Stone Locket

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The Stone Locket is used to awake the crystals:200001.png Crystal Sunrise and200501.png Crystal Midnight, which will reward you with 119034.png Star Shards and random Department Training Items listed under Treasure List.

Every monday (5:00 - 23:39 PST) you can purchase the “Monday Bonus Pack” and for VIP Players the “Monday Privilege Pack” for 1 gem each in the love supply store. If you don't purchase the packs, they will disappear the monday of the following week and return again next week. You can't enter the Stone Locket without crystals. Star Shards can be used in the Star Store to redeem for evol supply.

Stone Locket2.pngStone Locket.png

Monday Packs

Monday Bonus Pack includes:

Monday Privilege Pack (only for VIP Players) includes:

Star Store

Item Needed Star Shards
C general power big.png Stamina x100 119034.png Star Shards x50
C general gold big.png Gold x10000 119034.png Star Shards x50
120003.png Confess Wish x1 119034.png Star Shards x20
135003.png 3-Star Training (Random) x1 119034.png Star Shards x100
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x1 119034.png Star Shards x200
119051.png Emotion Flower x1 119034.png Star Shards x80
119050.png Emotion Stone x300 119034.png Star Shards x30

Treasure List

132001.png Creative Thinking x2 132002.png Creative Value x1-3 132003.png To the Future x1-2
131001.png Brand Basics x2 131002.png Brand Management x1-3 131003.png Transform Brand x1-2
133001.png Startup PR x2 133002.png Promotion Strategy x1-3 133003.png About Agenda x1-2
134001.png Camera Language x2 134002.png Script Narration x1-3 134003.png Art of Editing x1-2