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The following page contains Main Story spoilers.


Evol Black Swan Project
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Black Swan Queen Red Queen Hypothesis
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Special Task Force

"I hereby make a vow to my country and my people: I will do my best to serve, with all my life and passion, I will be fearless and selfless, I shall never betray the values I hold, That every bullet from my gun will only be fired for justice."


The STF is a special institution that deals with Evol crimes, monitors and regulates Evolvers. It is independent of the military and the government, and is not subordinate to either party. It is distributed in various locations, with its core operations department in Loveland City. The Commander is Leto.

Its main mission is to investigate Evol crimes and arrest criminals with Evol. It has its own military equipment unknown to ordinary people. Every agent in the STF has an Evol and another social identity as a disguise. They are an extremely powerful force.

Seventeen years ago, the orphanage incident was exposed. As the main force to destroy the Black Swan laboratory base, STF became directly involved in investigating the B.S. Organisation.

In the midst of continuous monitoring and investigation, the STF gradually obtained some information on the B.S. Organisation.

Two years ago, when the B.S. Organisation made a comeback in Loveland City, Leto started planning new operations as well, in the capacity of the leader of STF.

Inside STF

Commander: The highest administrator in the STF Operations Department in Loveland City. Wields incredible power.

Operations Department: The core component of the STF which is responsible for investigating Evol crimes and arresting criminals who have Evol. It is mainly divided into two teams, led by Eli and Gavin respectively. Each team comprises of an independent and comprehensive combat organisation, and are responsible for different types of missions.

Logistics Department: It is divided into the investigations department, information department, research department, medical department and other departments to provide the teams with the greatest degree of backup support. The most comprehensive Evolver archive is found here, and legalised research experiments targeted at Evol are also conducted here.

Special Operations Team: The mysterious team directly under Commander Leto’s command is not part of the task force. They follow Leto's commands solely and usually only appear in major Evol cases.

STF related Characters


Commander Leto

  • The commander of the task force has been in a high position for a long time, and has a solemn and stern personality. He is deeply shrewd, and has his own convictions and goals that must be followed.
  • Seventeen years ago, as an Evol special agent, he was involved in the "Waterfall Disappearance Incident", and all the people involved in the case, aside from him, went missing or died.
  • After that incident, he was promoted to Commander, backed up by powerful forces.


Special Agent Eli

  • One of the Evol special agents in STF, and the Captain of Team A of the Operations Department in Loveland City. On the surface, he is a little unorganised and cynical, but he is actually a reliable and trustworthy person.
  • During the Hell Mission in the Special Police Academy, Eli was rescued by Gavin, who was in the same team. Later, he joined STF together with Gavin.

Special Agent Litton

  • Formerly known as Cheng Yi. He was once an Evol special agent in STF, and is a senior whom Gavin respects.
  • Six years ago, he was expelled from the STF and had his identity file destroyed. In actuality, he joined Black Swan as an undercover agent and obtained a slew of information. After being aware of Leto’s conspiracy, he decided to leave the B.S. organisation and warned Gavin.
  • He is the father of Perry, the first infected person in the "Flu Incident."


  • Perry, son of Litton and first flu infected person

Black Swan

"We hail from the future, and only strive for the evolution of mankind. We possess Evol, and we are the creators of everything. No one can stop us, and we are the true masters of the world. QUEEN is about to awaken. Look forward to us walking side by side as we advance in the new world."


BLACK SWAN is also referred to as the B.S. Organisation. On the outside, it claims to be a genetic research institution. It was originally a secret underground research institute established by a group of scientists and businessmen. After rapid development and reorganisation, it became a large and secret multinational organisation.

At present, members are distributed all over the world with different social identities. But all of them are successful people with a certain influence in society.

In order to implement the BLACK SWAN Project, the organisation has carried out various illegal private human experiments over the past twenty years. These include the stimulation, transplantation, and reconstruction of Evol genes, attempting to transform ordinary people without Evol into Evolvers, creating an opportunity to step into a “New World”.

Seventeen years ago, the B.S. Organisation moved abroad after an illegal experiment was disclosed. Although it disappeared on the surface, it never gave up the BLACK SWAN Project. The Special Task Force has spent years investigating the organisation. But due to its strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities and the huge forces behind it, it has been unable to find strong evidence.

BS related Characters

Leader ??

