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City News is a game mode which unlocks after completing Chapter 3-1 in the Main Story. The player can go on investigation missions to earn investigation EXP, investigation Medals, and other rewards.

C general trackmedal big.png Investigation Medals can then be traded for new Experts from the Talent Market. Additionally, a daily reward of Investigation Medals and random Training is given depending on the player's Investigation title.


Each investigation requires a minimum amount of stats before being able to play. These stats are based on Company Strength and deployed Karma Strength. To set Karma, select "Stats" from the City News screen and select the Karma to deploy.

Initially, only the first three slots are available, but increasing one's own Company Level will unlock the other slots at level 20, 25, and 30.


The goal of City missions are to:

  • Tap the screen as fast as possible to increase the progress bar.
    • One way to tap the screen faster is to use the middle and index finger to alternate tapping the screen.
    • Increase stats to be more successful in increasing the progress bar.
  • Select the correct answer to questions given at 33%, 66%, and 100% Progress.

Official Tutorial


The more investigation EXP a player earns, the higher their title, which increases the amount of daily rewards received from City News. The following table is a list of titles and the rewards received:

Title MC Avatar EXP till next LVL Daily Reward
Novice Investigator
Junior Investigator
Senior Investigator
Advanced Investigator
Seasoned Investigator
Investigative Expert
Elite Investigative Expert
Ultra Investigative Expert

List of City News

Young Noble Rebel

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Young Noble Rebel 01

He sees you coming and runs away. Follow and see who it is!
MC: Don't you think you can get away from me!

Expert 10050.png
Part I
  • You spot him! Now how are you going to sneak up on him incognito?
  • MC: Heh, I'm so smart!
    • Wear a costume.
      • You successfully sneak up on him, but can't get a good look before he wanders off.
      • MC: Oh, I almost got a good look!
    • Veil your face.
      • It's hard for you to see anything and you walk right into a cardboard cutout of Kiro.
      • MC: Listen, I'm not a stalker!
    • Hide behind large signs.
      • Security picks up you for suspicious activity.
      • MC: I'm a law-bidding citizen, honest!
Part II
  • He notices you and runs off! You think you saw him on a wanted poster so you reach for something handy to throw at him!
  • MC: I must catch him!
    • Bottled water
      • The bottle is too light to sail far enough
      • MC: Should've put some rock in the bottle.
    • Newspaper
      • The paper flies back into your face.
      • MC: Freeze! Or I'll chase you down with, uh, a paper airplane!
    • High heels
      • The pump hits him in the back.
      • MC: You can't get away now!
Part III
  • You look at the guy's face and realize it's Christian! Why is he here?
  • MC: This is a bit awkward...
    • Are you... bankrupt, Christian?
      • Christian: "Who are you calling bankrupt?!"
      • MC: It's all good, then.
    • Are you a...geek, Christian?
      • Chrisitan: "You're geekier than I am!"
      • MC: Why have I come to this again?
    • You want no one to know you're here?
      • Christian: "I go wherever I want!"
      • MC: Rich people live in their own fantasy worlds.
News Noble patron catapults convenient store into hot hangout!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Young Noble Rebel 02

Christian says he came to the mall to see his idol, a cool, handsome man.
MC: I'm getting curiouser and curiouser.

Expert 10050.png
Expert 10440.png
Part I
  • Christian points, "See, that's my idol over there." But who is it?
  • MC: Christian has...weird preferences.
    • A dapper man in suit.
      • You point at the man in suit. Christian is indifferent.
      • MC: It's not a dapper man in suit.
    • A jacked muscleman.
      • You point at the muscleman. Christian shows disdain.
      • MC: It's not the masculine muscleman.
    • A young man in mink coat.
      • You point at the guy in a mink coast. Christian's face turns red.
      • MC: But it's him!
Part II
  • So Christian loves the northeast lifestyle, and thus David Dean the child star from the northeast! Let's go up and say hi.
  • MC: Hope I can leave a good impression.
    • How are you?
      • David takes off his shades and nods.
      • MC: Not bad, don't think he dislikes me or anything.
    • Bonjour, monsieur!
      • David Dean doesn't like people speaking French to him.
      • MC: I'm sensing some hostility here...
    • Hey bro, what's happening?
      • David Dean: "I ain't your bro."
      • MC: So much for kissing up...
Part III
  • Christian wants to treat David. What will the fare be?
  • MC: Hopefully he'll like this.
    • Northeastern cuisine.
      • We don't serve northeastern cuisine in this restaurant.
      • MC: That sounds good.
    • Sweets.
      • David Dean: "Don't dig sweets."
      • MC: A lot of stuff's going on with the kid!
    • Steak.
      • David Dean very happily goes to town on a lot of dishes new to him.
      • MC: Looks like he's found what he likes!
News Young noble bucks family tradition, favors northern style!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Young Noble Rebel 03 Let troubled Christian divulge his true feelings.

MC: He has a story to him too.

Expert 10050.png
Expert 10440.png
Part I
  • Buy Christian a drink to help open him up.
  • MC: Hope this will make Christian happy.
    • Expensive gourmet coffee.
      • Christian says he's tired of drinking that stuff.
      • MC: It's good he doesn't want it. The price is highway robbery, anyway!
    • Expensive wine.
      • Better hold off on the liquor for underaged...
      • MC: It's against the law for kids to drink alcohol.
    • El cheapo cola.
      • Christian is excited about trying the "peasant drink".
      • MC: Hey now, cola is fuel for the soul, not peasant drink!
Part II
  • Chrisitian's been under strict watch since birth, which is why he admires David Dean for his freedom. Try to comfort him.
  • MC: Rich people have their problems too.
    • But you're rich...
      • Christian: "David's got money too."
      • MC: Oh great, the broke old me is treating the two rich guys.
    • There are kids starving in Africa.
      • Christian: "Oh sure, that makes me feel a lot better, no doubt about it."
      • MC: Looks like Christian's getting mad.
    • David Dean said he admires you too.
      • Christian pauses, then gets excited, "Really? He does?"
      • MC: He seems to be happier.
Part III
  • Christian buys a mound of outfits and asks you to deck him out in different styles...
  • MC: As long as he likes it, that's all that matters.
    • Shades + mink coat + gold chain
      • Christian is very happy, "Now I look like my idol!"
      • MC: Heh, a northeastern style fan to the core.
    • Vest + sandals + fan
      • Christian: "What the heck is this?"
      • MC: What, never heard of the latest street trend?
    • Cosplay costume
      • Christian: "You're doing this for your own amusement."
      • MC: Busted!
News Young aristocrat finds love, modern education on edge!

Stolen Detergent

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Stolen Detergent 01 Hmm, haven't I seen him at the Talent Market before? Let me ask him what he's up to.

MC: The guy seems suspicious. Gotta keep an eye out on him.

Expert 10040.png
Part I
  • Freeman is eccentric and arrogant, so how do you approach him?
  • MC: Just do it and let the chips fall where they may.
    • Nod, smile and ask him a science question.
      • He proudly answers your question.
      • MC: This is called "Know your target."
    • Just wander next to him and wait for him to make the first move.
      • He doesn't even so much as glance at you.
      • MC: Aloof minds mutually attract. Hey, wait, he's walking off!
    • Slap him in the back and shout, "Yo,man!"
      • You make him jump and get a faceful of pepper spray for your trouble
      • MC: Ow, it burns!
Part II
  • Freeman seems intent on ducking you like he's hiding something. Find out what's going on with him...
  • MC: Ha, caught you red-handed!
    • The terrible secret might be hiding in the funky hairdo!
      • You pull on Freeman's hair, then security pulls you away.
      • MC: Believe me, Mr.Security, I wasn't trying to attack him!
    • The terrible secret might be hiding in the pant pocket!
      • You reach for his pant pocket and he yells, "Thief! Pickpocket!"
      • MC: Believe me, Mr.Security, I'm not a thief."
    • The terrible secret might be hiding under the slack lab coat!
      • You flip up his lab coat to reveal a bunch of sample packets of detergent underneath!
      • MC: What are you doing with this many detergent samples?!
Part III
  • Freeman says he needed them for experiment and couldn't help himself when he saw the box of free samples. You decide to:
  • MC: Fine, this is just his first time...
    • Turn him in to security.
      • He now hates you for turning him in.
      • MC: You do the deed, you pay the consequences.
    • Sigh, make him return everything, then buy him two big jugs of detergent.
      • He's grateful, but also keeps reiterating this is the first time he ever did that.
      • MC: Hope he won't pull something like this next time.
News Alternateen lifts detergent for scientific experiment!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
There's bound to be some discoveries after a day in the lab.

MC: Keep close eye on Freeman.

Expert 10040.png
Part I
  • Freeman's lab is a unequivocal mess. You decide to:
  • MC: It'll make anyone with OCD faint on sight.
    • Tidy the place up for him.
      • You accidentally break a test tube and blow up half of the room.
      • MC: It's so dangerous!
    • Not touching anything so you won't break nothing.
      • Freeman points at the trap on the floor, "Good thing you didn't wander around."
      • MC: I wonder if he set the trap on purpose...
Part II
  • Freeman wants you to guess what he made detergent into...
  • MC: How marvelous!
    • Skin lotion.
      • Freeman: "Correct! You're pretty smart!"
      • MC: Really? Is that possible?
    • Industrial-strength cleaner.
      • Freeman: "How quaint, that's so beneath me."
      • MC: I guess that will work...
    • Soft drink.
      • Freeman: "Take a sip then, and let me know how you like your casket."
      • MC: Nope, don't feel like dying today.
Part III
  • Freeman wants you to try the new "facial detergent"...
  • To try or not to try, that is the question.
    • Thanks, but absolutely not.
      • Freeman's very disappointed.
      • MC: Well, your own face is more important.
    • Try just a bit.
      • Freeman slops a big glob on you that makes your face burn and itch.
      • MC: I ain't gonna trust you no more!
News Unbelievable, detergent doubles as skin care!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Stolen Detergent 03 Keep learning about his research.

MC: I can handle it for sure.

Expert 10040.png
Part I
  • Freeman informs you he mistakenly rubbed the original detergent on your face.
  • MC: It sucks to be a guinea pig.
    • You demand an apology.
      • Freeman: "I'm not apologizing, you can't make me."
      • MC: Never met a more arrogant prick than him!
    • Give him another chance.
      • Freeman grabbed the right stuff this time. It feels cool and soothing on your face.
      • MC: Wow, it feels great, my face looks radiant!
Part II
  • Freeman mentions how he was so into experiments that he had no time to make friends, so you say...
  • MC: I'm a very good shoulder to lean on.
    • Well, that's why you're an awesome scientist now!
      • He is on cloud nine.
      • MC: Feels like I'm getting a lot closer to him...
    • You must be used to not having any friends by now.
      • He doesn't say a word and remains silent.
      • MC: Don't know why, but I feel a gap between him and me.
Part III
  • Freeman wants to give you a gift. What do you choose?
  • MC: How about this one!
    • The cute teddy bear on the table.
      • The teddy explodes as soon as you leave and scares the crap out of you.
      • MC: Damn it, I knew he wouldn't put a teddy bear out for no good reason!
    • Unknown bottle of solution.
      • Freeman tells you that's actually the water he used to clean brushes.
      • MC: I thought it was something groundbreaking...
    • Cosmetics
      • Freeman is very happy and gets even giddier.
      • MC: Cool, looks like I made the right choice!
News Detergents reign as new miracle for skin care!

Archaelogical Fraud

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Archaelogical Fraud 01 Let's investigate this strange phenomenon!

MC: Let's look deeper into this!

Part I
  • There are just too many fragments in putting a relic back to whole. What do you do?
  • MC: Never thought it would take this much work! I'm so tired!
    • Glue larger pieces, skip small ones.
      • The old professor chews you out for being so careless.
      • MC: I will do better next time, I promise!
    • Take the time to glue every piece.
      • The old professor compliments you.
      • MC: You do get lauded for being diligent and putting in the effort!
    • Glue them together randomly.
      • You nearly give the old professor a fatal heartattack.
      • MC: So sorry! I'll do much better next time!
Part II
  • It's very late, you're still restoring the relic in the workshop when you hear faint footsteps...
  • MC: Could it be...?
    • Gosh, better not be a ghost!
      • You curl up in fear and aren't about to check outside.
      • MC: I ain't dumb, curious people are the ones to die first in horror movies!
    • Thief! Let me grab a shovel...
      • You charge outside with a shovel in tow, but sees no one except a plate that's been restored.
      • MC: Was that the work of the rumored "rising dead"?
    • It's only the wind.
      • You don't find out about anything.
      • MC: What an uninteresting night.
Part III
  • You find a restored plate from the dig on the ground. What do you do?
  • MC: I guess this is the way it has to be.
    • The dead has risen! I'm outta here!
      • You jet, forgetting all about the documentary.
      • MC: But I'm really terrified of ghosts!
    • I'll just pretend I fixed this one...
      • You obviously didn't do the restoration because it was too perfect, and everyone now despises you for trying to pull a fast one.
      • MC: It won't happen again...
    • Hand it to the professor next day.
      • The professor takes the plate and tells you to be more careful.
      • MC: Let me blow the roof off on the secret!
News Astounding! Ancient walking dead rise to fix plates!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Archaelogical Fraud 02 Uncover the truth behind the "rising dead."

MC: Who or what is the rising dead?

Expert 10130.png
Part I
  • You decide to hide somewhere to catch the culprit...
  • MC: Right here!
    • Hide behind a vase.
      • It won't even cover your thigh!
      • MC: I'll change spot if it doesn't work.
    • Hide under a rug.
      • It won't even cover your thigh!
      • MC: I'll change spot if it doesn't work.
    • Crouch behind a bronze cauldron.
      • Nice choice!
      • MC: It feels safe to hide behind a big cauldron like this!
Part II
  • You hear passing footsteps and jumps out ready to fight...only to see a guy in modern outfit.
  • MC: Ha, gotcha!
    • Ancient dead are into new fashion?
      • The guy just stares at you.
      • MC: Why is he staring at me like I'm stupid?
    • So it's not ancient dead!
      • The startled man shouts, "I'm not ancient, just a local handyman! My name's Matsushita!"
      • MC: Ah, it's just a handyman!
Part III
  • You look at the poor guy while deciding whether to alert the authority...
  • MC: Guess I'll have to do this...
    • Call the cops.
      • The cops take him away and that's the last you hear of it.
      • MC: Tell whatever you have to say to the cops!
    • Don't call the cops.
      • Matsushita appreciates it and is willing tell you his story.
      • MC: Forget it, he's only returning things after fixing them.
News False alarm, 'Walking Dead' is just a janitor!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Archaelogical Fraud 03 Ask him why he did it...

MC: It's time to dish out encouragement again...

