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Unlocks after completing Chapter 1-2 in the Main Story. Company represents your basic progress in the Game.

Current Max Level Cap is 70, although some Achievements hint that there will be level 90 in the feature.

Increasing Company attributes helps in the long run greatly in all Shootings.

Company Name

The default Company name is the same as your Player Name. You can change it once for free. You can also buy as many Sprite personal change cp.png Studio Rename Cards as you want in the Evol Supply.

Customize your Company Name

Currently it's only possible to customize the company name! Neither your player name, or the biography in the Friends list.

General format: [colorcode]text

Pick one of the color codes below and then add your text. The color code can be upper or lower cases but just remember to remove the "#" sign and add square brackets [] around the color code.

The following table can be used as a reference for color codes:


Using color codes that are not from the table above may result in your text displaying a drastically different color. You can also use a Guest test account in order to make sure the color is displayed properly.

You can also do this to add two different colors, such as follows: [colorcode]text[colorcode]text


When adding two different colors to your text, use the same rules as above. Just be aware of the character limit for your company name.

Other formats:

  • Add [c] in front of the color code to brighten the text
  • Add [u] in front of the color code to underline the text
  • Add [s] in front of the color code to strikethrough the text
  • Add [i] in front of the color code to italicize the text
  • Add [b] in front of the color code to bold the text
  • Add [sub] in front of the color code to subscript the text
  • Add [sup] in front of the color code to superscript the text

Combining formats: [colorcode][c][b]text


Company Level

The Company Level influences:

  • Number of Karma to deploy in City News
    • Company Level 7 -> 3 Karma
    • Company Level 20 -> 4 Karma
    • Company Level 25 -> 5 Karma
    • Company Level 30 -> 6 Karma
  • Maximum Stamina Limit
    • The Threshold is currently 100, you hit it as soon as you reach level 41
    • Should you be under level 41, your current maximum Stamina is: your level + 59
    • VIP Status increases the Maximum Stamina to extra 20.

Gaining EXP

Company Exp. Requirement per Level
Next Company Level Exp Required Next Company Level Exp Required  
1 0 51 258.030
2 500 52 259.310
3 2.880 53 260.590
4 4.700 54 309.400
5 6.520 55 358.210
6 8.350 56 359.100
7 10.180 57 359.990
8 12.000 58 360.880
9 13.820 59 421.700
10 15.660 60 482.520
11 18.060 61 543.340
12 23.670 62 435.340
13 29.250 63 446.140
14 34.850 64 473.140
15 40.430 65 500.140
16 46.040 66 527.140
17 51.620 67 581.140
18 57.220 68 635.140
19 62.810 69 689.140
20 68.420 70 743.140
21 81.120
22 88.560
23 96.000
24 103.450
25 110.890
26 118.330
27 125.780
28 133.220
29 140.670
30 148.080
31 153.680
32 160.490
33 167.320
34 174.130
35 180.950
36 187.770
37 194.590
38 201.400
39 208.220
40 215.010
41 229.850
42 232.680
43 235.490
44 238.310
45 241.130
46 243.950
47 246.760
48 249.580
49 252.400
50 255.220


Unlocks after completing Chapter 3-1 in the Main Story.


Just like Karma the Company has 4 Attributes:

Dept. Name Attribute

Instant Finish Company Training

Only appears if you don't use Auto, but manually select a Training Item. The smaller the remaining overall Time, the less C general jewel big.png Gems it costs. If you want minimize the cost, wait till there are only 00:59 seconds left and instant finish, then it will only cost 1 Gem. Useful for corresponding Quick Learner Achievements or if you don't want to wait for the Training to finish.

Auto & Fast Receive

Collects all Training Items available, starting from the strongest ones (longest ones) and continues for maximum 8 Hours. Should the complete amount be less, it will be finished earlier but won't show the correct remaining timer. Should the complete amount be higher, only 8 hours of Training Items will be used.

Manually Selecting Training Items

There is always the possibility to select Up to 6 Training Items manually. The Item, regardless whether a Timer has started or not, can be retrieved by clicking on it again. The Training Item will not be lost!

