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Season 1
Gavin Promo.PNG
"I will never put you in any danger... - As long as you're in the wind, I can feel you."


Age 24
Height 1.81 m
Birthday July 29 (1993)
Zodiac Leo
Occupation Evol Agent
Evol Wind Control
CV (EN) Alan Adelberg
  • Joe Zieja
CV (JP) Yuuki Ono (小野友樹)
CV (CN) Zhang Jie (張杰)
CV (TW) Jia Wen An (賈文安)
CV (KR) Um Sanghyun (엄상현)
Season 2
Gavin Season 2 Promo.PNG
"I'm even more determined, because you're here."


Age 24
Height 1.81 m
Birthday July 29 (1993)
Zodiac Leo
Occupation Evol Agent
Evol Wind Control
CV (EN) Alan Adelberg
CV (JP) Yuuki Ono (小野友樹)
CV (CN) Zhang Jie (張杰)
CV (TW) Jia Wen An (賈文安)
CV (KR) Um Sanghyun (엄상현)

Karma Featuring Gavin







Mind's Quest
Phone Calls


Gavin is an Evol agent, who recently took the initiative to be transferred to the Loveland police bureau. Acting as a special officer, he conceals his true purposes and actions. Although his personality is rebellious, stubborn, and intractable but he has his own principles of doing things. This sort of personality constantly gives others a dangerous feeling, so that it is hard for people who have just met him to see him as an Evol agent.


Gavin is a brave and decisive man, and also filled with an utterly fearless and adventurous spirit. Rather than using words, he is more inclined to using actions to express his heart. He is like a wolf, seeming to be alone, dangerous, and he walks through the world doing things his own way. But when he sets his mind on someone or something, he becomes extremely steadfast and loyal, and that will never be easily shaken.

Gavin has many informant friends that belong in the gray zone, and he often breaks what's known as the rules of convention. He uses methods that don't look so "just" to achieve his goals. Because of this, there's many people who can't understand him and feel that his actions are inappropriate. Towards all these misunderstandings, Gavin doesn't bother to explain and doesn't care. Even if no one understands, he will use his own ways to protect his convictions.

Before he came to the police bureau, Gavin had been in the special forces for four years. There, he was tempered to become strong and sharp, and he became a person who could control everything in any dangerous situation. His joining of the special forces symbolizes the difference of his justice compared to his father. He will not give up on someone for any reason. If a sacrifice is necessary, then he will choose to face it alone.


There were expectations given with Gavin's birth, and his father was extremely strict on him. When he was young, and after he was identified as being an ordinary person with no Evol, he was thought of to be a "pointless waste" and was met with extreme indifference. But at that time, he had a gentle mother. His mother loved him dearly but died when he was 15 years old because of a large fire. Gavin also has a younger brother and their relationship was very good when they were young, but after their mother died the relationship between the brothers became poor.

Meaning of the Name

CN: 白起 (Bai Qi), from the homonym Chinese general, one of the four greatest generals of the Warring States period, who participated in more than 70 wars but was never defeated.
Bai Qi

JP: ハク (Haku), which means "white" and is the translation of his Chinese surname (白).

KR: 백기 (Baek Gi), direct translation of his Chinese name.

EN: Gavin, a variation from the Scottish name Gawain, which was one of the King Arthur's Round Table knights.Furthermore he's Agent B-7, which in Chinese is pronounced B-Qi (Bai Qi).

Before the child was born, the Bai family's study was lit up all night long. No one knows what hopes that strict man there once had for his first child. He named his child "Bai Qi" in the hopes that he would be like the Warring States general, Bai Qi, brave and bold and triumphing in every battle.


Top 1: Going for a spin on "Lil' Black/Sparky". He enjoys the speed and passion of freedom at the edge of the city at night.

Top 2: Astronomy. He likes the stars, and once did some research on them. He also really enjoys soaring through the night sky, the feeling of looking up at the stars, and Jupiter.

Top 3: Boxing. Gavin's secret place is a boxing gym. He's great at all sports, but he likes boxing the most.


  • He loves to eat beef noodles, spicy things, and normally he eats takeaway or instant noodles; he's not particularly obsessed with delicious food.
  • He used to like playing single-player fighting games, but recently he hasn't played much.
  • He doesn't like to wear suits, and even if he has to wear one then he can't properly tie a necktie.
  • He likes science fiction and magazines with pictures like the National Geographic.
  • Either he doesn't sleep at night, or he sleeps very early.

Quotes About Gavin

"Our boss? Then of course he's someone who can move heaven and earth, omnipotent, a one man army, triumphant in every battle... Sorry, I've omitted 500 words of objective compliments for my bro, Gavin, but basically he's the person I admire the most!"

-- Hanye (Minor)

"He's a trustworthy comrade and the only person in the special forces who I can completely entrust my back with. It's not because he once saved me in the past, but because he's just this sort of trustworthy man."

-- Guzheng (Eli)

"Gavin is excellent and one day he will be the "sharp blade" of the special forces. The only pity is that he is too attached to the justice in his own heart, and he's blinded his own eyes. But at the same time I am looking forward to what road his convictions will take him to."

-- Commander Lianji (Leto)

Star Sign

Leos express themselves in dramatic, creative and assertive ways (hello, this dude can fly to get around...). They are also likely to be courageous, honest and have high amounts of self-confidence. They are very demanding, but possess great integrity, while also being a natural leader. This can lead them to be very proud. Their energy attracts people with positive attitudes (hi Minor) and has little interest in spending time with those who don't share their enthusiasm. This also leads to others often looking towards Leos for advice and solutions to problems, and they're more than ready to accept these challenges.

As a romantic partner, Leos tend to be the most warmest and loving of the entire zodiac. They are seen to be sensual, chivalrous and some may consider old-fashioned. As well, they are also incredibly loyal and supportive. The downside of this is that they can easily become jealous and can come across with an attitude that they must be "first" in your life. Even harmless flirting can garner their unnecessary fury.

Leos can also be seen as people who have a great amount of dignity, physical vitality and they're often the (loudest) cheerleader for friends and colleagues.


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References/Further Readings

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