  • The leader of BLACK SWAN has never appeared in the past twenty years. No one knows his true identity, and he is an extremely mysterious man.
  • His temperament is enigmatic and impossible to predict. He is ruthless and distrustful, and he has secretly monitored and controlled Lucien’s actions. After Lucien revealed his identity as Ares and inflicted punishment on himself, he temporarily put away the “eyes” that monitored him.
  • Some high-ranking members in the organisation have vague suspicions that this mysterious man is not actually the true leader of B.S., but simply a manipulated puppet or proxy.

Board of Directors

  • The Board is composed of several high-ranking figures who have powerful influence in the world of politics and business.
  • They provide funding and other forms of support to BLACK SWAN either on the surface or in secret. Although they do not directly participate in BLACK SWAN’s research and actions, they have strong clout.
  • The selection criteria for the board of directors is very strict. Only those with extreme power in their fields can join, along with recommendations from more than three members.



  • Twelve mysterious, high-ranking figures in BLACK SWAN, named after the twelve gods in ancient mythology. They occupy an extremely important position in the organisation.
  • Occasionally, the leader will convene secret meetings to decide important decisions pertaining to the organisation.
  • The Twelve only communicate with each other using aliases, and have no contact with each other once they leave the organisation.
  • The names of the Twelve have been passed down from generation to generation, but there are even more mysterious members of Twelve from the first generation.
  • Among the Twelve, there are radicals and conservatives. The radicals insist on racialism, emphasising the use of coercive means to modify all of mankind. Through cruel genetic screening and the survival of the fittest, they aim to achieve the goal of Evolvers ruling the world. On the other hand, the conservatives are in favour of using QUEEN’s genes to carry out a more gentle and stable human evolution.



  • He used to be an experimental subject in the BLACK SWAN Project, and is the only experiment in the project which has been completely successful so far. Afterwards, he became one of the Twelve, the highest-ranking members in the B.S. Organisation.
  • He took over his identity from the first generation of the Twelve, and is the only one of the original Twelve currently in the organisation.



  • He was once part of the first batch of experimental subjects in the BLACK SWAN Project. After the experiment ended, he became the youngest, genius experimenter who joined the research of Evol. Later, he became of the high-ranking members of the Twelve in the B.S. Organisation.
  • In the organisation, he is mainly responsible for research and implementation of the BLACK SWAN Project.
  • Because of his unfeeling and ruthless style, he is the subject of envy by other members.



  • One of the Twelve.
  • A core member of the extreme faction. Initially dormant in the Twelve, he later received the support from a mysterious force, and stole Ares’ unfinished reagents. He forced the evolution of mankind, and is the main executor of the “Reset Plan”.
  • Arrogant and unbridled, he made multiple attempts to invite Ares to join his operations, but was rejected. He regards Ares as his biggest opponent.



  • One of the Twelve.
  • In the organisation, she is responsible for gathering intelligence and carrying out assassinations. She is a calm and rational spectator. Possessing an Evol related to “poisonous gas”, she could corrode the people around her if she doesn’t wear a specially made protective outfit.
  • On her left wrist is a black tattoo of a snake biting its tail, symbolising reincarnation and infinity.

KEY and Kiro

  • KEY is a legend in the hacker world. The former KEY was Kiro’s guardian and adoptive father. When Black Swan moved overseas, he adopted Kiro at six years old, and taught him hacking techniques.
  • KEY has a deep relationship with BLACK SWAN, and was once part of the first generation of the Twelve.
  • KEY and MC’s father are old acquaintances. Seventeen years ago, he attacked the server of the life science research center, and the MC’s father reported it. The case involved the genetic data of all humankind.
  • It caused an uproar in society, and the government was forced to intervene in the investigations under the pressure of public opinion. The kidnapping in the orphanage was finally exposed and resolved, and MC was successfully rescued.
  • After the incident, KEY also helped MC’s father modify her information, and later withdrew from the hacker world, vanishing without a trace. Because of this, the organisation requested for him to bring up an heir.
  • KEY selected Kiro and adopted him. He disappeared when Zhou Qiluo was 16 years old.
  • In order to find KEY, Kiro entered the FBI network and found a string of mysterious characters, but failed to decipher it.
  • At the age of 21, Kiro inherited the identity of KEY and returned to the hacker world.
  • When he was 22 years old, KEY was deemed to be dead by BLACK SWAN due to his many years of disappearance.
  • The identity of Helios in the original Twelve was officially passed on to Kiro, but he has always believed that his guardian is not dead.
  • KEY is a special name, and it also represents a very special identity. –it’s a key.

