Love Returns

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Love Returns is an event for returning players who have cleared Main Story Stage 1-10 but haven't logged into the game for 21 consecutive days. After the first log-in, the event will last for 15 days.


Entering the home screen will play a short story (voiced) with the chosen male character of your choice. You will be able to switch back to the select menu and replay the stories again.

Kiro Gavin

Lucien Victor



While you were "gone", you will get SMS from each male character.

Love Returns Tasks

During the event you will get several tasks you can complete, similiar to the Daily Quests. Certain tasks will have their target amount increased after completing them (Upgrade Karma 5/10/15/20 times etc.). Completing tasks rewards you with 119152.png Diary Books which can be used to redeem in-game resources in the Sunset Shop.

Name Task Reward
Leisurely Journey Interact with him once at Go See Him 119152.png Diary Book x150
Time Flies Complete 20 stages in the Main Story 119152.png Diary Book x100
Eureka Moment Upgrade Karma 5 times 119152.png Diary Book x40
Surprise Star up Karma once 119152.png Diary Book x50
Always By Your Side Consume 50 Gems 119152.png Diary Book x50
Insightful Remark Evolve Karma once 119152.png Diary Book x100
The Wizard of Oz Make wishes once with Gems 119152.png Diary Book x50
Sweet Dream Unlock one Ascension node 119152.png Diary Book x50
Clear Sky Enter Mini Hous once 119152.png Diary Book x50
Moonlight Poem Obtain a new Karma 119152.png Diary Book x100


Sunset Shop

Item Price Purchase Limit
C general power big.png Stamina x100 119152.png Diary Book x40 20 times
C general gold big.png Gold x10000 119152.png Diary Book x40 15 times
Quick finish walk.png Power Walk Card x50 119152.png Diary Book x50 5 times
120003.png Confess Wish x5 119152.png Diary Book x80 10 times
135003.png 3-Star Training (Random) x1 119152.png Diary Book x80 10 times
C eliterenewcard big.png Elite Reset Coupon x1 119152.png Diary Book x10 none


Return Supply

Next to the Sunset Shop, you're able to enter the Return Supply Shop where you can buy discounted packs with real money.

Item Price Purchase Limit
C general power big.png Stamina x400 $0.99 5 times
C general gold big.png Gold x40000 $0.99 3 times
120003.png Confess Wish x12 $0.99 5 times
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x10 $4.99 once
Icon vcard activate-CAB-2a751b37b86c731df1624597c6bd6be2-1101742627546150471.png VIP Free Trial Card x30 $0.99 once
C eliterenewcard big.png Elite Reset Coupon x75 $0.99 once


Accumulate Login Rewards

Day Rewards

LoveReturns4.png LoveReturns5.png LoveReturns6.png LoveReturns7.png