Expert 10130.png
Part I
  • Matsushita tells you he's too poor to go to school but still aspires to become an archaeologist, to which you reply...
  • MC: He still seems pretty young.
    • That sounds pretty hopeless to me.
      • You make Matsushita very sad.
      • MC: I'm just telling the truth.
    • You got the skills to make it!
      • Matsushita seems bright eyed, bushy tailed and very happy.
      • MC: Hope he will be an archaeologist one day.
    • Not my problem.
      • Matsushita seems to embarrassed to say anything.
      • MC: I'm too tired to care.
Part II
  • You decide to help Matsushida, but how?
  • MC: Hope he will be an archaeologist one day.
    • Pay for his schooling.
      • Won't it take too long?
      • MC: Yeah, it will take too long.
    • Give him his own repair shop.
      • Matsushita declines the offer and wants to continue the dream.
      • MC: OK, but it's nice to see him stick to his dream.
    • Talk to the professor about him.
      • The professor agrees to take him on as an intern and tells you he already knew the "ancient dead" is a studious person.
      • MC: Seeing Matsushita moved to tears is making my eyes well up too...
Part III
  • What is your farewell to Matsushita before you leave?
  • MC: Oh well, all good things must come to an end.
    • Give him books on archeaelogy.
      • Matsushita gleefully accepts!
      • MC: Hope, he'll do well one day!
    • Give him a bath-and-shampoo set.
      • Matsushita accepts with a frown and tells you he cleans himself every day.
      • MC: I didn't mean it like that, it's particularly dusty here!
News Impoverished youth aspires to become archeologist!

Underworld Treasure

It's most likely that the story features Karyu instead of Emory and Iluka instead of Ronda, but the names got lost in translation.

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Underworld Treasure 01 Go help the apparent victim.

MC: What's going on? He seems hurt!

Expert 10260.png
Part I
  • The guy is Emory. You're about to talk to him when you spot someone getting ready to jump from behind...
  • MC: Watch out!
    • You grab him and start running!
      • You run with Emory and get away successfully.
      • MC: Huff...It's taking too much out of me!
    • Take your high heels off and fight!
      • You can't beat the thug and is almost injured.
      • MC: There won't be a next time, it's way too dangerous for me!
    • Scream for help!
      • Bystanders charge and beat up Emory.
      • MC: Wait, stop, stop, he's not the one!
Part II
  • You notice Emory is bruised all over...
  • MC: Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
    • Go find ice to ice down the bruises.
      • You apply ice to relieve the pain and for him to regain senses.
      • MC: Okay, that should do it.
    • It's only bruises. He can take it.
      • You miss a cut that gets infected.
      • MC: I'm so sorry I missed it!
    • Oh no, call the ambulance now!
      • The EMT's wonder why you called an ambulance for someone who can still move quite well on his own.
      • MC: Did I, uh, overreact?
Part III
  • Emory tells you he lost his most cherished possession to an O.G. in a turf war a few days ago...
  • MC: It sounds scary.
    • Take him and go get it back!
      • Emory: "Hooray, just what I wanted, another beating."
      • MC: My bad, I didn't think it through.
    • Sneak away when he's not looking.
      • Nothing I can do about the problem, anyway.
      • MC: I might as well help you now.
    • Ask him how you can help.
      • Emory: "I have a friend, maybe she can help."
      • MC: I wonder what kind of a friend is it...
News Inside the violent life on the streets!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Underworld Treasure 02 Let's go see Emory's friend.

MC: I wonder what kind of friend does he have in mind...

Expert 10260.png
Expert 10100.png
Part I
  • Emory reiterates the importance for you to be respectful when meeting his friend, so you...
  • MC: Must leave a good impression...
    • Bow and hail, "Your Majesty!"
      • A flustered Emory tries to cover for your embarrassment.
      • MC: Did I overdo it?
    • Just nod and smile behind Emory.
      • You maintain a "politely civilized" image.
      • MC: YES, I did it!
    • Don't care. You're untouchable.
      • You're tossed out by a couple of big men.
      • MC: Hey now, not so rough!
Part II
  • Emory's friend is a sexily dressed fox named Ronda. You try to break the ice by saying...
  • MC: This should do it.
    • Those are beautiful tattoos you got!
      • Ronda warms up instantly and starts talking to you about tattoos.
      • MC: Awesome, picked the right topic!
    • Do you like to read?
      • Ronda: "Are you trying to clown me?"
      • MC: Oops, that's not gonna go over well...
    • Would you like this Hello Kitty as a gift?
      • Ronda turns to Emory, "Where did you dig this one up?"
      • MC: Not your normal everyday chick, for sure.
Part III
  • Emory asks you to go undercover and scout the rival gang for him. Do you...
  • MC: This should keep them from noticing.
    • Pose as a street vendor with shades.
      • You get busted since they don't allow "unauthorized" street vendor on their turf.
      • MC: Authorization? Don't you mean protection money?
    • Pose as a leafleter in costume.
      • You don't get busted, but are forcibly removed from premises in three minutes.
      • MC: It's too conspicuous to be in a full costume.
    • Pose as a soda peddler.
      • The day is so hot that not only did you not get kicked out, you even sold a lot of sodas.
      • MC: All right, got quite a lot of useful information.
News Tackling the realest street violence!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Underworld Treasure 03 Help Emory take back his keepsake.

MC: It'S do-or-die today!

Expert 10260.png
Expert 10100.png
Part I
  • Ronda is distracting the rival gang while you and Emory go steal the keepsake back, but you get separated and lost...
  • MC: Rats, I'm lost!
    • Keep trying to find your way.
      • You waste a lot of time without ever finding your way.
      • MC: I'm not directionally challenged. Anyone would get lost here.
    • Ask passersby for directions.
      • Everybody around here belongs to the gang. They give you a not-so-polite talking-to.
      • MC: I probably just had a brain cramp.
    • Hide in a restroom and text Emory.
      • Emory comes and get you. Problem solved.
      • MC: Good thing it worked out!
Part II
  • Someone spots you and Emory after you got the keepsake. Do you...
  • MC: Crap, what to do now?
    • Greet him warmly like you know him.
      • He pauses and tries not to sound embarrassed, "Hey, yeah, it's you... How you doing?"
      • MC: Wow, didn't think it would actually work!
    • Grab Emory and run!
      • You're surrounded and easily captured.
      • MC: It was a mistake trying to run...
    • Tell him you're delivering pizza.
      • "We don't get delivery here!" You're caught.
      • MC: What, why don't you get delivery here?!
Part III
  • The keepsake is a photo of Emory and his mother, with "Happy 3rd Birthday, Raleigh!" written on the back. So you say...
  • MC: Wow, his mom is really pretty!
    • So your real name's Raleigh?
      • Emory turns red, "I went through a lot of trouble to change it, so keep it to yourself!"
      • MC: "Emory" is not too much better than "Raleigh"...
    • So your mother's name is Raleigh?
      • You're a regular Einstein, I see.
      • MC: My bad, my bad...
    • Your mother is very pretty!
      • Emory's attitude softens, "Yeah, she is pretty..."
      • MC: Wish Emory a good life with his mother's blessings.
News Lost since childhood, young hobo still feels compassion!

The Intern Incident

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Intern Incident 01 Arnold is a famous non-mainstream stylist, so it's a great learning opportunity.

MC: About time I get involved in the non-mainstream world!

Expert 10420.png
Part I
  • Arnold gives you a few pointers and hands you a client. Do you chat with the client during the styling?
  • MC: Huh, chatting is a good skill to have!
    • Of course, chatting is part of the job!
      • Client turns and grumbles to Arnold.
      • MC: Whatever, don't want to talk to you, either.
    • Nope, the client might prefer quiet.
      • You finish the basics without any problem.
      • MC: Avant-garde people really are aloof.
Part II
  • Arnold let you choose a color to dye the client's hair with. Do you pick...
  • MC: Oh, this doesn't look bad!
    • Red
      • The client loves red.
      • MC: A-ha, picked the right one!
    • Green
      • Client doesn't care for green at all, since it makes her look like a clown.
      • MC: Sorry for not thinking it through...
    • Black
      • Black is not a cool enough color for avant-garde hairstyle.
      • MC: Black is a good color for hair!
Part III
  • Arnold easily creates a unique hairstyle for the client. You say...
  • MC: It's so hard to give the right compliments...
    • You sure are the best, Mr.Arnold!
      • Arnold: "Of course, did you have any doubt? Now get to work!"
      • MC: Great, the brown-nosing backfires...
    • You sure look hot, Mr.Arnold!
      • Arnold preens, "Can't change what nature blessed me with!"
      • MC: Hey, he likes me more now!
News Alternateen hairstyle in a jiffy!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Intern Incident 02 Today's topic is fundamentals of styling.

MC: Arnold is waiting for me!

Expert 10420.png
Part I
  • Arnold brings a red top and asks you to pick a complementary bottom.
  • MC: I'm great with color coordination!
    • Pick a green bottom.
      • Nope, red doesn't go with green.
      • MC: That sounds pretty good.
    • Pick a purple bottom.
      • Nope, red doesn't go with purple.
      • MC: That sounds pretty good.
    • Pick a black bottom.
      • Arnold happily nods.
      • MC: When in doubt, always bet on black!
Part II
  • Arnold hands you a normal outfit for you to accessorize. You choose...
  • MC: Hmm, let's go with this.
    • Bohemian pendant.
      • Arnold doesn't even want to look at it.
      • MC: Hmm, lots of neat tussles.
    • Punk studs.
      • Arnold thinks it's too cliched
      • MC: Hmm, very heavy metal!
    • A medallion with the word "Arnold."
      • Arnold likes it very much and you just become his favorite pupil.
      • MC: Arnold is truly narcissist.
Part III
  • Arnold let's you style the hair of a chubby client. What style do you choose?
  • MC: Wow, this is a nice hairdo!
    • The most epic beehive you can make.
      • The client thinks she looks like a sprouting onion and hates it.
      • MC: I think it's so-so too...
    • Bangs covering up one side of face.
      • The client likes how her face now looks less rotund.
      • MC: Yeah, I like how it turns out too!
News Dress successfully the Arnold way!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Intern Incident 03 Today is another day of learning from Arnold.

MC: I'll be a stylist in no time!

Expert 10420.png
Part I
  • You stumble into a side room by accident, see a lot of certificates for academic achievements and think...
  • MC: Arnold's hidden life.
    • Wow, Arnold has kids already!
      • Arnold: "What are you talking about? I'm still too young to have a family!"
      • MC: Guessed wrong.
    • Wow, are these all Arnold's?
      • Arnold admits it with silence, then tells you not to wander into places you're not supposed to be.
      • MC: Never imagined the was such an excellent student!
Part II
  • Arnold admits to being a model student in his youth, but his passion made him ran away to become a stylist. You say...
  • MC: He must've worked really hard to get to where he is now.
    • Why leave to chase after your dream?
      • Arnold rolls his eyes, "None of your business!"
      • MC: Gee, what do you figure from a runaway?
    • It must've been a long road for you.
      • Arnold seems touched.
      • MC: He's had a long, arduous journey...
    • You'd be a scientist if you stayed.
      • Arnold yells at you to get back to work!
      • MC: File, I'll get working!
Part III
  • Arnold wants to style you, so you...
  • MC: I don't want anything too Alternateen.
    • Decline, Alternateen is not your thing.
      • An unhappy Arnold kicks you out of the room.
      • MC: This is a classic example of buyer's remorse...
    • Happily accept.
      • You walk around for a week with flaming red hair.
      • MC: This is pretty embarrassing!
    • Accept, but with conditions.
      • Arnold do you up perfect according to your wishes.
      • MC: Awesome! This is perfect!
News Stylist was both a model student and non-mainstream ???

Otaku Camerist

It's most likely that the story features Homer instead of Theo, but the name got lost in translation.

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Otaku Camerist 01 Just by walking into Theo's studio elevates one's class.

MC: Can't wait to get started!

Expert 10430.png
Part I
  • Your job is to clean up the array of cameras in the studio.
  • MC: This should do it!
    • Gently brush the surface.
      • Very good job!
      • MC: Not a problem at all!
    • Chuck them into a bucket full of soap water.
      • Theo cries over the ruined cameras.
      • MC: Why are you crying? Just take it easy!
Part II
  • You're organizing the studio when you come across a closed room marked "No Entry"...
  • MC: Hmm, I wonder...
    • "No Entry"? Let's see what's inside...
      • Theo catches you just before you go in!
      • MC: What secrets lie behind the door?
    • Leave it alone and not go in.
      • You pretend nothing happened.
      • MC: Yeah, I'm still very curious about it.
Part III
  • Theo asks you to work reception and greet new clients, so you...
  • MC: My passion, do you feel it?
    • Welcomes clients with gusto.
      • The clients love you.
      • MC: No one hates seeing a smile!
    • Liven up the place with a hot little dance.
      • You frighten sever clients away.
      • MC: Maybe that was overboard...
    • Sit off to the side and wait for questions.
      • Theo docks your pay.
      • MC: Oh, my bank account's gonna suffer!
News Secret room discovered in hot photographer's home!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Otaku Camerist 02 Strive to be a photographer.

MC: Let's get to work for the day!

Expert 10430.png
Part I
  • You notice Theo forgot to lock the mystery room. What's your plan for getting in?
  • MC: Wonder what kind of secret is it?
    • Sneak in while Theo's busy.
      • Theo doesn't spot you. You're good to go!
      • MC: Timing is everything.
    • Hide and wait inside a cardboard.
      • Workers load the box into a truck and almost haul you off with it.
      • MC: That didn't go well. Gotta wait for another chance.
Part II
  • You finally make it into the room and see thousands of animation figurines. Your reaction is...
  • MC: They look pretty cute!
    • Wow, I want them all!
      • Theo shows happiness over not having to hide it anymore.
      • MC: It's only a hobby, what's there to cover up?
    • Geez, isn't Theo too old for this?
      • Theo storms off without a word.
      • MC: He just might be a little crazy in the head...
Part III
  • Theo confesses his anime obsession, so you say...
  • MC: Hope I didn't say anything inappropriate.
    • Does that make you a geek?
      • Theo grows quieter and more apthetic toward you.
      • MC: Isn't "geek" complimentary now? Maybe I should brush up on net slangs.
    • Hoarding is mental disorder.
      • Theo gives you the cold shoulder from now forward.
      • MC: I might've went overboard on that one...
    • Oh, I'm interested in that!
      • Theo gets excites and starts showing you the figurines.
      • MC: I'm getting excited, too, listening to Theo!
News Framed photographer trapped stars in secret room!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Otaku Camerist 03 This photography is really becoming interesting!

MC: Another day, another hard work.

Expert 10430.png
Part I
  • Theo wants to shoot glamor shots for you, so pick a pose.
  • MC: This is the coolest pose!
    • Smiling duck face holding up a "V".
      • Theo: "I'm not shooting your selfie, you know."
      • MC: That really is a bit pretentious...
    • Stand upright, chin up, chest out.
      • Theo: "Keep this for your mug shot."
      • MC: Theo's got some bite in him!
    • Stoic with head slightly tilted.
      • Theo: "That's it. Hold it... Beautiful!"
      • MC: Looking forward to the pictures!
Part II
  • Theo wants to photograph you in a cosplay costume, so you pick...
  • MC: what costume should I choose?
    • Rilakkuma the Bear.
      • No one will know it's you underneath the costume.
      • MC: True, anyone will do in that case.
    • Luffy from One Piece.
      • It makes you look like peasant laborer.
      • MC: I'd like to put more on than Luffy.
    • French maid.
      • You look nice and adorable in it!
      • MC: What a pretty apron!
Part III
  • Theo wants to post the gorgeous pictures online. Do you...
  • MC: Let me think about it.
    • Refuse. Got a rep and image to keep.
      • You keep the photos and nothing else comes of it.
      • MC: I don't feel comfortable putting my photos online.
    • Happily accept.
      • Your photos blow up the net, earning you the moniker "Hot Producer Chick" and making your company know overnight.
      • MC: Wow, didn't expect all this to happen. How wonderful!
News Stylist creates cosplays that take you out of this world!