Other BS related Characters

Black Swan Queen.png

  • Black Swan Queen aka "?, Young Woman, MC from another dimension"


  • Cyril, related to "Eternal Winter"


  • Josie, related to "Waterfall Disappearance Incident", sister of Jay

Black Cabin

2701.png 2702.png 2706.png

Black Cabin's Key

A small black box with a special shape. That was, Black Cabin’s key. After admitting that you were a Queen, the key turned into a pendant that you could wear at any time. And only if you are the key user, Black Cabin is free to open. Your Evol is changing from the story of "End Of The Abyss" (Chapter 15-18), and in Chapter 21, there are signs of awakening.

Queen’s Awakening

You couldn’t control it yet, but thanks to that, you were able to escape from Ares’s restraint. In the story of "Infinite Future" (Chapter 22-24), Queen’s power was completely awakened. You entered Black Cabin, where you will see the different destinies of the world. Then you gained the power to compete with Cyril and solved "Eternal Winter". When you entered Black Cabin, you find out that there are different world lines (parallel worlds that don’t cross each other), and the truth about you have been forgotten.

Behind the Curtain

"When all parallel times and worlds are made one, we will look from on high, and pull back the curtain. And then what causality and truth will you see?"


Key's Mission

Having been an experiment subject since he was little, Kiro has always stood in the dark, but he has always struggled and held firm. His willingness to undergo the Evol modification experiment was in order to protect "you", but also to complete the mission he has always clung to. Kiro has always been pursuing the whereabouts of his master Key, and in the behind-the-scenes chapter for Chapter 14, he finds a message left by his master, meanwhile also accepting the mission of the Key and opening that door for the first time. This mission will be revealed to everyone in future chapters.

Transformation of Helios & Kiro

After Kiro says goodbye on the roof of the TV Tower, he is put into a secret room by Black Swan as punishment and then summoned by a mystery person in the Black Cabin. In an unobservable higher-dimension, unknown things occur. After Kiro emerges from the Black Cabin, he is transformed into a completely different person: A founding god of Black Swan — Helios. Helios also appeared in the White House explosion incident of 1908. Helios of that time and Helios now have the exact same appearance, which all has to do with what happened in the Black Cabin.


Path of Faith: From STF to NW

Gavin’s Evol became awakened the moment he fell from the rooftop at high school upon hearing your piano playing. It’s also why he was forced to leave school and undergo training. After graduating from the police academy, Gavin formally enlisted in the Special Task Force. Later after his faith was shattered, in order to obtain greater strength with which to protect the Producer, he accepted his father’s conditions and carried out the NW Plan, receiving a new Evol through this experimental modification. Gavin has been through many hardships, and in Chapter 6 he found out the reason why the Producer became awakened at the start of the story — all part of Black Swan’s design. This simmering grudge between Gavin and Black Swan will unfold for everyone piece by piece in a future plot to come.

Time-Piercing Bullet

In the first segment of Behind the Curtain, Gavin is investigating a bullet. The bullet’s construction is special, but not lethal. Inside, they detect remnants of a special potion whose specific components are unknown. Inside the bullet is an extremely small, particular mark — the “S” symbol with an upturned tail representative of Black Swan. An as-yet-unknown material in the metal composing the bullet is also discovered, and it could not have been created using current technologies. This bullet reveals the existence of parallel timelines. And this piece of evidence makes Gavin more steadfast in his heart — to find the truth and protect you.


Identity Shrouded in a Fog

From the special guest professor that helped you complete shows, to your next-door neighbor; from the impenetrable mystery of Ares, to that figure looking at you through the mirror... Lucien’s identity always seems to be changing. That pen that he gifted you was a witness to the severing of ties before the TV tower. Have you ever considered whether the revelation of Ares identity was chance or necessity? And why would he make this choice? As the plot develops, what new roles will Lucien take on?

Variations of a Plan

Lucien has discovered that the only way to go forward with his evolution plan while also protecting the Queen is to open the Black Cabin. So he made sure you and he got to know each other, and after forging a bond that can’t be severed, he has been constantly searching for a way to open the Black Cabin. This includes trying to enter the Black Cabin via your dreams, etc. The Hacker's Summit was Lucien's plot, with the aim of extracting Key’s Soloman code -- the information key to open the outer door of the Black Cabin.

The Observer Effect

Lucien once mentioned the observer effect and the double-slit experiment. When something in one timeline is observed, there will be a change as a result. In Behind the Curtain, you are the observer that is changing the result. Did you realize it? In Behind the Curtain, Lucien discovers the existence of “you”.


