means of their own will power. This can become overbearing or egocentric when they don't consider other people's personal viewpoints (like we saw in Chapter 11...). They are considered to be at their best when their independence doesn't interfere with the independence of other people.


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References/Further Readings

Both official and unofficial references for further reading if interested.