Tea Field Treasure Hunt

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Tea Field Treasure Hunt 01 The tea leaves smell wonderful. Time to check out the field!

MC: All right, let's learn about tea leaves today!

Expert 10230.png
Part I
  • You get a phone call inviting you to experience the life of a tea farmer and you reply...
  • MC: Yeah, there's no such thing as a free lunch...or free tea.
    • Ha, I'm not falling for it!
      • Then you hang up before another word can come out of the caller's mouth.
      • MC: Nice try, I ain't stupid!
    • You just want free labor from me.
      • The caller laughs and assures you it will eventually lead to you filming an ad for them.
      • MC: Keep calm and don't panic...
    • When do I leave? Now?
      • The caller thinks it's fun to tease you about making you work.
      • MC: Did I say yes too quickly?
Part II
  • You get there after a long ride. You're greeted by a foreigner when you get out of the car! You're thinking...
  • MC: Wait, so he is...
    • Is he the owner of the tea farm?
      • The foreigner introduces himself as the person who invited you!
      • MC: What a surprise, the owner is a foreigner.
    • They can afford to hire foreigners!
      • The foreigner waves his hands to indicate he is not a tourist.
      • MC: Come on now, why would a tourist play receptionist?
    • Is he duped into laboring here too?
      • He's dressed too well to be a laborer.
      • MC: Guess I got too paranoid there.
Part III
  • The foreigner seems familiar, you think you've seen him somewhere before.
  • MC: Ahhh!! It is him!
    • Hey, you're the famous foreign guy on TV!
      • The foreigner laughs, says he does resemble the TV star somewhat, but tells you he's Prince Edward from a nearby country.
      • MC: No wonder he seems familiar!
    • Hey, aren't you Tony from the barber shop?
      • The bewildered foreigner says he's not Tony, but Prince Edward of a nearby country.
      • MC: He does look like Tony a bit...
    • Hey, you're the prince of that nearby country!
      • The foreigner is surprised you recognized him. He is indeed Prince Edward from a nearby country.
      • MC: It is him! Today's gonna be a lucky day!
News He is the tea tycoon!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Tea Field Treasure Hunt 02 Don't get a chance to visit a place like this very often, gotta try to take it all in!

MC: Let me give it a good look.

Expert 10230.png
Part I
  • You ask Edward why he bought the farm and he whispers that there's treasure hidden here.
  • MC: Sounds fun, I can't wait!
    • I can tell you're kidding
      • Edward frowns and doesn't look happy.
      • MC: Pretty childish to let what I said bother you...
    • Well, I'm not interested.
      • Edward is taken aback by the answer and pauses awkwardly.
      • MC: Did I just kill the conversation?
    • Seriously? We should find it!
      • Edward gets excited too and wants to start now.
      • MC: It could be money! Heck, I'm sure it's money!
Part II
  • Edward tells you he wants to try local Chinese food and asks you for recommendations.
  • MC: This will be a surefire hit!
    • Stinky tofu is the best!
      • Edward can't get within 20 feet of the stinky tofu stand without retching.
      • MC: Don't like stinky tofu? What's wrong with you!
    • How about fermented soy milk?
      • Edward tries fermented soy milk and never mentions trying Chinese food again.
      • MC: It's an acquired tasted.
    • Can't go wrong with Peking duck!
      • Edward can't speak any more highly about Pecking duck after having it.
      • MC: Of course, the duck is the best!
Part III
  • Edward unfurls a map that shows the treasure buried on the east side of the farm. But which way is east?
  • MC: I'm sure this is it!
    • West is left side so east is right.
      • Your geography teacher would be rolling in his grave if he was in one.
      • MC: That's what I learned as a child so it can't be wrong!
    • Check the time and sun's position.
      • You ascertain the direction and are one step closer to the treasure!
      • MC: I'm pretty clever if I do say so myself!
    • Use your own intuition.
      • You almost get lost thanks to your lack of directional sense.
      • MC: Nope, can't trust myself on something like this anymore...
News Hidden treasure in old teafield!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Tea Field Treasure Hunt 03 Must get the treasure!

MC: I must find the gold... I mean, treasure!

Expert 10230.png
Part I
  • You and Edward discover a secret room with a riddle in the form of an ancient poem...
  • MC: Oh well, what other choice do we have?
    • Figure it out yourself.
      • You finally solve it after racking your brain.
      • MC: It's all up to my intelligent mind like it always does!
    • Let Edward try.
      • Edward can't believe you want him to solve a riddle requiring a level of literacy he doesn't have for the language.
      • MC: Yeah, that was a brain cramp if there ever was one...
Part II
  • The so-called treasure in the room is actually just an ancient tea cake! Now Edward is crying, but why?
  • MC: Hey, why are you crying?
    • Disappointed it's not gold.
      • Edward: "I don't care about money at all."
      • MC: Sorry, I'm a bit materialistic sometimes.
    • Dust got into his eyes.
      • Edward: "I'm crying tears of joy!"
      • MC: Well, it's the dust that's making me cry.
    • Those may be tears of joy.
      • Edward: "I'm so excited to find the most precious thing ever! I will cherish it with my life!"
      • MC: I'm moved by Edward's interest in old relics.
Part III
  • Edward thanks you for your help by making you tea. You take a sip and unbearable bitterness floods your mouth...
  • MC: Holy cow, this is overbearingly bitter!
    • You force it down and ask for more.
      • Edward thinks you like the tea and pour you another cup.
      • MC: Be polite and chug it down...
    • Force it down, put the cup aside.
      • Edward stops offering you tea and starts chatting.
      • MC: I made it through okay...
    • Spit it all over Edward.
      • It's a rather embarrassing scene.
      • MC: Argh, what am I to do now?!
News Treasure unveiled...Foreign youth with a Chinese heart!

Supermarket Thief

It's most likely that the story features Buffin instead of Stuart, but the name got lost in translation.

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Supermarket Thief 01 Tail him and find out.

MC: Hope everything goes well.

Expert 10300.png
Part I
  • You notice co-worker Stuart always carries a large bag with him and think something fishy's going on with him, so you...
  • MC: This is the only thing I can do...
    • Tail him.
      • You follow him and see something fishy is definitely up with him.
      • MC: I knew something weird's going on with him!
    • Grill him.
      • Stuart refutes your every question. You don't learn anything.
      • MC: My bad for jumping the gun.
    • Pretend you didn't notice.
      • You're not interested in making waves and just want to get through your shift.
      • MC: Oh, another day, another sunset.
Part II
  • You think Stuart's acting fishy, so you decide to...
  • MC: That's all I can do right now...
    • Bump his bag as you walk by.
      • You bump into Stuart and packets of diaper spill out of his pocket.
      • MC: Why carry so many diapers?
    • Peek into bag when he's not looking.
      • Stuart catches you trying to sneak a peek. You didn't see anything and now everyone thinks you're a freak.
      • MC: This is embarrassing...
    • Grab the bag and look into it.
      • You can't wrestle the bag away from Stuart, and then get fired for the act.
      • MC: That was a boneheaded move...
Part III
  • You guess why Stuart carries so many diapers...
  • MC: That's the only reason left.
    • Do you pee your pants?
      • Stuart: "Screw you, you're the one peeing your pants!"
      • MC: Tell me about the problem. I can refer you to a good doctor.
    • You stealing and reselling them?
      • Stuart: "No, I bought and paid for these!"
      • MC: Okay, probably shouldn't go off half-cocked anymore.
    • Are these for your child?
      • Stuart says he bought them but avoids the part about a child.
      • MC: Why doesn't he answer my question directly? What's he got to hide?
News Why did the worker flee with a big package?
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Supermarket Thief 02 Look for where the cries come from.

MC: Let me try to find it...

Expert 10300.png
Part I
  • While working in a supermarket, you can hear the cries of a baby. You think...
  • MC: Can it be...?
    • I must be hearing things.
      • And you missed every clue.
      • MC: Another day, another sunset.
    • Is the market haunted?
      • You get so frightened, you can't work.
      • MC: I ain't dumb enough to mess with a ghost!
    • Someone brought a baby to work?
      • You decide to look around to prove you're right.
      • MC: I think bringing a baby to work is against company policy...
Part II
  • You find a howling baby in the employee's lounge and you...
  • MC: What to do, what to do?!
    • Pick him up and sing him a lullaby.
      • The baby falls back asleep.
      • MC: What a cute little bundle!
    • Put a finger in the baby's mouth.
      • This is not sanitary and can make the baby sick.
      • MC: Don't handle a kid like this next time!
    • Make faces to distract the baby.
      • Your faces make the baby cry louder.
      • MC: Is my face really that scary?
Part III
  • Stuart charges in suddenly and reaches for the baby! Do you...
  • MC: This is best for the baby.
    • Tussle with Stuart over the baby.
      • The baby wakes up and cries again.
      • MC: Almost got the baby hurt!
    • Let baby go but lock the door.
      • Stuart breathes a sigh of relief after seeing the baby's not crying and tells you he's the father.
      • MC: So he's the father...
News The horror! Baby cries echo through the silent hall!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Supermarket Thief 03 Let's see if I can help him out.

MC: What should I do?

Expert 10300.png
Part I
  • Stuart admits to you he's a single father and you say...
  • MC: He seems to be burning candle on both ends.
    • Where's baby mama?
      • Stuart thinks you're nosy.
      • MC: Come on now, we call it gossip around here.
    • That's why you bring him to work.
      • Stuart says there's no one else to take care of the baby and he has to make ends meet somehow.
      • MC: It is a big problem and I feel for him.
    • He goes thru a lot of diapers!
      • Stuart is proud, "Of course, he's my son!"
      • MC: Only a father would take pride in that.
Part II
  • The manager suddenly shows up and sees the baby in Stuart's arms, so you...
  • MC: Well, that's the way it goes.
    • You silently pray for Stuart.
      • Stuart is fired and you feel bad for not helping him.
      • MC: Sigh, Stuart's having a harsh life...
    • You report Stuart to the manager.
      • You get fired with him too for snitching.
      • MC: It's wrong to snitch.
    • Grab baby and pretend he's yours.
      • You take the hit and get your walking paper, but you can see the gratefulness in Stuart's eyes.
      • MC: Stuart needs a job way more than I do.
Part III
  • You decide to help Stuart with childcare problem...
  • MC: Let's roll with this!
    • Hire a nanny for the baby.
      • Why are you working when you have so much money?
      • MC: Awesome, that's finally taken care of!
    • Hire Stuart and look into preschool.
      • Stuart is very appreciative of the gesture and has to turn and wipe off tears.
      • MC: Let's come up with another way...
News Preposterous, abductor is single father!

Security For The Rich

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Security For The Rich 01 Continue to work the auction.

MC: Everything's ready, I so got this!

Part I
  • How are you going to improve your verbal speed as an auctioneer?
  • MC: I will impress everyone if I can speak fast.
    • Practice tongue twisters every day.
      • You speak much faster and clearer.
      • MC: Tongue twisters are truly a great idea!
    • Argue with others a lot.
      • You speak much faster but lost more friends too.
      • MC: That was pure garbage.
    • Eating more beef tongues.
      • It's totally useless, but you get hooked on beef tongues.
      • MC: Hmm, think I gained weight...
Part II
  • How are you going to decorate the auction?
  • MC: Hope everyone will like the setup!
    • Black chairs on red carpet, somber and elegant.
      • You earn compliments for the setup.
      • MC: All right, I feel really good about that!
    • In fashionable black and white.
      • The setup is a bit old-fashioned...
      • MC: Yeah, I think it's too old-schooled, too...
    • In every color under the sun!
      • Is this an auction or a birthday party?
      • MC: Hey, what's wrong with rainbow colors?
Part III
  • How many times do you pound the gravel on a successful auction?
  • MC: Okay, don't forget it again!
    • Just once!
      • That's not quite enough.
      • MC: Just add two more to it.
    • Three times.
      • That's exactly right!
      • MC: Heh heh, that's exactly it!
    • As many times as you want, even drumming it if you're in the mood!
      • You'll get kicked out for that.
      • MC: I'm just trying to lighten the mood!
News Auction successful, highest bid fetched a three hundred ???
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Security For The Rich 02 Hopefully the auction will go smoothly.

MC: Hope all my effort isn't for naught.

Part I
  • As the auction's about to start, an old security guard comes in and sits down!
  • MC: Is he lost?
    • Point him to the employee's break-room.
      • He chuckles but doesn't move.
      • MC: He's not moving...
    • Try to kick him out of the room.
      • He's not happy about you looking down on him.
      • MC: Why does he look so pissed?
    • Let him take a quick break here.
      • He's impressed with you.
      • MC: It's all good, he's smiling at me.
Part II
  • The security guard disrobe to reveal an expensive suit underneath...
  • MC: You really can't judge a book by its cover!
    • OMG, welcome to the auction, sir!
      • He hates your two-faced attitude.
      • MC: Guess my mouth got me in trouble again...
    • You're a guard. Please leave.
      • He is at loss for words.
      • MC: Uh, what did I say wrong?
    • Smile but not very surprised.
      • He likes how you're staying cool and collected.
      • MC: Don't care, won't be my money, anyway.
Part III
  • The "security guard" is actually Nelson the billionaire recluse! So you...
  • MC: So nervous!
    • Curry his favor whenever you can.
      • Nelson absolutely loathes sycophants.
      • MC: Deal with the rich at your own risk!
    • Try your best to get his FB account.
      • Nelson absolutely loathes posers.
      • MC: Deal with the rich at your own risk!
    • Treat himself like a normal person.
      • Nelson thinks you're much more mature than peers of your age and likes you a lot.
      • MC: I think rich people are normal folks like us, just with more money.
News Surprise, old security guard a filthy rich moneybags!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Security For The Rich 03 Chat with Nelson.

MC: Always show respect to your elders!

Part I
  • Nelson changes back into guard uniform after the auction is over and starts cleaning up the scene...
  • MC: Can Mr.Nelson handle so many chairs alone?
    • It's OK, Mr.Nelson, I got it!
      • Nelson: "I'm not too old for this yet!"
      • MC: My chances of making friends with Nelson are slim and none.
    • Hurry up, you got more work to do!
      • Nelson: "You get a kick out of bossing rich people around, don't you?"
      • MC: Actually, he's right, I do get a kick out of that.
    • Help Mr.Nelson with cleanup.
      • Nelson doesn't say anything but thinks very highly of you.
      • MC: I'm happy to help others.
Part II
  • Nelson wants to buy you a combo meal to thank you for your help, so you...
  • MC: Ha, he really does buy me a combo meal!
    • Gladly accept the offer.
      • You and Nelson have a wonderful afternoon as he tells you his rags-to-riches story.
      • MC: That's a wonderful story, hope I can work my way up like he did one day!
    • Offer to treat him to a high-class restaurant instead.
      • Nelson turns down the offer. You don't have lunch together.
      • MC: What a missed opportunity.
    • Ask him if he's a cheapskate.
      • Nelson turns down the offer. You don't have lunch together.
      • MC: What a missed opportunity.
Part III
  • You want to convince Mr.Nelson to invest in your new movie, so you...
  • MC: The movie can start filming once I get funding.
    • Try to sell him a sob story
      • He doesn't fall for that and turns you down.
      • MC: Rats, Mr.Nelson isn't buying it.
    • Break down the margins for him.
      • He is very interested after your analysis.
      • MC: Yeap, it's true the rich are motivated by the bottom line.
    • Brown-nose as much as you can.
      • He's getting annoyed and tired of you.
      • MC: That's an epic fail!
News Wealthy entrepreneur once downed-and-out!