Victor’s Spacetime Travels

Victor possesses the ability to manipulate time. A mysterious old man and your father’s old friend, Grandpa Chuck, once gave Victor a special sundial watch, which is of particular benefit to Victor’s ability. Do you still remember that glazed glass cup? I’m sure you would never forget how he was that morning, curled up in a cramped little attic. "Kids, as long as you’ve got time, everything can still change. Time is the future." In Chapter 18 of the main story, Victor once told you that he saw you in the future eating and drinking at Souvenir. At the time, you thought this was a lie. But have you ever considered that maybe the future really will be like this? Did the Victor that you saw in the Black Cabin with the black vortex swirling around his hand ever make you think that there was something different about him? At what time and what place will this Victor make an appearance?

Leto & Victor

While acting as the commander of the STF, Leto has actually always hoped to open a gate into the higher dimension. Did you ever notice that in the Jay and Josie incident, the story revealed that the STF became aware of the existence of other dimensions and hid this secret? This was really because Leto wanted to be in sole possession of a door to the parallel timelines. Afterward, Leto discovered that Victor possesses the ability to control time and determines that this is an ability capable of “dimension-breaking” if evolved, and so he keeps Victor in his sights. And he never gives up trying to partner with Victor.

Time Observer

The mysterious Time Observer often appears on the scene of important incidents. Aside from “you” and Victor, virtually no one knows of this existence. In Behind the Curtain, the Time Observer seems to be paying close attention to Victor throughout. Have you thought about the reason behind this?

Behind the Curtain Connection


  • In the “Behind the Curtain” Plot, you are saved from a fissure in time by Helios. Because you’re not in a dimension, he doesn’t see “you”, but he can still have an effect on you. And this actually isn’t the only time this effect occurs in the plot. Have you realized this?


  • At the very end of the Behind the Curtain story, the superpower that Gavin displays seems to break through the current dimension. The loss of control of his superpower puts Gavin in danger. This loss of control will thrust you both into an unprecedented predicament. But please believe, that as long as you stand together, there is no danger or hardship that you cannot overcome.


  • The Lucien that appears in the mirror is Ares from Chapter 19-24 in the parallel world. The observations you made in Behind the Curtain resulted in an observer effect. The two Luciens inside and outside the mirror appear in the same scene, but they can’t see each other. Have you discovered the cause behind this?


  • At the start of Chapter 4 of Behind the Curtain is a scene of the founding Twelve of Black Swan arriving in the Loveland City's main world. It was their arrival that caused the White House explosion and brought the Evol gene to the main world. And when Victor went back in time, he saw the whole explosion with his own eyes.

Volumes & Chapters

Season 1

  • Volume I: Miracle Finder
  • Chapters 1-10
  • Released at game's launch (29th March 2019)
  • Volume II: The Darkest Hour
  • Volume III: End of the Abyss
  • Volume IV: Daybreak
  • Volume V: Infinite Future
  • Volume VI: Homecoming
  • Volume VII: Echoes of Fate
  • Volume VIII: Tracks of Light
  • Volume IX: Tomorrow's Endgame
  • Volume X: Beyond the Future

Season 2

  • The Dark Forest

Season 1 Plot Overview

Chapter 1-10

  • MC’s company is facing imminent closure. After obtaining an investment from LFG, the company is rescued from bankruptcy
  • MC meets the four male leads
  • Time Folding Incident (Planned by Black Swan. Gavin saves MC)
  • Bullet Incident at the orphanage (Planned by BS. Gavin deflects the bullet while MC is with Lucien)
  • Kidnapping Incident in Loveland High (Planned by BS. Gavin saves MC, then continues investigating in STF)
  • Hacker Consortium Incident (Planned by Lucien to awake QUEEN and obtain the Solomon Key. MC escapes with Kiro)
  • Lucien’s Dream Experiment (MC sees Lucien’s childhood experiences)
  • HBS Escape Room Incident (Planned by BS. MC escapes with Victor)
  • BS plans to stimulate the QUEEN Evol in MC in order to gain access to Black Cabin

Chapter 11-14

  • MC is attacked while in the hospital (Victor stops this)
  • MC enters Grandpa Chuck’s special dimension for the first time
  • Greenwood Hotel Incident (Planned by BS. Gavin and MC escape from the strange dimension)
  • Gavin loses control of his Evol
  • MC and Lucien investigate the out-of-control Evol incidents, and discover that the source of the disturbance comes from Loveland TV Tower
  • Lucien discloses his true goal to MC. In order to obtain the trust of BS, he injures his right eye
  • MC and Kiro head to the TV Tower to switch the controller off
  • Kiro is taken away by BS. MC successfully switches the controller off. MC and Gavin fall from the TV Tower

