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Please help out and upload alternative answers!

Instructions (PLEASE READ before you upload images for the first time)
  • Crop the image so it contains only one Moment each
  • Please make sure that the images you upload have no black bars, are properly cut etc.
  • Please revert the nickname of the love interest to default before uploading
  • For your image to be shown, click on Actions then Purge cache
  • Please upload ONLY PNG files! If you have JPG, try using an online file converter from JPG etc. to PNG
  • Newest Moments are listed on top, besides that there is no order for alternative answers
  • Check already listed Moments with the help of Search Column or use CTRL+F in your browser
    • First 2-4 words are listed
  • The 'Obtained from' Column can be:
    • Plot
    • Daily Quest
    • Karma, if you know the corresponding Karma, please link it like this:
      [[Kiro: Spring Sonata]]
  • Moments for each character have their own page, if you want to edit please use the links below:
  • You can upload multiple files, see: How to upload multiple files
  • Need help with tables? Check this out: How to use a Table
  • If your uploaded picture is not showing up click on Actions then Purge cache
  • If you uploaded the file on the wrong row, just move the file to the right spot and write a new filename for the other one
  • If you uploaded a duplicate, just edit the filename as example lu10.PNG to lu10-A.PNG
  • You can replace a wrongly uploaded file with the following steps
    • Click on the file
    • Under File history there is a link called "Upload a new version of this file"
    • Choose a new file and upload it, no need to change the filename!
    • New version of a file doesn't update right away, it takes time sometimes. Try another browser, the incognito mode, or delete your cache and website settings.

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