Zombies In the Factory

It's most likely that the story features Karyu instead of Emory and Iluka instead of Ronda, but the names got lost in translation.

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Zombies In The Factory 01 This is my big chance at a breaking news! And the Pulitzer!

MC: Let me find out who's behind it!

Part I
  • You decide to adopt a disguise to fool the zombies.
  • MC: How should I dress up?
    • You dress up in a goat costume.
      • Te goat is too bulky for you to run after or from anybody.
      • MC: It actually feels safe inside a costume.
    • You dress up like a superhero.
      • Zombies probably won't know what superheroes are.
      • MC: Oops, never thought about that...
    • You dress up like a zombie.
      • Looking practically like a zombie yourself, you're sure you'll blend in.
      • MC: Yes, this is the perfect choice!
Part II
  • You want to go at midnight, so you decide to...
  • MC: Which vehicle should I pick?
    • Drive a normal car.
      • You arrive at the factory safely.
      • MC: Better watch out for me, whether you're a zombie, demon ghost or monster!
    • Drive a sports car.
      • A sports car is too conspicuous. You don't see any zombie.
      • MC: Well, at least my sports car looks really nifty.
    • Ride a bicycle.
      • Cops stop you for riding a bike in zombie makeup.
      • MC: Yes, officer, I can see why people would be afraid...
Part III
  • What kind of shoes are you wearing to catch a zombie?
  • MC: This should do the trick!
    • High heels to match my zombie dress!
      • You keep falling on the rocky surface in the dark.
      • MC: Not a good choice at all...
    • Sneakers, easy to run in.
      • You move like a cheetah.
      • MC: Good thing I got sneakers on!
    • Wooden sandals, can be weapons.
      • You find out it's impossible to run in wooden sandals.
      • MC: Not a good choice at all...
News Zombies roam abandoned factory!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Zombies In The Factory 02 A thorough investigation should reveal clues.

MC: Oh no, you're not getting away!

Expert 10260.png
Expert 10100.png
Part I
  • You walk into the factory and sees no one but several bowl on the ground...
  • MC: Is that the case?
    • Okay, who left their trash here?
      • The bowls are in too good a condition to be trash.
      • MC: That sounds good.
    • There's still food in the bowls...
      • Several people were here a while ago.
      • MC: Just as I thought!
    • Zombies eat out of bowls too?
      • Stop your imagination from running wild.
      • MC: Yes, get my mind under control.
Part II
  • You're surprised by several people with bloody faces! So you...
  • MC: Oh my, what should I do now?!
    • Turn and book!
      • They pause, then chase after you.
      • MC: Help! Somebody save me!
    • Fight them!
      • You're too weak to have any chance of winning.
      • MC: I've done it this time!
Part III
  • You're caught. You shut your eyes as they go for your jugular...then you hear snickering.
  • MC: No, this is not how I want it to end!
    • Really, you're gonna drag this out?
      • You faint from the fright.
      • MC: Can't blame me, it was terrifying!
    • Hmm, they don't sound like zombies.
      • They let you go and bust out laughing.
      • MC: Did they scare me on purpose?
    • Stop giggling and get it over with!
      • You faint from the fright.
      • MC: Can't blame me, it was terrifying!
News Zombies vanish, leave empty bowls behind.
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Zombies In The Factory 03 Subdue the two zombies that caught you!

MC: I must get out of here at all cost!

Expert 10260.png
Expert 10100.png
Part I
  • Both zombies laugh as they wipe the blood off their faces. It's Ronda and Emory! So you...
  • MC: I was scared out of my mind!
    • Get mad as they apologize.
      • They apologize but you're still mad, so you storm off and leave them hanging.
      • MC: They gone too far! We ain't friends no more!
    • Cry from being frightened.
      • You come completely unglued so they take you home.
      • MC: Wah! Why would you do that to me! Wah!
    • Laugh at the prank with them.
      • They apologize sincerely after a good laugh.
      • MC: I knew zombies don't exist.
Part II
  • Emory tells you they're rehearsing for passing out treats on Halloween night, and you quip...
  • MC: That's probably the case.
    • Because that's what gangsters do.
      • They aren't cool with you thinking gangbangers can't do good deeds.
      • MC: That is great, and I'm behind you guys 100 percent!
    • Thug life ain't all bad, I see.
      • They assure you they truly like to help kids and elderlies.
      • MC: What's with gangs these days? They're like neighborhood committees now.
    • Come clean, what's the real deal?
      • A pissed-off Emory tells you to leave.
      • MC: Am I just paranoid?
Part III
  • You want to help Emory and Ronda pass out treats on Halloween night. You decide to dress as...
  • MC: How about this one!
    • A zombie like last time, of course.
      • You make the kids cry with your scary zombie makeup.
      • MC: Forget to figure kids into this.
    • A cute little witch.
      • You're a hit among kids.
      • MC: I knew this would be the best!
    • Snow White.
      • You're shunned because the kids think Snow White costume isn't cool enough for Halloween.
      • MC: Guess you have to go with goblins and ghouls for Halloween...
News Criminal underworld treats Halloweeners as zombies!

Styling Competition

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Styling Competition 01 Time to learn the newest hairstyles!

MC: The hair stylists all looked so dapper!

Part I
  • You show up at the salon and don't see anyone but there's a shelf full of jams, so you...
  • MC: Should I try?
    • Jams! Let's try some!
      • They're jam-style hair coloring products. You end up in the emergency room.
      • MC: Lessons learned: Don't be greedy eater.
    • Better skip it, it's not break-room.
      • They're jam-style hair coloring products. Lucky you didn't have any.
      • MC: Oh, good thing I fought the urge!
Part II
  • You have to style the hair for a female client with a big, round face. So you decide on...
  • MC: This should fit her perfectly.
    • Long bangs to cover up what you can.
      • The client loves the style.
      • MC: This will take years off her appearance.
    • Showing as much face as you can.
      • The client is very angry and refuses to come here again.
      • MC: I heard this is what the older folks prefer...
Part III
  • You get complaints from a client, so you...
  • MC: Don't know if this is the right thing to do...
    • Argue and even fight the client.
      • You're fired for ruining the salon's rep.
      • MC: It's not my fault!
    • Apologize till your face turns blue.
      • The client forgives you.
      • MC: I'm only doing this for the greater good.
News Brand new fruit-based hair dyes hit market!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Styling Competition 02 I'll start learning how to cut hair today!

MC: Cutting hair requires total concentration!

Expert 10010.png
Part I
  • You see how lightning fast Joey cuts hair with scissors in both hands and say...
  • MC: It's like a superpower she's got.
    • Wow, you're the best I've seen!
      • Joey is happy and cuts even faster, while boasting her hourly record is ten clients.
      • MC: Geez, Joey is born to cut hair!
    • Eh, not bad.
      • Joey is getting less fond of you...
      • MC: Probably should hold my tongue next time.
Part II
  • How can you hang around Joey while she works?
  • MC: How can I help, though?
    • Hand her the scissors she needs.
      • Joey is too fast and you're actually slowing her down.
      • MC: Think I actually burdened her.
    • Clean fallen hair off the floor.
      • Your attentiveness won praises from Joey.
      • MC: All right, I helped her!
    • Tell the client to breathe calmly.
      • The client is not giving birth...
      • MC: Well, maybe some clients needed counseling?
Part III
  • Joey asks you to promote the salon, so you...
  • MC: This should do it!
    • Grab a loudspeaker and go outside.
      • You earn the ire of every passerby.
      • MC: Don't disturb public peace!
    • Tell friends and family to come.
      • You're out of idea after calling your friends and family.
      • MC: Don't think I have enough friends...
    • Show Joey's fast haircuts online.
      • The video draws a lot of attention and new clients.
      • MC: I'm so happy Joey is now famous!
News Awesome barber cuts 10 heads of hair in 30 minutes!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Styling Competition 03 Help Joey win the hairstyling competition!

MC: The competition should be a cakewalk for someone with Joey's unbelievable skills!

Expert 10010.png
Part I
  • Joey is spending the night preparing for the competition. How do you help?
  • MC: This should do it!
    • Chat all night to keep her up.
      • She can't focus with you yapping all night.
      • MC: I was just trying to help, but guess it backfired on me.
    • Help her save energy for contest.
      • She thanks you for everything you did.
      • MC: It's worth it as long as she wins.
    • Use reverse psychology on her.
      • She is motivated, but you just lost a friend.
      • MC: I really should think before I speak from now on.
Part II
  • Joey shows you her new style design, but you don't think it's great, so you...
  • MC: Should I tell her?
    • Tell her bluntly to improve it.
      • Joey listens to you, tweaks the design and wins first place!
      • MC: Real friends don't lie to each other.
    • Praise her to save your friendship.
      • Joey trusts you and goes on to lose the competition.
      • MC: Real friends don't lie to each other.
Part III
  • Congratulate Joey for winning first place!
  • MC: I'm so happy for her!
    • See, listen to me and you win!
      • It gets awkwardly quiet in a hurry...
      • MC: That sounded like I'm taking all the credit...
    • All your hard work paid off!
      • Joey gives you a big hug!
      • MC: I knew she could do it! So grateful to know her!
News Ready, set, cut: Stunning new hairstyle crowned champion!

The Girth Of A Star

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Girth Of A Star 01 Practice hard and improve culinary skills.

MC: I believe I can make fantastic dishes!

Expert 10140.png
Part I
  • You're a lousy cook and a friend recommend learning from Kalvin, so you...
  • MC: How am I going to improve my cooking skills?
    • Go and learn to cook better.
      • A friend hooks up you to learn cooking from King in his house during weekends.
      • MC: I'm both nervous and excited about becoming a great cook!
    • Refuse to go and learn on your own.
      • You try to teach yourself but that goes nowhere fast.
      • MC: Guess cooking is not in the card for me.
Part II
  • Kalvin has packed on no less than a hundred pounds and is carrying a big spare tire! So you say...
  • MC: Still looks good despite gaining weight.
    • You look good despite weight gain!
      • Kalvin is not happy because he thinks you're being sarcastic.
      • MC: I was only speaking the truth.
    • I heard you're a great cook!
      • Your compliment makes Kalvin very happy.
      • MC: I'm pretty good, aren't I?
    • OMG, how did you get so fat?!
      • Kalvin is angered by the remark!
      • MC: Was I too blunt?
Part III
  • King is looking for excuses not to teach you, so you...
  • MC: It's really testing my patience...
    • Be patient and wait for an opening.
      • Kalvin realizes you're sincere and takes you as a student.
      • MC: Yes, now I can learn to cook!
    • Throw a tantrum and leave!
      • His security guard kick you out of the house.
      • MC: What attitude!
News From hunk to chunk: Story of a star foodie!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Girth Of A Star 02 The goal is to learn to make great dishes!

MC: Learn well to become a great chef!

Part I
  • Do you add salt before or after putting cabbage in a wok?
  • MC: That's a tough question...
    • Before
      • Adding salt beforehand makes it taste worse.
      • MC: Ugh, it tastes worse!
    • After
      • Correct!
      • MC: Hey, it tastes better!
Part II
  • What do you add to thicken a dish?
  • MC: Is it this one?
    • Starch
      • Correct!
      • MC: Hey, it thickens!
    • Salt
      • Wrong.
      • MC: Think that's the wrong choice.
    • Dirt
      • At no time should dirt be added to a dish.
      • MC: I'm kidding!
Part III
  • Do you add vinegar or worcestershire sauce to darken the color of a dish?
  • MC: How to darken a dish...
    • Vinegar
      • Nope, not it.
      • MC: Rats, got it wrong!
    • Worcestershire sauce
      • Correct!
      • MC: Yay, got it right!
News From boiled to fried, small dishes with big favor!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Girth Of A Star 03 Let's try building a rapport with King.

MC: Check up on him.

Expert 10140.png
Part I
  • When do you feel is a good time to chat with Kalvin?
  • MC: Will he agree to it?
    • Getting out of bed in the morning.
      • Kalvin is very cranky getting up in the morning.
      • MC: Picked the wrong time, that's for sure.
    • After lunch.
      • Kalvin is very open to conversations when he's full.
      • MC: Yeap, gotta wait until he gets some food in him.
    • Watching television.
      • Kalvin is very cranky when someone interrupts his couch-potatoing.
      • MC: Picked the wrong time, that's for sure.
Part II
  • Kalvin tells you he let other's criticism got to him and suffered anorexia, but now he loves food! So you say...
  • MC: Hope he's well from now on.
    • Can't tell by your physique.
      • Kalvin is mad, "Cut the sarcasm!"
      • MC: Oops, should've kept it to myself.
    • It must've been tough on you.
      • Kalvin smiles, "I'm much better now, thank God."
      • MC: So happy for him!
    • I might go anorexic myself.
      • Kalvin is enraged, "You have no idea the pain of an anorexic!"
      • MC: I think that hurt him...
Part III
  • You're leaving Kalvin's mentorship. How do you bid your farewell?
  • MC: Just general well regards should do.
    • Hope you'll be slim again soon!
      • Kalvin: "Please don't bring up my weight again."
      • MC: He's still sensitive about his weight.
    • Happy eating!
      • Kalvin hugs you, "Thanks and feel free to visit anytime!"
      • MC: I feel warm and fuzzy inside!
    • May your stardom shine bright!
      • Kalvin smiles, "That's all in the past. I don't care about it anymore."
      • MC: Looks like he's found his way after all the ups and downs.
News Rotund star rediscovers happiness after anorexia!

Frequenter in Restaurant

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Frequenter in Restaurant 01 Find out who she is.

MC: Let me ask her.

Expert 10290.png
Part I
  • You're working in a fast food joint and hand a customer the wrong order, so you...
  • MC: Hopefully this will make up for my mistake.
    • Sub half-eaten meal with a new one.
      • The customer gets angry and complaints to the manager.
      • MC: What a crappy customer!
    • Mistake happens, no big deal.
      • The customer isn't happy but doesn't say anything.
      • MC: He noticed, that's pretty sharp!
    • Apologize and offer the right order.
      • The customer forgives you.
      • MC: Feeling better about it now.
Part II
  • It's near closing time and the girl is still there...
  • MC: I should find out.
    • Are you homeless or something?
      • She is angry and stays silent.
      • MC: Maybe she really is homeless.
    • We're closing, please leave.
      • She gets up and leaves in a huff.
      • MC: It's not my problem we're closing for the day!
    • Are you OK? Can I help you?
      • She hesitates, thanks you for your concern but leaves without saying anything more.
      • MC: She seems to be in some kind of a bind...
Part III
  • You see the girl again the next morning, so you try to strike up a conversation...
  • MC: Yeah, let's go with that.
    • What's that you're writing?
      • She chuckles and tells you she's a scriptwriter with the pen name of Rabbitgirl.
      • MC: Wow, so that's the case!
    • Too busy to wash your hair, I see.
      • She gives you the evil eye and never speaks to you again.
      • MC: Guess I said the wrong thing again...
News Mystery woman practically living at fast-food diner!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Frequenter in Restaurant 02 Let's try talking to her.

