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Season 1
Kiro Promo.PNG
"For you, I will reach even greater heights."


Age 22
Height 1.76 m
Birthday April 9 (1995)
Zodiac Aries
Occupation Superstar
Evol Absolute Charm
CV (EN) Andrew Bates
  • Sean Chiplock
CV (JP) Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)
CV (CN) Bian Jiang (边江)
CV (TW) Song Yu Cong (宋昱璁)
CV (KR) Kim Myungjoon (김명준)
Season 2
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"I will keep your eyes always on me, and only me."


Age 22
Height 1.76 m
Birthday April 9 (1995)
Zodiac Aries
Occupation Superstar
Evol Absolute Charm & Control
CV (EN) Andrew Bates
CV (JP) Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)
CV (CN) Bian Jiang (边江)
CV (TW) Song Yu Cong (宋昱璁)
CV (KR) Kim Myungjoon (김명준)

Karma Featuring Kiro







Mind's Quest
Phone Calls


Zhou Qiluo is an idol who shines like the sun. He was born a child star and it cost him a lot to become a superstar. But he never thought about giving up and he is very strict on the demands for himself and is a perfectionist. Although outwardly he looks like a big kid, the maturity in his heart is not small. In addition to his occupation as a star and performer, he also has multiple identities and a secret goal.


A cheerful sunlight, extraordinary charm, and an open sincerity. These are the labels for the idol, Zhou Qiluo. An idol's work is very busy, but he never once complains; he just tries to show his best side to the audience. This young superstar understands clearly the ways of the world and the dark side of reality, but he always walks on the path towards the light.

Zhou Qiluo likes an ordinary and everyday life, so he often dresses up in a disguise and goes to the marketplace or takes a walk. At the same time, he also really likes shadow technology[1]. He has a natural gift for computer-related things. As a hacker, his skills are above anyone else. He made the name of his master, KEY, which he took on, rise again in the community[2] of hackers, and he became another person who guards the light in the dark.

[1] The word here is 黑科技 (hei keji) which literally means "black technology" but it's a word from comics that means magical and amazing technology which breaks the laws of the world or what cannot be explained with current human knowledge.

[2] The word here is 江湖 (jianghu) which is the term used for a community of martial artists (those who read Chinese novels would be familiar with this), but it can also be used as a term for a community of outlaws, aka. hackers.


  • He was an orphan who was taken in and raised by Shuang Ye Orphanage. Like the other orphans, he was an experiment of Black Swan.
  • Apple Box is a Golden Retriever that Zhou Qiluo picked up from an apple box. Apple Box is being looked after in his manager's home.
  • Cello is a cat that Zhou Qiluo found in a cello box. Cello is being raised in the studio.

Meaning of the Name

CN: 周棋洛 (Zhou QiLuo), the words 棋洛 come from 棋落不悔 (qiluobuhui), which mean “don’t regret the play” (as in moving a chess piece) .

JP: キラ (Kira), and may come from キラキラ (kirakira) , twinkle, sparkle.

KR: 주기락 (Ju Girak) direct translation of his Chinese name.

EN: Kiro, a Macedonian name that comes from the Greece name Κύριλλος (Kyrillos) which in turn derives from Greek κύριος (kyrios), and means "lord" that can be related to his second evol power . Furthermore in the BS organization he's called Helios as the Greek god, personification of the sun.

Once he was called 1562, later he was called 3684, then even later he was called Zhou Qiluo; in his life, any decision is to be made without regrets or turning back. When KEY gave him this name, it was with the hopes that once he made a decision he would keep moving with an indomitable will without being lost and confused.


Top 1: Music. Music is an indispensable part to his life; guitar, cello, drums... in the world of music he can do anything.

Top 2: Food. He likes to eat doughnuts, drink Coca Cola, and eat hotpot. He believes his one love and good food can never disappoint.

Top 3: Superhero Movies. He likes to watch all kinds of blockbusters, but especially superhero movies. His favorite is the one without superpowers, Batman.


  • Compared to single player games, he prefers social games. He likes the feeling of playing with other people.
  • His guitar pick was gifted to him by his master, KEY.
  • His secret base is a quiet lake near his home. There are carp in the lake.
  • He likes to eat doughnuts because of a promise in his childhood.

Quotes About Kiro

"Our family's Qiluo is naturally peerless and I've never met an artist as naturally gifted as him! As long as this momentum keeps going, he will definitely be able to trend until I retire. The precondition is that he doesn't sneak off to eat!"

-- Shen Yuan (Savin in English)

"Kilo is a very gentle child. It's possible many people only see his sunny, bright side, but he has his own weaknesses and sorrows. I hope that one day my child can obtain real happiness."

-- Eva Seidel

"When I first saw him, he was only 4 years old, thin and small, and looking like he wouldn't live past a day. But there was a light in his eyes and so I took him away. I didn't see wrong, that the child at that time who yearned for the light would gradually become a sun that could illuminate other people."

-- KEY

Star Sign

Aries are influencers and trendsetters. They move through the world on their own terms. They come across as highly independent, energetic, forceful and outgoing. At the same time, they are a sign that exemplifies "what you see is what you get"; there is nothing but sincerity and simplicity within them. They have boundless amounts of energy and a curious mind that never stops. They know how to celebrate life with infectious exuberance and love for adventure. They have an inherent magnetism and optimism that wins admirers with surprising ease.

As a romantic partner, Aries' tends to respect your space and individuality. They are incredibly mindful of their partner's needs and demands. They are the happiest when they pamper their lover, since it gives them a great sense of accomplishment. They do need constant reassurance in love (see Kiro's "Definition of Idol" phone call), but when they're happy and in love, they are one of the most generous, cheerful and adventurous partners of the zodiac.

Overall, they are often seen as "larger-than-life" and their presence can light up a room. They crave excitement and their restless spirit tends to go seek out the next big thing


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Zhou Qiluo also has a mysterious third identity, which is that of Helios in Black Swan. When he acts as Helios, he is silent and decisive. If it weren't for having the same appearance, it would be hard for someone to think that they were the same person. If Zhou Qiluo could be said to be the sun, then Helios is the moon hidden in the night. But regardless of whether he is in the light or the darkness, he is himself.

Second Evol Power: Absolute Control

References/Further Readings

Both official and unofficial references for further reading if interested.