Chapter 15-18

  • Victor loses control of his Evol and is sent to a Loveland City ten years in the future
  • A flu infection spreads in Loveland City (Hades’ “Reset Plan” commences)
  • Gavin follows his convictions. He leaves STF and accepts the NW Modification Project
  • Hades traps MC and Lucien in a dream world. They escape, but MC forgets everything that happened in the dream. On the other hand, Lucien is able to retain his memories because of a pill
  • Kiro returns to BS in the capacity of Helios
  • Shaw and MC meet for the first time
  • MC meets Helios while investigating the hospital, and he rescues her from people clothed in black
  • John uses MC to force Helios to hand over the “key”, and reveals that the car accident *MC’s father was involved in wasn’t an accident. Helios deals with him
  • Black Queen appears and repeatedly attempts to induce MC into following her
  • MC realises that she’s unable to change the future. A woman she had once rescued ends up dying in an even more cruel way
  • As a member of NW, Gavin arrives at the site of the celebration to control the chaos
  • MC manages to see through the fake “Victor”. The real Victor returns from ten years in the future
  • The Quarantine Incident. In order to stop Black Queen, Victor “kills” MC, sending her away through a time rift

Chapter 19-21

  • MC enters a dream world created by Cyril. Cyril continuously tells MC about the beauty of this world, encouraging her to remain in it
  • MC summons her courage to face reality. She decides to leave the dream world
  • However, MC does not return to her original world, but a parallel world - the world of Eternal Winter
  • In this world, MC never existed. As such, nobody recognises her, including the four male leads
  • Gavin has joined the NW Organisation, and Kiro has become Helios
  • MC meets Shaw, and finds that he actually remembers her
  • MC has a premonition about an explosion at the bridge
  • The existence of Evolvers has been revealed, and they are termed “EVIL” by the people. Even the bridge explosion is blamed on Evolvers
  • A mysterious person behind the EVIL Incident kidnaps MC, but she is rescued by Helios

Chapter 22-24

  • MC uses the alias that Shaw gave her, “Mary Sue”, and enters STF as a cover while Shaw steals intel
  • Shaw and MC’s operation is discovered, but they manage to escape
  • Cyril gives MC two tickets to his piano concert
  • On the North Mountain, MC and Gavin discover that the person behind the Eternal Winter Incident intends to use satellite signal coverage to radiate the entire world with the eternal winter affecting Loveland City
  • Gavin loses control of his Evol and is brought back by NW
  • With less than 24 hours till the satellite is used, MC decides to get Shaw’s help to infiltrate STF and investigate further
  • In STF, MC meets Helios, who is there to steal a black box i.e. the key to Black Cabin. After getting injured by anti-Evol gear, MC helps Helios flee from STF, but they get into a car accident
  • Lucien saves MC and Helios, and takes MC to the BS Headquarters
  • With Lucien’s help and guidance, MC enters Black Cabin and sees another version of herself - Black Queen, who had lived and died in another world
  • Lucien disguises MC and brings her into a meeting with the Twelve from Black Swan. From the meeting, MC learns that the person behind the Winter World Incident has the alias Hypnos, and he is a rebel with the name Cyril
  • MC also discovers that the satellite is out at sea. The address on the tickets Cyril gave her is the HMS Victoria
  • Hades offers a partnership with Victor but is rejected. While planning to get rid of Victor, Victor kills him, which alerts members of BS
  • Victor uses MC as a hostage, and the two leave the BS Headquarters
  • MC boards the HMS Victoria and tries to stop the satellite. However, she loses consciousness after hearing the sound of Cyril’s piano. Fortunately, Helios wakes her up in time
  • Just as Cyril is about to pass the controller of the satellite to MC to decide the fate of the world, MC successfully enters Black Cabin, consolidating the other world lines and leaving MC’s original world as the final world line. She manages to stop Cyril’s plan