MC: I'm just curious about her!

Expert 10290.png
Part I
  • You're talking to Rabbitgirl when she asks you whether a current family drama series should have a happy or sad ending.
  • MC: Of course I like this more!
    • Happy ending, of course!
      • She nods, "Yeah, that's what I think too."
      • MC: Hooray for happy ending!
    • Why not, make it sad!
      • Before she can say a word, the fans in the place voice their objection.
      • MC: Geez, everyone has different preferences!
Part II
  • Rabbitgirl comes to the restaurant when it's full. What do you do?
  • MC: I guess this is the way it has to be.
    • Save her a seat every day hereafter.
      • The manager does not condone your action.
      • MC: That is a bit selfish...
    • Gives her a stool in a corner.
      • You resolve the problem for her.
      • MC: So happy to be able to help her!
Part III
  • You feel comfortable with Rabbitgirl enough to ask her why she comes here all the time...
  • MC: Hmm, is this a better approach?
    • Is it coz you got a crush on me?
      • She's looking at you funny.
      • MC: Why is she looking at me that way? Does she really...
    • Is it coz you love fast food?
      • She shakes her head, "Not interested in junk food at all."
      • MC: No wonder she ordered very little every time.
    • Is it coz you like the surrounding?
      • She smiles and confesses that she can't work in quiet settings but a noisy, bustling one.
      • MC: Ah, I understand now!
News Crowd noise is the mother of invention!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Frequenter in Restaurant 03 Why not collaborate with her?

MC: It feels like a vigorous day today!

Expert 10290.png
Part I
  • You find out she's a super-popular scriptwriter and say to her...
  • MC: Wowowowo, you're so famous!
    • Can't tell by just looking at you!
      • Her expression sours.
      • MC: Is she getting an asthma attack?
    • Still just a scriptwriter...
      • This is where the friendship ends. Again.
      • MC: It's so hard to make new friends...
    • I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!
      • She breaks into a huge grin.
      • MC: She's awesome sauce, simple as that!
Part II
  • Rabbitgirl tells you she's done with her newest script and won't be coming back for a while, so you...
  • MC: Well, I'll give her this...
    • Proudly hand her your business card.
      • She seems polite but indifferent.
      • MC: It's kinda shallow to push yourself on others.
    • Give her a nice outfit.
      • She seems polite but indifferent.
      • MC: Guess she's not into fashion.
    • Give her coupons for the restaurant.
      • She cracks up laughing.
      • MC: Great! Please come again!
Part III
  • Rabbitgirl's new series debuts and you spot her Moment posts...
  • MC: I must get behind it!
    • Like!
      • She doesn't notice you among the sea of likes.
      • MC: Sharing is the best way to promote it.
    • Comment!
      • She's happy, but there are many comments for her to get to.
      • MC: Sharing is the best way to promote it.
    • Share!
      • She's very happy and thanks you.
      • MC: Sharing is the best way to promote it.
News Meet the Plain Jane behind the household hit series!

The Haunted Shoot

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Haunted Shoot 01 Gotta get to the bottom of this alleged haunting.

MC: I don't really believe in ghosts, but I'll still check it out.

Part I
  • Jackson nervously tells you the venue's haunted. Do you believe him?
  • MC: Better not be lying to me!
    • Yes, I felt chill up my spine!
      • Jackson points behind you and you sees a puddle on the ground where it was dry just a moment ago.
      • MC: Geez, it is haunted by ghosts!
    • Nope, I only believe in science.
      • You ignore Jackson, but there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over the set from then on...
      • MC: Don't try to rattle me with these bullcrap!
Part II
  • Jackson asks you if you want to meet the ghost, who supposedly is seeking your help...
  • MC: If it's real, it will be my first ghost.
    • Of course not, and I'm outta here!
      • Both of you book out of there and never go back again.
      • MC: Curiosity kills the cat, and I ain't a cat.
    • Sure, since she wanted to meet me.
      • Jackson nods and start chanting mumbo-jumbo.
      • MC: So nervous... Pray she won't hurt me!
Part III
  • After some incantation, a translucent white mist appears and coalesces into a dripping-wet woman, so you...
  • MC: She looks really young!
    • Scream and fall to the floor.
      • The spirit seems apologetic and fades away.
      • MC: Think I overreacted.
    • Try to keep it together while numb.
      • The spirit floats up to you and gingerly says hello.
      • MC: The spirit is actually kinda...adorable?
    • Turn and run away.
      • The spirit seems apologetic and fades away.
      • MC: Think I overreacted.
News Gasp! Studio haunted by ghosts!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Haunted Shoot 02 Let's figure out what the spirit wants.

MC: I can feel she wants someone to help.

Part I
  • Jackson notices the girl's naked and wants to give her some clothes...
  • MC: This should help a little, at least.
    • Why give a ghost clothes?
      • Spirit have dignity too, you know!
      • MC: Ghosts were humans once.
    • Let's go find some now.
      • She won't be able to wear human clothes.
      • MC: Oh, forgot the stubble...
    • You mean like a burnt offering?
      • Jackson nods and burns paper clothes.
      • MC: Ah, so that's how you do it!
Part II
  • The girl had a fight with her parents before she died and asks you to let them know she loves them, so you...
  • MC: Is this prudent?
    • Write a letter and mail it to them.
      • Her parents weep upon receiving the letter, believing the message is from their daughter.
      • MC: It's very touching. Hope they now have a closure.
    • Run at them screaming "I love you!"
      • Her startled parents call the cops on you.
      • MC: Yea, running up to strangers and screaming is not a good idea.
Part III
  • After the encounter with the ghost girl, you suddenly shudder at Jackson's psychic abilities--maybe he's not human...
  • MC: He could be a ghost!
    • Ghosts are incorporeal so touch him.
      • Jackson backs up, thinking you may be hitting on him.
      • MC: That wasn't my intent at all!
    • Check to see if he casts a shadow.
      • He does have shadow. You breathe a sigh of relief.
      • MC: Phew, I thought he was a ghost too.
News Sob story of a drowned soul!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
The Haunted Shoot 03 Ask him how he can commune with spirits.

MC: I can feel a secret just waiting to be uncovered!

Part I
  • You're starting to be afraid of Jackson and look for excuse to not ride with him...
  • MC: Shoot, now I gotta try to sneak off somehow...
    • Just go, I want to see the site.
      • Jackson: "It's gonna be dark soon. I'll stay with you just to be safe."
      • MC: Uh, yeah, thanks...
    • Men and women shouldn't share rides...
      • Jackson: "When did you become a prude?"
      • MC: Just realized that five minutes ago.
    • I'm visiting a friend over there...
      • Jackson: "Okay, see you tomorrow!"
      • MC: Can't believe it worked!
Part II
  • You learn Jackson comes from a family of exorcists but not in line to take over the business, for the's not the eldest...
  • MC: Maybe he's telling the truth.
    • Bah, I'm not falling for the lie!
      • Jackson: "What do you think I am then, a ghost? Vampire? Werewolf? If I wanted to hurt you, you wouldn't be alive right now."
      • MC: That made sense. Maybe he's really a good guy.
    • Really, an exorcist? How awesome!
      • Jackson smiles, "There's quite a bit of paranormal people in the world!"
      • MC: That made sense. Exorcist sounds awesome!
Part III
  • Jackson tells you he can give you a talisman and you pick...
  • MC: How about this one!
    • A moneymaking charm!
      • Jackson: "I'm an exorcist, not a sorcerer."
      • MC: What? That can't be done?
    • A mosquito ward!
      • Jackson gives you a talisman to hang in the room.
      • MC: This is very useful!
    • A transmorph amulet!
      • Jackson: "You might want to cut down on fantasy fictions."
      • MC: So that's not real?
News The homely exorcist!

Adventure In Babysitting

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Adventure In Babysitting 01 Go check on her.

MC: I'm worried about her...

Expert 10340.png
Part I
  • You see a child standing outside the confectionery. How do you get her into the store?
  • MC: Let's get her inside this way.
    • Grab and take her in.
      • The little girl bawls and gets you in trouble with passerby.
      • MC: I should feel good about people watching out for children.
    • Offer her a sample.
      • The little girl comes in after a slight pause.
      • MC: No kids can resist candy.
Part II
  • You see the girl looking longingly at all the sweets and decide to treat her to...
  • MC: Let's give her this.
    • An egg tart.
      • She prefers chocolate cake.
      • MC: Just give her a cake.
    • A chocolate cake.
      • She lets out a wide happy grin.
      • MC: All right, she likes it!
    • A fruit plate.
      • She prefers chocolate cake.
      • MC: Just give her a cake.
Part III
  • You need an excuse from work to take the little girl home now...
  • MC: This is foolproof!
    • I need a very long bathroom break.
      • Manager: "Where are you going? We have a restroom here!"
      • MC: Oh yeah, forgot about that...
    • I'm not feeling well...
      • Manager: "All right. We're not busy today, anyway."
      • MC: Thanks!
    • I forgot to do my laundry!
      • Manager: "That's not my problem."
      • MC: True dat...
News Young kid wanders outside candy store daily, homeless ???
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Adventure In Babysitting 02 Gotta keep an eye on the child, too, while working.

MC: I'm really worried about the child.

Expert 10340.png
Part I
  • You see an unkempt stranger grabbing the girl's hand, so you...
  • MC: I gotta save her!
    • Charge the man.
      • It's not wise to charge anyone recklessly.
      • MC: Maybe I should find out what's going on first next time.
    • Rush up and pull the girl back.
      • You engage in a tug-of-war with the man over the girl.
      • MC: Don't you try to take her away from me!
    • Scream, "Help, there's a kidnapper!"
      • An angry mob beats up the man because of your scream.
      • MC: Maybe I should find out what's going on first next time.
Part II
  • The stranger turns and accuses you as the kidnapper! So you...
  • MC: This is the only way...
    • Get co-workers to vouch for you.
      • Your co-workers assure the man you didn't kidnap the girl.
      • MC: Believe me now?
    • Argue with the man.
      • The man calls the cop on you.
      • MC: How dare the kidnapper accuse me as one!
    • Ignore the man and take the girl.
      • The man calls the cop on you.
      • MC: How dare the kidnapper accuse me as one!
Part III
  • You notice the girl seems to know the man. Is he...
  • MC: Oh my, is he...?
    • The girl's father?
      • The man is the girl's father!
      • MC: He's her father? Man, how embarrassing is this...
    • A kidnapper?
      • The man is not a kidnapper.
      • MC: So he's not a kidnapper?
    • Mr. Uncleman?
      • What the heck is a Mr. Uncleman?
      • MC: I said it without thinking.
News Child abducted by male stranger!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Adventure In Babysitting 03 Find out why the girl's here every day.

MC: I'll figure it out.

Expert 10340.png
Part I
  • The man tells you he's the girl's father and her name is Dora. You say...
  • MC: Hmm, I did step over the line.
    • You do look like a kidnapper.
      • The man: "I'm a busy film director, so sorry I can't look GQ all the time."
      • MC: Even a busy director shouldn't let yourself go like that!
    • I was just concerned for her.
      • The man sighs, "I should be thanking you for watching out for Dora."
      • MC: Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!
    • You can forget about me apologizing!
      • The man takes his daughter and leaves without a word.
      • MC: You say whatever you want, I'm still not apologizing!
Part II
  • You're trying to figure out why the little girl is always hanging around here...
  • MC: Is it because of this?
    • Is it because you love cakes?
      • Dora shakes her head.
      • MC: So that's not why.
    • Are you waiting for your father?
      • Dora pauses, then nods.
      • MC: She is waiting for her father. I'm a bit sad inside.
    • Is it coz you have a crush on me?
      • Dora is surprised and doesn't understand what you're talking about.
      • MC: Uh, nevermind, I was just kidding...
Part III
  • How are you going to help Dora wait for her father?
  • MC: Let's roll with this!
    • Tell her to wait inside the store.
      • Dora will happily do that.
      • MC: Awesome, that's finally taken care of!
    • Warn her not to hang out alone.
      • Dora seems sad.
      • MC: Let's come up with another way...
    • Stay at school and wait for pickup.
      • Dora shakes her head and says it's too boring after class is over.
      • MC: Let's come up with another way...
News Kidnapper is father of girl who longs for his return!

Foreign Vagabond

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Foreign Vagabond 01 Try to figure out who he is.

MC: I will defend the park from vagrants!

Expert 10410.png
Part I
  • You spot a suspicious foreigner in the park. It's now dark and you're alone. How do you protect yourself?
  • MC: Just do it and let the chips fall where they may.
    • Loudly proclaim you know karate!
      • He didn't notice you until you shouted. He now walks toward you...
      • MC: Think I got a little overzealous there...
    • Take a stun gun with you.
      • You're relieved that the didn't try anything funny.
      • MC: Huh, he has no bad intention toward me at all.
    • Knock him out when he's not looking.
      • He was just minding his own business and got waylaid for it.
      • MC: Hmm, what if he's not a bad guy at all?
Part II
  • You decide to follow him and see what he's doing in the park.
  • MC: I shall expose you!
    • You tail him in dark clothes.
      • You blend into the darkness like a true ninja.
      • MC: Dark clothes are best for surveillance!
    • Tail him with branches in your hair.
      • You almost got taken to a mental asylum.
      • MC: But it worked in movies!
    • You hide in the trees and watch.
      • You can't see anything from the trees in darkness.
      • MC: True dat...
Part III
  • You follow the foreigner and see him lay down to sleep on a bench, so you..
  • MC: What now?
    • Call the cops immediately.
      • The cops take him away, but he obviously is trying to explain himself.
      • MC: I was too busy during the night to notice!
    • Let him be. Maybe it's a fetish.
      • He catches a severe cold and is taken to a hospital in the middle of the night.
      • MC: On second thought, never heard of such a fetish.
    • Take him to sleep in the lounge.
      • He appreciates it very much.
      • MC: Make sure he's safe and we'll figure it out in the morning.
News Mysterious foreigner spends the night in park!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Foreign Vagabond 02 Must find out who he is!

MC: I'll do it this time!

Expert 10410.png
Part I
  • You all of a sudden recognize the foreigner...
  • MC: Yes, that's it, that's him!
    • You're the guy in that online ad!
      • No, I'm not. You're thinking of a black guy.
      • MC: Oh yeah, that was a black guy...
    • Aren't you the prince of a country?
      • No, sorry, I'm not a prince.
      • MC: No? Do I have the wrong person?
    • Hey, you're Thomson the superstar!
      • Shoot, knew a fan would recognize me.
      • MC: Who's a fan?
Part II
  • You want to get his autograph for a friend who's a huge fan, but don't want him to think you're a crazy fan.
  • MC: Guess I'll try this...
    • I want an autograph for my friend!
      • He signs an autograph but tells you not to use your friend as an excuse.
      • MC: I'm really not a fan!
    • Sign for me, but I'm not a fan.
      • He signs and tells you to stop pretending you're not a fan.
      • MC: I'm really not a fan!
    • All celebrities must sign in.
      • He casually signs an autograph.
      • MC: Hey, that worked!
Part III
  • You notice he's hungry and treat him to...
  • MC: This should do the trick!
    • Snacks from vending machine.
      • Thomson gripes, "I've been eating these for two days straight!"
      • MC: Well, I think the snacks are pretty filling and tasty!
    • Delivery Chinese food.
      • Thomson loves it, keeps calling it amazaing.
      • MC: Chinese food is world-famous for a reason!
    • To-go American fast food combo.
      • He's had American fast food for years and is bored with it.
      • MC: That sounds good.
News Foreigner actually missing global superstar!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Foreign Vagabond 03 Get to know the foreigner better.