By clicking on completed Training Items, the player will receive the EXP and also free up a spot to choose another Training Item.

Dept. Training Items

Item Name Strength Minutes How to Obtain
131001.png Brand Basics 80 Exp 5 City Stroll
132001.png Creative Thinking 80 Exp 5 City Stroll
133001.png Startup PR 80 Exp 5 City Stroll
134001.png Camera Language 80 Exp 5 City Stroll
131002.png Brand Management 320 Exp 15 Love Supply
132002.png Creative Value 320 Exp 15 Love Supply
133002.png Promotion Strategy 320 Exp 15 Love Supply
134002.png Script Narration 320 Exp 15 Love Supply
131003.png Transform Brand 1600 Exp 60 Evol Supply
132003.png To the Future 1600 Exp 60 Evol Supply
133003.png About Agenda 1600 Exp 60 Evol Supply
134003.png Art of Editing 1600 Exp 60 Evol Supply
131004.png Global Branding 8000 Exp 240 Events
132004.png Infinite Creativity 8000 Exp 240 Events
133004.png Mass Influence 8000 Exp 240 Events
134004.png Immersive Media 8000 Exp 240 Events
135001.png 1-Star Training (Random) 80 Exp 5 24hr Challenge
City News
135002.png 2-Star Training (Random) 320 Exp 15 24hr Challenge
City News
135003.png 3-Star Training (Random) 1600 Exp 60 City News
135004.png 4-Star Training (Random) 8000 Exp 240 Events

Cooperation Project

The Cooperation Project feature can be unlocked after clearing Season 2 Main Story 1-1 to unlock further cooperation with him.

Select the character you wish to work with to unlock a cooperation project. Complete the daily to—do list and accumulate project attribute data to advance the project progress. Complete the project to claim project rewards.

Spend energy points to complete the to—do list. Energy points will be automatically restored to 4 at 5:00 (server time) every day. You can get more energy points by spending gems, you can purchase up to 6 extra energy points each day.

Each project is divided into 4 attributes: Productivity, Professionality, Influence and Strategy. While working on the project make sure to pay attention to:

Employee Mood - Overwork dampens employee mood and affects project advancement. Employee mood points can be obtained by completing employee mood-related items on the to-do list.

Project Funding - Adequate funding is essential to moving the project forward. Project funding can be obtained by completing project funding-related items on the to-do list.

Daily To-Do List Types

Type Description
Decision-Making Swipe left and right to choose a response plan. You will be rewarded with attribute upgrades and items according to the decision.
Financial Approval Tap on the red keywords to annotate and audit. You will be rewarded with attribute upgrades and items after the approval is complete
Employee Incentive Tap to remind the employees who slack off to make them more efficient and speed up the work progress. After the countdown, you will be rewarded with attribute upgrades and items according to the percentage of work progress.
Karma Commission/Assigning Expert Summon Character Karma's or Expert's corresponding items and wait for its completion to be rewarded with attribute upgrades and item rewards. Karmas can only be summoned after reaching Level 30.
Answering Reporter's Questions Answer the reporter's questions within the time limit. You will be rewarded with attribute upgrades and items according to your response.

Complete the items marked with "New!" in the to-do list to unlock the nodes in the project milestone and claim rewards like project exclusive titles and gems.

Project Karmas

Project Karmas are free ERs that are permanently available. One Project ER can be obtained in ~1 month. Gems can be used as well to speed up the process.

Released Karma Rewards
S2: Chapter 1
S2: Chapter x

Project Milestone

The project progress will be recorded in the Project Milestone. Complete important to-do list items related to the project to unlock the node's content in Milestone.

Important items will be marked by "New!" the first time they appear. Try to make the "New!" items your priority while completing the to-do list items with target attributes! Unlock node contents in Milestone to claim project exclusive titles and rewards such as items and gems. Tap the reward button on the top right to view the reward details.


See also: Experts

Currently there are 50 Experts released into the game. Each has a fixed attribute which will increase when investing C general gold big.png Gold.