Chapter 25-28

  • With Kiro’s help, MC returns to the original world, waking up at Twin Leaves Orphanage
  • The four love interests retain fragments of their memories from the Winter World. Shaw retains all of his memories
  • In the half year that MC wasn’t around, a name list of the Evolvers in the original world was disclosed by the STF
  • The STF takes away all the Evolver children from Twin Leaves Orphanage, claiming that they have to manage Evolvers who are minors
  • MC tries to use her Evol, but realises that she has lost it
  • Cyril appears in this world. He has also lost his Evol and is now an ordinary person
  • STF’s Commander Leto publicly announces the existence of BS, and calls for the arrest of Hades, who had created the flu. At the same time, he expresses that STF already knows the identities of the core members in BS
  • Lucien manages to produce a vaccine for the flu, resolving the Flu Incident
  • Lucien sets up the Ultima Bioresearch Centre
  • Over the past half year, Lucien has been experiencing hallucinations of MC because of how much he missed her. He even decorated his house to look like MC’s
  • Following the address given to her by Shaw, MC heads to an abandoned warehouse to investigate. She meets Litton and learns that Gavin is currently in a facility meant for evolution, and is part of the first batch of subjects to undergo experiments
  • To rescue Gavin, MC takes on a fake identity with the assistance of Litton, pretending to be a male and successfully entering the facility
  • MC and Gavin discover that nobody has survived the pre-experiments, suggesting that Evolvers are unable to withstand the final evolution
  • Gavin and Litton coordinate, causing an explosion and a power cut in the facility. Gavin and MC seize this opportunity to escape and head to the evolution accelerator. When they reach the base, they realise the accelerator has already been taken away
  • MC finds a design for an intricate machine part which resembles the black box
  • Black Queen and Leto are working together
  • In the Observation Centre, MC hears about a mysterious organisation called “No Man’s Island” which helps Evolvers with nowhere else to turn to
  • Through a flyer, MC finds the location of “No Man’s Island”. She boards a cargo ship, and discovers that the Boss behind the organisation is Victor
  • Leto has grown suspicious of Victor’s cargo ship, and often conducts surprise investigations. Fortunately, the Evolvers on the cargo ship leave in time and evade the STF
  • MC receives Kiro’s text and heads to the amusement park as arranged
  • On the outside, it appears that the amusement park was blown up by BS. In reality, Leto hid explosives underground
  • The STF publicly declares that Hades has been dealt with, and Eli volunteers to enter the evolution accelerator
  • Through intercepting a live broadcast, Helios announces that he will be formally challenging the STF