MC: Have a long chat with Thomson.

Expert 10410.png
Part I
  • You try to guess why Thomson is hiding out in the park...
  • MC: Oh, is it because...?
    • Is it that hotels are too crappy?
      • The park is crappier to live in than the crappiest hotel.
      • MC: You're right.
    • Is it that you owe people money?
      • No, money is one thing I'm not short on.
      • MC: Then you wouldn't mind giving me some of that to me!
    • Are you running from a problem?
      • I just can't stand working 24/7 anymore so I ran away.
      • MC: Wow, guess even superstars have their own problems...
Part II
  • Thomson takes your advice to stand up for himself and go back, but now paparazzi swarm outside the park, so you...
  • MC: This is the only option left...
    • Put him in guard uni with a mask.
      • He leaves undetected with other guards and even winks at you.
      • MC: All right, touchdown!
    • Cover his face with a big bandana.
      • The body gives his identity away.
      • MC: My bad for not thinking it through.
    • Climb over the back wall with him.
      • They catch you going over the wall in a humiliating scene.
      • MC: Maybe smiling will get me out of this...?
Part III
  • A new outlet finds out you spent a day with Thomson and offers you good money for an exclusive...
  • MC: It's so tempting! Guess I'll choose...
    • Money? Heck yeah!
      • You get P-A-I-D, but you rep takes a huge hit in the industry.
      • MC: It's true, greed is the root of all evil.
    • Heck no, I don't kiss-and-tell!
      • You don't get paid, but you have a superstar for a friend.
      • MC: I'm proud of myself!
News Star hides out in park to escape pressure!

Celeb Plastic Surgery

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Celeb Plastic Surgery 01 Go find out about the masked woman who is always hanging outside the center.

MC: Must go check it out!

Expert 10070.png
Part I
  • How do you catch the masked woman loitering around the entrance?
  • MC: I must get her!
    • Tap her shoulder and invite her in.
      • She runs off before you can get close to her.
      • MC: That was bad planning!
    • Grab her arm and drag her in.
      • She struggles but doesn't seem to want to attract attention, so she lets you drag her in.
      • MC: Yay, got her!
    • Tackle her to the ground!
      • She screams and you're picked up by cops who happen to park nearby.
      • MC: No, officer, I'm not a criminal! Open your eyes, she's the suspect here!
Part II
  • You decide to ask the management to beef up security by...
  • MC: There, much safer now!
    • Having doctors take turn patrolling.
      • The doctors now hate you to the bone.
      • MC: It may be tiring, but the premises are more secure!
    • Installing security cams.
      • That's a great idea!
      • MC: That's perfect!
    • Planting landmines.
      • The management thinks you're off your rocker.
      • MC: That is a little extreme...
Part III
  • The masked woman escaped, so you plan to ambush her by...
  • MC: You catch her easily!
    • Crouching on the lawn.
      • Don't take cue from unrealistic computer games...
      • MC: I really should quit playing those games.
    • Disguising as a statue.
      • That's a pretty good idea.
      • MC: You can't get away from me!
News Mysterious masked woman wanders outside clinic!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Celeb Plastic Surgery 02 I must get to the bottom of this!

MC: Let's do better today!

Expert 10070.png
Part I
  • The woman umasks herself. Her stiff face and pointy chin seems familiar to you...
  • MC: I got it, isn't she...?
    • Aren't you that famous BBQ girl?
      • She is mad, "What are you talking about? I'm Hollow, online star!"
      • MC: No wonder, she's not the BBQ Chick.
    • Hey, you're that Internet star!
      • She is very happy, "Yes, that's me! Am I really a star now?"
      • MC: No, I don't think the rep is all good...
Part II
  • Hollow's feeling sad because she doesn't think she's beautiful enough and is pondering whether to have another surgery...
  • MC: Let me make her feel better.
    • Too late, you're already ruined.
      • She files a complaint against you.
      • MC: I'm just telling the truth so she can face reality.
    • Let's get the surgeon's opinion.
      • She nods and goes to see the surgeon.
      • MC: A surgeon just might be able to help.
Part III
  • The center offers many facial shapes. Recommend one to Hollow.
  • MC: Think this will work.
    • How about a pointy V-shaped face?
      • She is very happy and takes you as a confident.
      • MC: I can't picture her looking any other way...
    • How about a round, plumpy face?
      • She ignores you completely.
      • MC: That's not going to work...
News Surprise! Masked woman a highly popular internet celebrity!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Celeb Plastic Surgery 03 Help Hollow find her former beauty.

MC: Let's get started!

Expert 10070.png
Part I
  • You see a paparazzi outside and realize why Hollow was hesitant about coming into the center. Get rid of him!
  • MC: This should do the job!
    • Tell him to get lost on loudspeaker.
      • Don't know if he's really left, but neighbors start griping about the noise.
      • MC: Sorry, that was a bad idea.
    • Shoo him off in a bear costume.
      • You chase off the paparazzi but scare some children in the process too.
      • MC: My fault, I shouldn't have done that! Sorry!
    • Call the cops and ask them to help.
      • You and Hollow are relieved given help from the police.
      • MC: You just got to count on the police when dealing with problems like this.
Part II
  • You have to help Hollow leave the center after her surgery...
  • MC: Looks like this is the only option...
    • Whisk her away on a high-speed ride.
      • Riding on the back of a darting motorcycle makes the sutures on her face come apart.
      • MC: Forgot to take that into consideration!
    • Put her in a full costume.
      • The costume grates her facial stitches open.
      • MC: Forgot to take that into consideration!
    • Disguise her as a burn victim.
      • She exits the premises with no problem.
      • MC: Yay, a clean getaway!
Part III
  • Bid Hollow a nice farewell...
  • MC: Say something nice to her.
    • May you be ever more beautiful!
      • She hugs you and wants to be friends forever.
      • MC: Best wishes to you, Hollow!
    • Forget stardom and go to school!
      • She sighs and doesn't think you two should remain friends.
      • MC: Nobody takes good advice anymore.
News Patient-doctor confidentiality: Ethics of a plastic surgeon!

Bad Medicine

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Bad Medicine 01 See what the paparazzi is up to.

MC: Find out what is it he wants.

Expert 10490.png
Part I
  • Take a guess to why would a paparazzi be stalking around in hospital...
  • MC: This must be it.
    • A big star is hospitalized here?
      • You ask around but no one knows of any big star.
      • MC: Hmm, no star at all.
    • Maybe some sort of a conspiracy?
      • You play detective for several days and figure this is the most logical explanation.
      • MC: Yeah, I'm guessing it's this.
    • Maybe someone in his family is sick?
      • You follow him for days and can safely rule this out.
      • MC: Rats, I guessed wrong!
Part II
  • You want to nab and grill him but he's too fast for you, so you...
  • MC: Don't you think you can get away from me!
    • Run after him in sneakers, anyway...
      • You can't catch him and are out of breath in the hallway.
      • MC:
    • Ride a bike in hospital corridor.
      • He took the stairs when he realized he can't outrun a bike.
      • MC: Stairs?! That's cheating!
    • Shout "I got breaking news!"
      • He runs two steps, turns around and walks toward you.
      • MC: Brain, not brawn!
Part III
  • The paparazzi tells you this name is Gale, and he'll give you the story if you can make an offer that interests him...
  • MC: All right, this is the offer...
    • You give up juicy industry gossip.
      • You broke the unwritten rule of entertainment industry and gets boycotted by major stars.
      • MC: You can't be too greedy...
    • You offer exclusive TV show news.
      • He ponders and agrees to the offer.
      • MC: Good, we have a deal!
    • You want him to give you a freebie.
      • He turns and leaves.
      • MC: Come on, not even a hint?
News Paparazzi hounds hospital for sick superstar?
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Bad Medicine 02 You learn Gale's secret and decide to help him.

MC: How can you help Gale?

Expert 10490.png
Part I
  • Gale tells you the hospital is illegally experimenting drugs on patients. He's here to blow the lid off the scheme.
  • MC: Should I believe him?
    • You: "You're a righteous dude!"
      • Gale appreciates you thinking so highly of him.
      • MC: If that's the case, I have to help him!
    • You: "That's it? Not interested."
      • Gale: "Fine, this is where we part, then!" You never see him again.
      • MC: It's just a waste of time.
    • You: "Don't you be lying to me!"
      • Gale: "Fine, don't believe me!" You never see him again.
      • MC: It has to be a lie, so forget him.
Part II
  • Gale asks you for a way to get inside the storage room...
  • MC: It's our only option left!
    • You steal the key from the office.
      • You're caught and taken downtown along with Gale.
      • MC: Crap, we're caught!
    • Blend in with maintenance staff.
      • You and Gale are both small in stature and easily spotted.
      • MC: My bad for the harebrained scheme...
    • Hide in crates tagged for storage.
      • You get into the storage room successfully.
      • MC: We did it! That was actually kinda exciting!
Part III
  • You got the proof for experimental drugs, but Gale just blew his cover! How do you slip him out of the facility?
  • MC: Sorry, you just have to bear it.
    • Wheel him out on a gurney.
      • Doctors mistaken Gale for a transfer patient and help both of you into an ambulance.
      • MC: What have I been doing?
    • Wheel him out in a trash receptacle.
      • You avoid detection in your janitor disguise and can get him out anytime.
      • MC: I can smell victory!
News Kind man infiltrates hospital to expose dark secret!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Bad Medicine 03 I must help Gale expose the conspiracy!

MC: Let's go, we can do it!

Expert 10490.png
Part I
  • You and Gale are almost out of door when alarms blare! So you...
  • MC: Don't worry about me, just go!
    • Just give up, they caught you.
      • You two are surrounded by security.
      • MC: We're done for...
    • What else is there to do but run!
      • You're too slow and security surrounds you.
      • MC: We're done for...
    • Stay behind to cover Gale's escape.
      • You allow Gale to escape with the evidence.
      • MC: I just hope he can bring this crooked facility down!
Part II
  • The head of the facility interrogates you about the attempted escape and you reply...
  • MC: Let's try this lie...
    • I'm going to expose your conspiracy!
      • He locks you up in a room.
      • MC: Now I'm done for...
    • I, uh, wasn't trying to flee...
      • He senses something fishy and locks you up in a room.
      • MC: Now I'm done for...
    • I was chasing after a suspicious person!
      • He sees you're calm and lets you go.
      • MC: Hey, that worked! What a surprise!
Part III
  • The scandal gets out and has the community in a huge uproar. Then one day you get a mail from Gale...
  • MC: Could it be...?
    • Did he send me a plush doll?
      • You open the mail and it's a photo of you and a man whose face is blurred out.
      • MC: That bastard secretly took photos of me!
    • Did he send me a thank-you note?
      • You open the mail and it's a photo of you and a man whose face is blurred out.
      • MC: That bastard secretly took photos of me!
    • Did he send me a photo of a scandal?
      • You open the mail and it's a photo of you and a man whose face is blurred out.
      • MC: It's a photo, and of me too! I'll get you for this, Gale!
News Unscrupulous hospital exposed!

Spooky Park

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Spooky Park 01 I'm gonna spook the pants off somebody today!

MC: Heh, I do have a knack for scaring people!

Expert 10060.png
Part I
  • You're allowed to pick your own theme music, so you choose...
  • MC: This is it!
    • "Halloween" movie soundtrack.
      • The guests are fightened out of their wits and scatter!
      • MC: Where's everybody? It's scary listening to this track alone!
    • A sad ballad.
      • Some guests feel sorry for you and toss you spare change.
      • MC: I feel sad listening to this...
    • Riverdance music.
      • The guests clap along to the beat.
      • MC: I can't help but step to the rhythm.
Part II
  • As you crouch in a corner waiting, a shadow zooms by to break you out in cold sweat!
  • MC: Maybe he is...?
    • Geez, it's really haunted!
      • You're scared out of your mind.
      • MC: Wah, I knew ghosts are real! I guit!
    • Someone else's working in here too?
      • You ask a manager and find out it is indeed another co-worker.
      • MC: Awesome, someone else to work with me!
    • Thief!
      • You charge and kick the guy, only to find out he's a co-worker...
      • MC: I'm so sorry!
Part III
  • You meet a very light-skinned lass with heavy makeup in an unusual dress, so you...
  • MC: I should make friends with her.
    • Politely introduce yourself.
      • The girl happily tells you she's a fortune teller named Sersi.
      • MC: Hey hey, made another friend!
    • Call her by the name on the badge.
      • She doesn't even acknowledge you and brushes you off.
      • MC: I said the wrong things again...
News Second spirit seen in park!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Spooky Park 02 I'm gonna do my best to scare someone today!

MC: Okay, watch me go today!

Expert 10060.png
Part I
  • You try to find out how Sersi maintains her extremely light complexion...
  • MC: Wish my skin is as fair as hers.
    • A lot of cosmetics, right?
      • Sersi leaves in a huff and ignores you from then on.
      • MC: Shoot, said the wrong things again!
    • It's magic, right?
      • Sersi tells you she doesn't know any spell.
      • MC: Does that mean you can't turn people into frogs?
    • You stay out of the sun, right?
      • Sersi admits she dislikes sunlight and her shop is pretty dark like the haunted house too.
      • MC: No wonder, so it's all me!
Part II
  • Sersi suddenly moves close and looks you over, then tells you she sees impending injuries for you...
  • MC: Should I believe her or not?
    • Yeah right, I trust only science!
      • Sersi: "In that case, good luck with science."
      • MC: Now I'm doubting myself...
    • I'll get hurt? What do I do now?
      • Sersi hands you a little pouch with something cold inside and tells you to squeeze it in an emergency.
      • MC: I feel much better now.
Part III
  • You're shooting the breeze with Sersi and decide to talk about...
  • MC: Go, firendship!
    • Ghosts, spirits and the paranormal.
      • Sersi really gets into the topic.
      • MC: Wow, there's so much interesting supernatural stuff going on in the world!
    • Physics, biology and hard science.
      • Sersi is not liking you more and more.
      • MC: Science rules!
News Bad moon rising: Disaster ahead?
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Spooky Park 03 Go shoot the breeze with Sersi.

MC: Let's strive to be her friend!

