Mission Stage Mechanics

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Mission Stages require players to achieve a certain score in order to pass the stage. A passing score will earn 1 Crown Stage Crown.png, and it is possible to earn up to 3 Crowns with higher scores. These Mission Stages are inclusive of:

The following page details the score breakdown of mission stages.
Scores are split into three components:

Event Scores

There are three types of events which can occur:

  • Expert Event
  • Scenario Event
  • Fate Event (Footage Stages Only)

Expert Events

See also: Experts

Expert events require the player to select an Expert who matches the given attributes. There are three possible scores that can be achieved depending on the expert selected:

Attribute Match Score
All Attributes Matching Perfect (Full Points)
1 Attribute Matching (If Multiple Attributes Given) Normal (50% Full Points)
No Attributes Matching Fail (No Points)

Scenario Events

Scenario events require the player to select one of three actions. The action selected will affect the amount of points given:

  • Perfect (Full Points)
  • Normal (50% Full Points)
  • Fail (No Points)

Fate Events

Fate events only occur during Footage Mission Stages and give the player a keyword. A player must then select the correct type of Karma with the matching phrase for that keyword in order to get full points. Pressing and holding a Karma down will display its phrase.

The following table are the keywords and their respective phrases:

Keyword Phrase
Vigor I love your passion for things you love
Courage We can take on this world by putting our courage together
Romance A passionate fool makes a life romantic
Diligent Value your life and the good things and encounters within
Humor Feel sorrow, but never forsake humor
Innocent Be moved by the innocence of love
Shy With shyness comes sweetness
Affection Any moment can light up your whole life

Summon Karma

See also: Main Story (Normal) Stage List, Main Story (Elite) Stage List, /u/MundanelyShiny's Mission Score Calculator Spreadsheet

Summon Karma presents the player with two of four attributes:

All 4 Attributes in the Game:

A player must then select three Karma to maximize their Karma strength to earn points. Pressing and holding a Karma down will display its stats.

The points are calculated based on weighting which varies stage-to-stage. Here is an example of what a stage may be weighted like:

Weighting : (Decision*0.45) + (Creativity*0.55) + (Affinity*0.53) + (Execution*0.47)

In this example stage, Creativity and Affinity would be the given stage attributes since their weighting is the highest among the four attributes.

For exact calculations and weightings, see Main Story (Normal) Stage List, Main Story (Elite) Stage List, as well as /u/MundanelyShiny's Mission Score Calculator Spreadsheet which can be used to input Karma owned and auto-calculate which combination of cards will yield the greatest score for each level.