Chapter 29-32

  • “Kiro” suddenly announces that he will be returning from retirement with a concert
  • MC rushes to BS to look for Kiro. Since Helios is there, it is revealed that “Kiro” is simply Anole disguising himself using Evol. The concert was also organised by Anole
  • MC learns from Helios that the evolution accelerator had already existed 17 years ago. However, it’s unable to operate without the QUEEN gene. Because MC’s Evol has been obtained, the accelerator is able to function
  • Anole flees in defeat, and Kiro performs on stage
  • A kidnapper from Trio-Stars pretends to be a writer from “Entertainment Weekly”, drawing MC away from the concert venue. MC is knocked unconscious and brought away by the kidnappers
  • From the conversation between the kidnappers, MC discovers that she was mistaken to be a chemist of devo serum (i.e. Black Queen)
  • Shaw appears and saves MC
  • As a condition to participate in this matter, MC has to assist Shaw in completing a mysterious transaction in Agio Street. The buyer is willing to pay handsomely for the devo serum and the chemist who formulated it, and the seller is a local gang that had been established in Agio Street for many years - Trio-Stars
  • Shaw disguises himself as an informant from the Trio-Stars, and MC disguises herself as a drug manufacturer
  • In a bar in Agio Street, MC bumps into members from the Trio-Stars who are looking for MC. Shaw joins in the scuffle, and the two of them flee
  • MC ends up at a fortune teller’s, and finds the medium very familiar
  • The medium is actually Black Queen, and Cyril is there too
  • To continue the investigation, MC pretends to be an informant for the Trio-Stars and heads to the location for the mysterious transaction. She meets the “buyer” - Victor
  • The boss of Trio-Stars exposes MC’s disguise. Fortunately, MC and Victor work together and manage to escape
  • MC learns from Victor that the devo serum might be related to her loss of Evol
  • In the Ultima Bioresearch Centre, Lucien’s research on the devo serum shows that it is unrelated to MC’s genes. While her genes have a stabilising effect, it doesn’t have the ability to cause Evol devolution
  • Kidnapping Incident at Twin Leaves Orphanage (Dr Song). Lucien and MC rush to the scene
  • The head of the orphanage steps out to explain that the missing kids were actually playing hide-and-seek, and they weren’t kidnapped. Dr Song, who has lost her Evol, is taken away by the STF
  • From the kids, MC learns that “MC” (i.e. Black Queen) had invited the kids to a game of hide-and-seek
  • MC and Lucien meet Artemis at the bridge, and she forces MC to hand over what Dr Song gave to her. Lucien uses space folding to send MC away
  • Along the way home, MC bumps into Gavin, who is investigating a murder in Agio Street. The victim is an Evolver, but the autopsy report showed that the victim no longer had Evol
  • MC and Gavin discover that the victim used to be an equipment caretaker in Loveland High, and they head over to investigate
  • In Loveland High, there’s a sudden earthquake. MC is responsible for evacuating people who are still in in the building, and meets Eli who is leading the Special Operations Team in a mission to apprehend an Evol criminal. In fact, Eli’s true motive is to find Gavin (and to retrieve the experiment report for the accelerator)
  • Gavin and Eli engage in a fight. In the end, Eli leaves a weakened Gavin trapped in a classroom. The building collapses, and Gavin manages to push MC outside the building
  • While searching for Gavin, a second collapse occurs. MC enters a time subway created by Cyril
  • Gavin manages to escape from the building
  • Based on MC’s consciousness, Cyril created his final work - the time subway
  • MC boards the time subway and sees the experiences she shared with the four male leads as the subway travels forward. She also “meets” the four male leads during their younger days
  • MC starts running in the opposite direction of the subway in order to break free from this cycle. The time subway becomes a gift from MC to Cyril - he has always craved for a perfect world
  • After leaving the time subway, MC awakes in the hospital and is told that she had fainted along the street. Cyril bids her farewell
  • At the convenience store, MC meets a youngster who escaped from the Observation Centre. The other escapees are attempting to search for a place which can give them the devo serum. MC claims to be an Evolver who escaped from the Observation Centre, causing the escapees to accept her into the group. She boards a truck with them
  • MC gets a premonition of the youngster’s future, and realises that her Evol has returned
  • While on the bridge, the truck meets with an accident. In order to stop another sedan from tumbling into the ocean, a middle-aged man in the truck uses his Evol, revealing his identity as an Evolver
  • Because of the Evol energy waves, STF captures the escapees, resulting in a brawl between the two sides
  • One of the Evolvers loses control of his Evol, and accidentally sends a bullet and car flying towards MC
  • Victor appears and stops time, rescuing MC. However, he collapses because he interfered with the laws of nature
  • MC reveals the truth of how Evolvers in the Observation Centre were being used as experimental subjects for the evolution accelerator
  • Gavin leads the NW squad to investigate, and announces that he will take responsibility for everything that happened in the Observation Centre
  • After locating the evolution accelerator, he sends the coordinates to Helios, who heads over to destroy it
  • The four male leads meet

Chapter 33-34

  • Miracle Finder discloses the truth about STF
  • Leto invites Evolvers to a party, including MC and the four male leads
  • MC attends the party with the four leads (split routes), and discovers that the invitees are all influential people in society
  • At the party, Leto uses a sound wave manipulator to influence the brain waves of Evolvers using music. By controlling these influential people, there will be less objections to Leto’s plans
  • MC and the four male leads successfully resolve this incident in their split routes. Unfortunately, Leto escapes
  • Leto’s misdeeds are exposed
  • Gavin becomes the new Commander of STF
  • MC receives a text from Shaw, who tells her to bring her father’s notebook to Twin Leaves Orphanage
  • MC learns from Lucien that the replication Evol he lost was stolen by Leto
  • Through Shaw, MC learns that Leto used the replication Evol to kidnap the kids in Twin Leaves Orphanage, and also installed explosives in order to threaten the STF. Leto requests to see QUEEN, and MC heads there with Gavin
  • Under Leto’s request, MC enters the orphanage by herself, but meets Shaw in the dilapidated building, who tells her to look for the kidnapped children first
  • MC meets Leto in one of the rooms, and he has a black box which can be used to steal Evol. He has copied the Evol from the four male leads, and plans to steal MC’s Evol too
  • MC tries her best to fight against Leto, but ends up unconscious
  • Upon waking up, Black Queen and Anole have also appeared in the dilapidated building. They have not only taken away the notebook, but have also ended Leto’s life. The black box is also broken
  • The kids from the orphanage are rescued by Shaw
  • Victor and Zero return to the Space and Time Administration to fix his Evol