Expert 10060.png
Part I
  • You make several guests jump and some of them take swings at you!
  • MC: Why, I don't want to die!
    • Run away!
      • Where can you run to in a small haunted house? They catch you and beat you up.
      • MC: I want to go home!
    • Oh, you want a fight? You got one!
      • You get beat up.
      • MC: I want to go home!
    • Hey, didn't Sersi predict injuries? Maybe I should use the pouch...
      • You squeeze the pouch and out comes ketchup. The guests think it's blood under the dim lights and scatter!
      • MC: Saved at last! Did Sersi really predict this, or was it just long experience from working in a haunted house?
Part II
  • You thank Sersi by offering her lunch that she's wolfing down...
  • MC: Should I offer some advice?
    • Whoa, easy, I can get you more!
      • She is moved and divulges that she's scrounging because she's saving up for an expensive crystal ball.
      • MC: All for a crystal ball! What determination!
    • Hey, save the good stuff for me!
      • She pauses and stops eating.
      • MC: I was actually just joking.
    • How about some manners?
      • She puts the meal down and leaves in anger.
      • MC: Did I cross the line there?
Part III
  • All you can think of is Sersi and the crystal ball she wants, so you...
  • MC: Let's roll with this!
    • Tell her not to buy junk like that.
      • Sersi: "I see we'll never be friends."
      • MC: Hey, I meant well!
    • Tell her to get a knock-off.
      • Sersi: "Knock-offs aren't going to work for me!"
      • MC: You can't tell the difference with some knock-offs.
    • You give her what you made today.
      • Sersi gives you a big happy hug!
      • MC: Hope she'll get the crystal ball she wants soon!
News The reason behind the fortune-telling girl's destitution!

Preschooler Abduction

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Preschooler Abduction 01 Gotta figure out who she is!

MC: Let it all to me!

Expert 10080.png
Part I
  • There seems to be a voyeur around the kindergarten. What do you do?
  • MC: This is the only option left.
    • Call the cops on her.
      • The presence of cops frightens the kids.
      • MC: Think I'm making mountain out of a molehill.
    • Set up security cams to monitor her.
      • A good idea that will at least do for the time being.
      • MC: Must protect the children at all cost!
Part II
  • The children seem fond of her. How do you curb that?
  • MC: Maybe I should try this...
    • Tell them she's child-eating witch.
      • Your terrifying lie has them bawling heir eyes out.
      • MC: Shouldn't scare kids like that...
    • Reward them for not going near her.
      • They listen to you for the incentive.
      • MC: Carrots indeed work much better than sticks!
    • Lock the gate and keep the kids in.
      • They get bored and start misbehaving.
      • MC: Think that's a little excessive...
Part III
  • You see a child going toward her, so you...
  • MC: What to do?!
    • Run up and pull the kid back.
      • The startled child can't stop crying.
      • MC: Every preschool teacher is going to watch out for her baby students.
    • Call the kid with a candy in hand.
      • The child sees candy and runs back to you.
      • MC: Again, carrots, not sticks!
News Kindergarten peeping tom: Is he the accoster?
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Preschooler Abduction 02 Must figure out who she is today!

MC: Watch me go today!

Expert 10080.png
Part I
  • You decide to confront her and ask her who she is...
  • MC: Hmph, I will not spare anyone with bad intention!
    • I'm a sub here. Who are you?!
      • She smiles, "I'm Cherry, I teach here! I've been out with flu for weeks now and didn't want to give it to the kids."
      • MC: Oh, so I'm actually subbing for her!
    • Who are you, why are you here?
      • She fires back, "And who are you? I don't know you!"
      • MC: Why did she sound like I'm the bad guy here?
Part II
  • You finally figure out why Cherry's here, but what are you going to do about it?
  • MC: Aha, I got it!
    • Let Cherry see them, flu be damned.
      • The kids quickly get sick one after another.
      • MC: It's all my fault! Kids are very vulnerable!
    • Go get a quarantine suit for Cherry.
      • You went through a lot of trouble to get one, but it's worth it.
      • MC: This should do it!
Part III
  • While playing with the kids, Cherry suddenly feels ill again, so you...
  • MC: What should I do?
    • Tell her to take a break.
      • She takes medicine and feels a lot better.
      • MC: Shouldn't push yourself when you're sick!
    • She looks happy, let her continue.
      • She gets a high fever in no time.
      • MC: She overexerted herself...
News Peeping tom actually a teacher under weather!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Preschooler Abduction 03 Help Cherry get better today!

MC: I can handle it for sure.

Expert 10080.png
Expert 10040.png
Part I
  • You decide to help Cherry overcome her prolonged illness, so you...
  • MC: Must I resort to this?
    • Check with the pharmacies.
      • Pharmacies don't have anything to help her illness.
      • MC: Well, I imagine she tried this route before.
    • Seek out folk remedies.
      • The remedies complicate Cherry's condition.
      • MC: Shouldn't have believed in old wives' tales...
    • Feel Freeman the scientist may help.
      • This is a good idea!
      • MC: It's a good idea to see what he can do!
Part II
  • Freeman refuses to help, citing he's too busy, so you say...
  • MC: This should make him!
    • I'll wreck your lab if you don't!
      • Freeman's robots throw you out.
      • MC: Curse him and his robots!
    • C'mon, you handsome and kind man!
      • Freeman: "The whole world knows that. Now get out."
      • MC: No one in the world thinks you're handsome.
    • More like you don't know how!
      • Freeman: "Oh yeah? I'll show you nothing stump me!"
      • MC: Yes, well played!
Part III
  • Cherry recuperates with Freeman's concoction. This means you're leaving the job. How about a parting gift for the kids?
  • MC: Well, they might like it...
    • A bunch of study guides.
      • The kids don't like it one bit.
      • MC: This is for your own good, kids!
    • A pile of candy.
      • The parents confiscate all the candy to prevent cavities.
      • MC: Forgot to take that into consideration...
    • A box of toys.
      • The kids are very happy.
      • MC: They're happy, I'm happy.
News Miracle medicine urgently needed to save ailing teacher!

A Prima Donna

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
A Prima Donna 01 Hurry up to see what happened to him.

MC: Is he alright?

Expert 10490.png
Part I
  • You rush over to check the man.
  • MC: It seems that he is still conscience...
    • You hold his back and desperately shake his body: "Are you okay?"
      • The man was going to wake up, but fainted again by your shakes.
      • MC: Oops, I shook him too hard.
    • You gently help him up and ask if he needs any help.
      • The man tells you weakly that he has not eaten anything for three days...
      • MC: Oh gosh! He fainted due to hunger.
    • You splash a basin of water on his face to wake him up.
      • The man wakes up and bawls you out, rejecting your help.
      • MC: He does not like me.
Part II
  • After knowing that the man is hungry, you decide to treat him to a meal.
  • MC: Oh yeah, you can eat this...
    • Invite him to a restaurant nearby for a big meal.
      • Those who haven't eaten for a long time will feel nauseous when they eat greasy food. Although hungry, he eats nothing.
      • MC: I'm so sorry. I didn't think it through.
    • Let him eat the candy you take first, then buy a bowl of porridge for him.
      • He felt much better after eating the porridge and said "thank you" to you.
      • MC: Good to see that you're fine.
    • Take him to the snack bar beside and order some food he likes.
      • The service was slow during peak dining hours. So he fainted again.
      • MC: Oh, I forgot that I have to wait an hour for lunch every day...
Part III
  • When the man wakes up, find out why he fainted in front of the building.
  • MC: Be polite!
    • "Excuse me, why did you faint here? Are you a paparazzo?"
      • Because of your kindness, Gale told you that he is indeed a paparazzo.
      • MC: This paparazzo is so dedicated!
    • "Why did you faint in front of our company? What are you up to?"
      • The man was enraged by your question and paid his meal before leaving.
      • MC: The question was too direct.
    • "You...Did you blow all your money on SLR cameras?"
      • He lied to you that he had run out of money and left after having a free lunch.
      • MC: I was too stupid and naive.
News A man had a black-out in front of entertainment building!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
A Prima Donna 02 Try to learn the secret of Gale.

MC: Be sure to find out this true intention.

Expert 10490.png
Part I
  • Try to find out why Gale is lurking outside the model company building.
  • MC: It's not easy to let him tell the secret.
    • Ask him directly why he is acting suspiciously.
      • Gale was enraged and left without saying a word.
      • MC: Alas, I should be more tactful.
    • As an exchange for his secret, you offer him a chance to film models.
      • Gale is tempted, but he doesn't believe in you, thinking you're just a part-time worker and certainly know no model at all.
      • MC: He saw through my little ruse.
    • Threaten him. If he doesn't tell the truth, you'll tell everyone about him.
      • Gale doesn't worry about it at all, because he is adept at hiding himself and people can't find him easily.
      • MC: I want to learn the skill too!
Part II
  • Gale said that if you help him enter the building, he'll tell you you what he's up to.
  • MC: This is really a difficult task!
    • Just let Gale rush into the building.
      • Before reaching the lift, he was stopped by the security.
      • MC: Damn, I screwed it.
    • Disguise him as a deliveryman to follow you into the building.
      • Gale's disguise was soon discovered.
      • MC: It turns out that Gale isn't skilled at disguise...
    • Draw the security's attention and let him sneak in.
      • You made it. Gale managed to sneak into the company.
      • MC: Awesome, no one saw him.
Part III
  • Gale asks you to promise not to tell others about it. How can you make him trust you?
  • MC: Is that true?
    • "If you don't tell me or lie to me, I'm calling the police!"
      • Gale gets no choice but tells you that he is here to capture the image of Hollow the model celeb snubbing.
      • MC: I watched the news before. It seems that he didn't lie to me.
    • "I swear I won't tell anyone. Trust me!"
      • Seeing you were so innocent, Gale cooked up an excuse to fool you.
      • MC: Something is not right...
    • "If I tell, I'll lose three pounds of weight!"
      • Seeing you were not sincere. Gale cooked up an excuse to fool you.
      • MC: Something is not right...
News Paparazzo lurked for several days only for shooting the ..
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
A Prima Donna 03 You and Gale need to avoid the security guards and go to Hollow's rest room.

MC: My heart is beating so fast!

Expert 10490.png
Expert 10070.png
Part I
  • A staff discovers you two, and asks you who Gale is.
  • MC: I have to find a way to get through...
    • "He's a cleaner. I'm showing him the way to..."
      • Gale doesn't look like a cleaner. The staff asked you several more questions and found out that you were lying.
      • MC: I screwed it up..
    • "He's my uncle's son... and wants to visit the company."
      • The staff drove Gale out as outsiders are not allowed to visit the company.
      • MC: Such a cold hearted man! We just wanted to take a look round.
    • "The new cameraman. The director wants to see him."
      • Seeing Gale holding a camera, the staff memeber believed your words.
      • MC: Thanks to your quick wit!
Part II
  • There's no privilege service in Hollow's rest room. What will you do?
  • MC: There must be a catch in it.
    • Let Gale take a pic and post online saying Hollow is innocent.
      • The lack of evidence makes netizens think Hollow paid money for the news.
      • MC: No, what we said is true.
    • You think it's Hollow's trick and ask Gale to post she is scheming.
      • Hollows's reputation worsened and was forced to stop modeling due to cyberbullying.
      • MC: It seems that I have done something wrong...
    • Many things remain uncertain, so it's better to interview Hollow directly.
      • Find Hollow to reveal the truth.
      • MC: There is only one truth!
Part III
  • You finally met Hollow. How can you let her believe in you and tell you the truth?
  • MC: I hope she could tell the truth.
    • "People must’ve misunderstood you. Only truth can let them know the real you."
      • Deeply moved, Hollow told you that her rival is badmouthing her.. She also found a colleague to justify herself.
      • MC: They have gone too far this time. How can they do such filthy thing!
    • "Are all those rumors real? You're that kind of person."
      • Hollow angrily drove you away.
      • MC: Well, she is really hot tempered.
    • "Only we can help you. Tell us the truth."
      • Hollow didn't care to talk to you.
      • MC: Humph, there's no smoke without fire!
News The fall of a famous model's reputation is maliciously..

Child Star on the Street

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Child Star on the Street 01 Find out what people are looking at.

MC: Anything special here?

Expert 10440.png
Part I
  • You see many people around a familiar kid, so you goes to say hello to him.
  • MC: Is he...?!
    • "Where's your parent, kid? Why are you outside alone?"
      • David Dean thought you were impolite and ignored you.
      • MC: I should be more polite.
    • "Oh! You are David Dean! Nice to meet you."
      • David Dean responded politely and then continued to watch the craftsman's performance.
      • MC: It's really him!
    • "Hey, you're the son of my uncle's youngest aunt. Let me take you to your parents, okay?"
      • Thinking you are a human trafficker, David Dean cried for help. And you were sent to the police station by the masses.
      • MC: Sir, I'm not a bad guy
Part II
  • You wonder why David Dean is on the street. Try to let him talk to you.
  • MC: Try to let him tell you the truth.
    • Just interrupt him and ask why he's here.
      • David Dean became angry and ignored you.
      • MC: Hey, don't ignore me. Let's know each other again...
    • Be patient and ask him why he’s here when he finishes.
      • Thinking you are a good one, David Dean told you that he sneaked out to get some distraction as he's under too much pressure recently.
      • MC: It's not easy to be a star.
    • Threaten him that if he ignores you, you'll call more people to come watch him.
      • Before David Dean saying a word, his fans drove you away.
      • MC: Fans are terrible...
Part III
  • People are still gathering, so you decide to take David Dean to a quiet place.
  • MC: What does he really like?
    • "There's a new anime movie. I'd like to invite you to watch it."
      • David Dean is not interested in anime movie at all.
      • MC: I didn't expect him to be so precocious.
    • "There are too many people here. Let me treat you to milk tea."
      • David Dean seldom drinks milk tea and is very interested in it, so he said yes.
      • MC: It's a calorie bomb, but it tastes good.
    • "Let me treat you to coffee."
      • David Dean is tired of coffee and has no interest.
      • MC: Is he still a child?
News Child actor is on the street, causing street to be overcrowded!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Child Star on the Street 02 Be sure to get rid of the people behind you.

MC: That's horrible. Run!

Expert 10440.png
Part I
  • The man behind is suspicious. You and David Dean plan to get rid of him.
  • MC: Run with the wind, freedom is the direction. Run...
    • You ran into a deserted alley.
      • The man rushed out and stopped you.
      • MC: You ran into the trap by yourself.
    • You ran to a crowded square and hid in the crowd.
      • The man didn't find you. You two escaped successfully.
      • MC: Hooray! you made it!
    • You hid in the grass, waiting for the man to leave.
      • The man saw you at a glance and grabbed you.
      • MC: This man is really sharp-eyed!
Part II
  • You've arrived at a beverage shop. What milk tea do you want to buy for David Dean?
  • MC: This must be right!
    • Mongolian milk tea. Different flavor and different experience.
      • David Dean drinks salty milk tea for the first time, and has lost interest in milk tea since then.
      • MC: Salty milk tea is the best
    • Mustard milk tea. A true warrior dares to try any milk tea.
      • David Dean doesn't like the strange taste of mustard, and lost interest in milk tea since then.
      • MC: As expected, most people don't know how to appreciate the taste of mustard.
    • The most classic HK milk tea. Everyone loves it.
      • David Dean likes HK milk tea very much.
      • MC: The classic will never let you down.
Part III
  • After leaving the shop, you find the suspicious man showing up again. What will you do?
  • MC: You need to solve this problem once and for all.
    • Call the police!
      • The police are too far away to protect you.
      • MC: Police, help us!
    • Seek help from the people around you.
      • The crowd helped you drive the man away.
      • MC: The power of the masses is enormous.
    • Go to the nearest police station.
      • You failed to find the police station after a long detour because you were bad with direction.
      • MC: I can't figure out where I am now.
News OMG! Child actor is followed all the way, can he escape
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Child Star on the Street 03 You have to persuade David Dean to go home.

