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"If on that day... everything were as usual. If only... he never came into my life."


Age 22
Height 1.52 m

Occupation Producer
Evol Precognition
  • Faye Mata
CV (JP) Hisako Kamemoto
CV (CN) Qi Zhang


The player assumes the role of the Main Character (also known as MC for short) as they progress through the game.

She works as a producer, and she took up a show called, Miracle Finder, which was a popular show her father used to own back in the days. After producing its last episode, MC and the rest of her company set out to produce advertisements, commercials, and other forms of media.


MC is a hard-working, diligent, and albeit stubborn personality when it comes to putting others before herself. Due to this, she can be reckless and impulsive but all are with good intentions. At the beginning of the story, she can be naive but as the story progresses, she starts to be more brave and more mature. In the dates, she has her moments of being childlike and an airhead.

She barely seems to sleep since she's pulling all-nighters for her company. It's constantly brought up in the main story, ASMRs, and other things (almost like an inside joke now) that she has dark circles under her eyes.

The queen’s personality is completely 180 degrees different from the MC’s. In contrast to MC's righteous personality, the Queen views things from a belittling perspective, even resorting to calling humans 'filthy insects'. She attempts to persuade MC to join forces through their dreams, and she convinces that she couldn't save the world as much as she tried to. Her alter personality is warped into a sadistic and cruel kind in order to manipulate and deceive others--yet still presents herself to be elegant and sophisticated. She completely lacks empathy as shown as she was mocking Lucien of his pain from missing MC. She enjoys seeing despair of others. She also uses people for her plans by deceiving others such as Leto and dispose them once their usefulness has outlive or going against her wishes. However, this personality change was the result of her mental breakdown that cause her to snap and gave into despair.


In high school days she was known as a quiet and pretty girl who was a kind and well-behaved student. Her grades were good and she even might have been the class representative, or something along the lines of a valedictorian (but not for graduation), because she gave a speech to her fellow students in one of Gavin's dates where she dreams about falling back into their high school years.

Her major was literature, so she loved reading literature classics and is also quite knowledgeable in traditional Chinese poetry. This trait is shown most when she is with Lucien. (In CN's mid-autumn festival event, MC and Lucien quoted lines from 水调歌头 (Water Melody) and 望月怀远 (Seeing Full Moon and Thinking of Far Away, among with many other poetry).

Her mother probably died when she was very young since she doesn’t remember her mother much or reminisce about her as much as her father.

Her father died when she was still in college. She had to graduate first to take over the company so during those times Anna managed it.

Even without her father’s death and her premature taking-over of her father’s company, MC still would have become a producer as it’s implied that she majored in journalism or film. When she was an undergraduate she produced a music video which was poorly received, since she is more skilled at producing movies or TV shows.

Meaning of the Name

Her unofficial default name is Yōurán (悠然) in Chinese, Yu Yun (유연) in Korean.


Top 1: Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid is one of her favorite fairy tales. She admires the courage of the mermaid when she sacrificed herself for love.

Top 2: The Little Prince is also one of her favorites. She generally seems to like sad, tragic love stories.

Top 3: Despite being an enormous foodie, she's not good at cooking. Victor criticized her pudding. She had to practice a LOT for Gavin's birthday date.


  • She can play the piano.
  • She's pretty bad at sewing,in Gavin's birthday date she was trying to make a sleep mask.
  • She's not particularly strong with liquor, but she's not bad at it either. She does drink, but she got drunk at the same time as Kiro in his photoshoot. Victor has a couple of dates where she does get pretty drunk.
  • Her naming sense is really cute. She just sticks 小 (xiao; Chinese word for small) in front of everything.
  • Gavin calls his bike 小黑 (xiao hei; Little Black) in Chinese, and so she jokingly carries that name on to his drone and roomba by calling them 小小黑 (Little Little Black) and 小小小黑 (Little Little Little Black) respectively.
  • When Lucien gives her a Gardenia (栀子花; zhi zi hua), she names the plant 小栀 (xiao zhi; basically Little Gardenia). Although, I wonder if this is also a clever pun of saying 小之 (xiao zhi; small [one]).
  • In another conversation, when she teases Gavin about his bike's name, she gives suggestions like "Phantom Shadow" or other weird names like that.

Quotes About Main Character

"If on that day... everything were as usual. If only... he never came into my life."

-- MC

Star Sign

Her Birthday is unknown.


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Seventeen years ago she was kidnapped by Black Swan and went through series of unethical and dangerous experiments. Her father rescued her, but due to PTSD she lost most of her memories and suffered from severe malnutrition. Also, she was much more aware and in control of her powers seventeen years ago before her memory loss.

It can be implied that malnutrition stunted her growth (and that's why she's so small for her age). Also she was physically weak in high school and sometimes passed out during P.E. Gavin carried her to the infirmary but left before she gained consciousness.

She doesn’t remember her past much, but her trauma of being Black Swan’s guinea pig remains, like her trypanophobia(fear of needles).

It’s implied that Kiro and MC have the same blood type because during their experiment days he was transfused with MC’s blood.

Her PTSD due to Black Swan, is probably why she's extremely sympathetic to things that are trapped. In Lucien's Aquarium Date's t she was feeling melancholic and has shown a sense of empathy at seeing the fishes trapped in the tanks. Then, in his Firefly Date, she wanted to free the fireflies.

As the story goes one, she learns about a mirror instilled (notably known as the Queen. The two are completely opposite of each other aside from appearance, and was able to converse to her through dreams and later through black cabin.

In Season 2, MC come to realize that Black Swan was not the real enemy, and she traveled through time to learn the truth about the world. In this process, MC gradually found herself and stepped toward her place as the Black Swan Queen.

References/Further Readings

Both official and unofficial references for further reading if interested.