Chapter 35-36

  • With a recent spate of unnatural disasters occurring in Loveland City, a Relief Centre is built to house Evolvers who are discriminated by society and have nowhere else to go
  • MC chances on Shaw in an alley, who is severely wounded due to an overuse of Evol. She sends him to the hospital
  • Before he loses consciousness, Shaw returns her the notebook (belonging to her father) that Black Queen took away from her
  • In the hospital corridor, a youth hands a black card to MC and tells her to head to the address written on it in order to get rid of her Evol
  • MC learns from Shaw that these black cards were specially made by Black Queen, and they contain Evol which can influence their consciousness. Whoever touches the cards will think that Evolvers are the prime reason for the unnatural disasters, and that only by getting rid of Evol can the disasters be stopped. Shaw’s Evol has also been damaged by Black Queen
  • MC also learns that Black Queen’s Evol is the ability to cause a deterioration of Evol. The more she deteriorates Evol, the more powerful she becomes
  • When MC asks Shaw about which side he’s on, Shaw expresses that he is someone who walks among history, and hence does not belong to any side. He simply wants to find the truth, and push for the truth to be discovered
  • MC and Minor pretend to be siblings and head to the address stated on the card. They bump into Gavin, who is there to investigate
  • Under the guise of wanting to get rid of their Evol, MC and Gavin search for Black Queen. In the process, they are pulled into a strange dimension behind the North District Waterfall. MC realises that her pretence of being siblings with Minor was discovered early on
  • Gavin uses his Evol to destroy this strange dimension, and they leave it together
  • Gavin tells MC that there are many spots in Loveland City where Evol can be removed. Through the strange dimension of the North District Waterfall, Black Queen has been able to create even more of such spots
  • Lucien takes MC to a space where MC can see where Black Queen is, but not the other way round
  • MC witnesses Black Queen failing to use her devolution ability. Lucien tells MC that as long as MC’s strength grows, Black Queen’s strength will weaken, and she may even become powerless
  • The reason why Black Queen still exists is because MC left out one world line while consolidating them. Black Queen is urgently harnessing power to destroy MC in order to bring these two world lines together
  • There’s a sudden uproar at the Relief Centre, and Lucien uses his new Evol to calm everyone down
  • Shaw tells MC that Black Queen intends to become the world’s true QUEEN the next day
  • Victor returns to Loveland City from the Space and Time Administration
  • During Black Queen’s coronation ceremony, Kiro uses his Evol to command Black Queen to return the strength she stole
  • Black Queen seizes an opportunity to escape. MC looks for Black Queen and they engage in a final battle
  • MC falls into Black Queen’s trap, and the latter absorbs a large amount of Evol
  • Victor suddenly appears. Through turning back time, MC regains the Evol she had lost
  • With Victor’s help, MC defeats Black Queen
  • The people who were influenced by the black cards begin to return to normal
  • Through Black Queen’s memories, MC sees how Black Queen had experienced the deaths of the male leads in other worlds (but these images may have been falsely created by Black Queen to make MC feel fearful about the ending awaiting her)
  • In Black Cabin, Black Queen closes the world line that belongs to her, and starts to disappear
  • The STF, Ultima Bioresearch Centre, LFG, the hacker KEY and BS’ leader Helios work together, initiating a “New World Plan” in order to deal with the unnatural disasters and conduct rescue efforts

Chapter 37

  • The X1917 comet cluster will reach earth after a month, and the world will be destroyed
  • MC discovers that one new page has appeared in her father’s notebook. The ambiguous words tell MC what she can do in the face of the incoming comets as QUEEN
  • With Shaw’s guidance, MC uses her Evol to look through his Dragonfly Eye, enabling her to read the words hidden in the notebook
  • At the very last moment, MC will be called to “the other place”
  • MC spends her final moments with the male leads. She bids them a proper farewell and make a promise to reunite with them in the future (split route)
  • MC is brought to “the other place”. In the world behind the door, she meets a mysterious person
  • MC sits on the throne belonging to QUEEN, and wears the QUEEN’s crown. The world begins to shift backwards to 17 years in the past
  • When MC opens her eyes and pushes the door before her, she enters a narrow corridor. The scent of disinfectant is in the air, and she sees a signboard saying: Research Room.

Interesting Facts

  • Evol is Love backwards
  • The Lycoris radiata or 'Red Spider Lily' that MC sees in one of her premonitions is symbolic of death in Chinese & Japanese culture (Due to Buddhism). "Since these scarlet flowers usually bloom near cemeteries around the autumnal equinox, they are described in Chinese and Japanese translations of the Lotus Sutra as ominous flowers that grow in Hell, (Chinese: 黃泉), and guide the dead into the next reincarnation."

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