MC: His parents will be worried if he doesn't go home.

Expert 10440.png
Part I
  • You decide to persuade David Dean to go home.
  • MC: Make sure he goes home.
    • "You've already got everything you want. Be a good boy and go home!"
      • David Dean thinks you don't understand him, and don't want to go home at all.
      • MC: Such a stubborn kid.
    • "You’ve been out for so long and your mom gonna worry. Let’s go home. If you wanna play, call me next time."
      • David Dean makes an appointment with you and decides to go home.
      • MC: That's great. It's too dangerous to be alone outside.
    • "Go home now, or you'll be beaten up by your parents!"
      • David Dean refuses to go home after hearing what you said.
      • MC: Did I say anything wrong?
Part II
  • Just as you are to leave, the man returns with a gang of people. What will you do?
  • MC: Whatever, I will protect him.
    • Pull David Dean behind you and tell them you know nunchakus.
      • You were taken down directly.
      • MC: I am good at singing Jay Chou's "Nunchakus".
    • Seek help from the people around you again.
      • The gang was led by a woman. The crowd didn't react much after seeing her.
      • MC: People, please give me strength!
    • Grab David Dean and run away.
      • You were outnumbered and caught in a flash.
      • MC: Do you want to fight? Please don't hit my face.
Part III
  • Everyone seems to know that woman. What will you do?
  • MC: It's not easy to deal with...
    • Thinking this woman has bribed the crowd, you decide to fight them on your own.
      • You can do no martial art, so you're easily taken down.
      • MC: Coach, I want to learn freestyle fighting.
    • Introduce yourself and politely ask the woman what she wants to do.
      • The woman told you that she is Queen Kong, the owner of the place. Seeing David Dean alone, she sent a man to protect him.
      • MC: It turns out that they are good people. It is a misunderstanding.
    • It's time to yield. Hand David Dean over to them.
      • David Dean hates you and you lose his trust.
      • MC: No, please trust me again.
News The crime boss sent his men to follow the child actor for..

Influenza Virus

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Influenza Virus 01 Help create a good environment for the patients.

MC: Must stop the virus from spreading.

Part I
  • What will you do every day to create a good environment for patients?
  • MC: That's must be right!
    • Close the windows to prevent them from catching a cold.
      • The patients are getting sicker.
      • MC: It provides a good environment for the virus.
    • Cover them with more quilts to make them sweat more.
      • The patients are getting weaker.
      • MC: This method has not been scientifically proved.
    • Open the windows to ventilate and clean the rooms.
      • Thanks to you, the patients are getting better.
      • MC: Great job! You rock!
Part II
  • Doctors are at a loss. When patients ask you about it, what will you say?
  • MC: Try your best to comfort them.
    • "It's hopeless. You'd better stay in the hospital."
      • Patients fell into despair and created a disturbance in the hospital.
      • MC: Is it wrong to be honest?
    • "Doctors're working round the clock to help us. We just need to have some faith in them."
      • Patients calm down and actively cooperate in the treatment.
      • MC: I'm sure we can beat the virus!
    • "Don't worry! You'll be discharged from the hospital soon!"
      • Thinking you were just prevaricating, the patient fell into despair.
      • MC: At least, my intention is good.
Part III
  • A reporter comes to the hospital to interview patients. What will you do?
  • MC: Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.
    • Tell the truth that no one can solve the current issue.
      • Your words fueled fears over the virus and you were fired as a result.
      • MC: All of a sudden, I become a villain who disturbs social stability
    • Tell the reporter that the cures are under development.
      • The reporter knew the truth from the professor and exposed your lie.
      • MC: I just wanted to help the hospital.
    • Tell him you know nothing and should let the professor take the interview.
      • The professor comforted people with his inspiring speech, making everyone full of confidence.
      • MC: The professor is awesome!
News Recently, the new flu virus is spreading. Hospitals are crowded
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Influenza Virus 02 Go to see what Spine is doing.

MC: Has he found any breaking news?

Expert 10480.png
Part I
  • Guess why Spine is staying in the hospital.
  • MC: I'm probably right this time.
    • To report the situation of the hospital. This is the most concerned issue now.
      • Yes, Spine did come to report the virus.
      • MC: What a dedicated journalist!
    • He is waiting for the news of the bigwig who just arrived.
      • You asked many people, finding no bigwig in the hospital.
      • MC: It turns ou that there is no bigwig here.
    • His family may be in the hospital.
      • You watched him for a long time and ruled out this possibility.
      • MC: It's not because his family are here either.
Part II
  • You are worried that Spine would be infected here. How can you help him?
  • MC: That's how it works
    • Give him a mask and hand cleanser and, ask him to wash hands often.
      • Spine is very grateful. He's not infected because of your help.
      • MC: Fortunately I'm well prepared.
    • Drive him away to prevent him from being infected.
      • Spine got very angry because you hindered his work.
      • MC: You seem to misunderstand me...
    • Gear him up so he won't get infected.
      • The gear makes it inconvenient for him to work.
      • MC: This method does not seem to work.
Part III
  • Spine wants you to interview some patients. What will you do?
  • MC: There is always a way to solve all our problems.
    • With the patients consent, take him to interview them separately.
      • Spine got the first hand information and he is very grateful to you.
      • MC: It's great to be able to help him.
    • Take him to the ward directly.
      • Patients felt disturbed and complained about you.
      • MC: It seems to abrupt.
    • Reject him. Patient need a good rest.
      • Spine thinks you're cold hearted, so he asks help from another doctor.
      • MC: Humph! I did this for the patients.
News Spine stayed in hospital for days to report the latest news!
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Influenza Virus 03 Spine told you that he found someone from a certain company coming to the hospital frequently recent days. He asked you to find out what company it is.

MC: What kind of company it is?

Expert 10480.png
Part I
  • Spine told you that he found someone from a certain company coming to the hospital frequently recent days. He asked you to find out what company it is.
  • MC: What kind of company it is?
    • Ask the professor who has come to the hospital these days.
      • The professor said it's confidential and refused to tell you anything.
      • MC: This seems to be a big news.
    • Hide behind the door and eavesdrop on their dialogs.
      • A passerby found you.
      • MC: Oops, you get caught.
    • Follow their car and see where they’re going.
      • You made it. It turned out to be a pharmaceutical factory cooperating with the hospital.
      • MC: Have they developed the cure?
Part II
  • So weird. If the cure has been developed, how the professor is still at a loss?
  • MC: That should be it!
    • Maybe it’s because the price of the medicine is too expensive.
      • After your investigation, it seems that this is the case.
      • MC: Oh gosh! That's too expensive!
    • It's just a facede. The professor didn't develop anything.
      • Someone has already brought the medicine into the hospital, and patients are getting better. You're wrong.
      • MC: Thank goodness, at least the patients are saved.
    • This is the cure developed by others. The professor thinks the credit has been taken.
      • The professor is a decent man. This is not the case.
      • MC: I'm a bad judge of character
Part III
  • As a shrewed reporter, Spine feels something is wrong. What do you think?
  • MC: This is a tough decision.
    • He thinks too much. Newsman always looking for big stories.
      • Spine is persuaded and doesn't continue the investigation.
      • MC: I always feel like I've missed something.
    • You think the same too. Let him investigate it secretly.
      • Spine finds out that it is a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical company! They've developed the virus and the cure, just to make money.
      • MC: Unethical company, unscrupulous businessman!
    • Ask him not to meddle with it. What matters is the patients are getting better.
      • Spine is persuaded and doesn't continue the investigation.
      • MC: I always feel like I've missed something.
News Reveal the conspiracy of an unscrupulous medicine company!

Gourmet Streaming

Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Gourmet Streaming 01 You have made an appointment to meet at Kim's house at ten o'clock. Please arrive on time.

MC: You can't be late.

Expert 10370.png
Part I
  • How will you prepare the draft interview questions before interviewing Kim?
  • MC: Chatting is not a difficult thing.
    • Closely watch Kim's videos online to know his streaming style.
      • You know Kim well. He feels respected and is willing to answer your questions.
      • MC: Know the enemy and know yourself.
    • No preparation is needed. You can shoot the bull.
      • There were frequent awkward silence between you.
      • MC: I need to improve my chat skills.
    • Collect some questions from the audience to ask him.
      • Some questions enraged Kim, so he refused to continue the interview.
      • MC: I was just asking questions from the audience...
Part II
  • You want to know how Kim came up with such a unique live streaming idea. What will you ask?
  • MC: It won't go wrong if I say this!
    • "You just want to get attention, don't you?"
      • Kim became very angry and cut off the interview directly.
      • MC: Please give me another chance...
    • "How did you come up with such a unique idea?"
      • Kim became very talkative, telling you that he wanted to let more people remember how to cook in this special way
      • MC: I didn't expect that he was so approachable.
    • "Do you usually cook like this?"
      • Kim thought you were implying that he was bad tempered, so he became reluctant to answer your questions.
      • MC: Do never guess what a streamer is thinking.
Part III
  • When Kim is going to perform, what will you do to achieve better effect?
  • MC: It's all for the program.
    • Let Kim shout to the microphone
      • The audience think it was too unnatural and give it a downvote.
      • MC: Don't they like loud voices?
    • Let Kim repeat every action to impress the audience.
      • The audience think it was too lenghty and give it a downvote.
      • MC: Slow work yields fine products. Why don't they understand?
    • Dance at the end of the show to give the audience a surprise.
      • Kim danced very well and the audience liked this surprise very much.
      • MC: It works this way.
News Angry Kitchen became famous. Let's get close to Kim
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Gourmet Streaming 02 Go and take a look at his home.

MC: I'm really looking forward to it...

Expert 10370.png
Part I
  • You find a locked room. What is in it?
  • MC: It must be that...
    • It must be something sinster.. That's horrible. Am I in danger?
      • You scared yourself and can't go on with the interview.
      • MC: You are too cowardly to be a reporter...
    • There must be something shocking. I need to go in and check it out!
      • You wanted to break into that room, and Kim stopped you.
      • MC: Let me in, just let me in!
    • It must be something he cherishes. That’s why he locked it.
      • You told Kim what you think. He smiled and decided to let you in.
      • MC: This streamer is so easygoing!
Part II
  • You find the room full of musical instruments. What's your first thought?
  • MC: It must be that.
    • Never thought that Kim likes music so much!
      • When you talk to Kim about music, he becomes very happy and talkative.
      • MC: It seems that he really liked music.
    • He must want to use these instruments to pursue girls!
      • Hearing your speculation, Kim drove you out of the room directly.
      • MC: I'm just telling the truth!
    • Does Kim like collecting musical instruments?
      • Kim has very professional insights in music. You guessed wrong.
      • MC: This is embarrassing. He is a professional!
Part III
  • Seeing Kim likes music so much, you raised the question that has been lingering in your mind.
  • MC: Is it because...
    • You chose to live stream cooking because you're a bad singer?
      • Your rudeness offended Kim, who ended the conversation.
      • MC: It must be true. I got his weak point!
    • Is it because you don't have any talent in music, you can only look at these instruments?
      • Kim got angry and drove you out of the room.
      • MC: This is the only reason that makes sense.
    • Were you a professional singer?
      • You guessed it right. Kim told you that actually he has always been a singer, but is better known as food streamer.
      • MC: I didn't expect that he was really a singer.
News OMG! What in the popular host's room
Name Premise Icon Featured Expert(s)
Gourmet Streaming 03 He's a man with stories. Find out more about him!

MC: I have wine here. Please tell me your story.

Expert 10370.png
Part I
  • You want to know why Kim gave up music and chose live streaming. What will you ask?
  • MC: Is it because...
    • Is there any reason why you gave up being a singer?
      • Kim was touched. He told you that few people paid attention to his music, so he got no way to go on with it.
      • MC: Making music is a hard way. It's completely understandable.
    • "Being a streamer earns more, so you gave up music?"
      • Kim felt that you insulted him and drove you away.
      • MC: 'So I was right...
    • "I haven't heard your songs before. They must be awful. Is that why you gave up?"
      • Kim felt that you insulted him and drove you away.
      • MC: What else would it be?
Part II
  • Hearing Kim's words, you have a bold guess and you decide to ask it directly.
  • MC: I'll just say it...
    • "You gave up music and decided to earn a fortune by live streaming in the future?"
      • Kim thinks you are rude and refuses to answer your question.
      • MC: Did I say anything wrong again?
    • You actually wanted to let more people know you, then you will continue your music dream in the future?
      • Kim thinks you are his bosom friend and becomes talkative, telling you a lot of things about his dream.
      • MC: As expected...
    • "So you think making money is more important to you than your music dream, right?"
      • Kim thinks you are rude and refuses to answer your question.
      • MC: It must be so, otherwise why would he give up his dream?
Part III
  • You decide to help Kim. What will you do?
  • MC: Well, there's a way.
    • Mention Kim's music in your report repeatedly to let the audience notice that.
      • The report is off the topic and is not approved.
      • MC: Obviously dream touches people more...
    • Find a friend from the newspaper agency to help advertise Kim's music.
      • What you've done is exposed and you are fired.
      • MC: Let's help this young man toegther.
    • Play Kim’s music in the interview video, and make notes at the bottom of the video.
      • More people have realized that Kim is versatile and begin to pay attention to his music.
      • MC: Awesome! People have finally noticed his music!
News The original dream: Want to let more people hear my..

Talent Market

See also Experts for more details.

The following experts are available from the Talent Market:

Novice Investigator

Expert 10170.png
Lens Liz
398 Medals
Expert 10040.png
428 Medals

Junior Investigator

Expert 10240.png
405 Medals
Expert 10420.png
420 Medals
Expert 10120.png
457 Medals

Senior Investigator

Expert 10430.png
435 Medals
Expert 10200.png
455 Medals
Expert 10470.png
460 Medals
Expert 10030.png
480 Medals
Expert 10020.png
496 Medals

Advanced Investigator

Expert 10330.png
475 Medals
Expert 10140.png
498 Medals
Expert 10490.png
520 Medals
Expert 10440.png
David Dean
530 Medals
Expert 10380.png
540 Medals
Expert 10090.png
Bao Bao
550 Medals

Seasoned Investigator

Expert 10130.png
Mr. Matsushita
546 Medals
Expert 10250.png
582 Medals
Expert 10500.png
594 Medals
Expert 10310.png
606 Medals
Expert 10290.png
606 Medals
Expert 10370.png
639 Medals

Investigative Expert

Expert 10110.png
627 Medals
Expert 10410.png
629 Medals
Expert 10280.png
635 Medals
Expert 10460.png
640 Medals
Expert 10390.png
640 Medals
Expert 10010.png
653 Medals
Expert 10190.png
655 Medals
Expert 10160.png
655 Medals

Elite Investigative Expert

Expert 10100.png
595 Medals
Expert 10360.png
605 Medals
Expert 10400.png
605 Medals
Expert 10300.png
645 Medals
Expert 10230.png
655 Medals
Expert 10450.png
660 Medals