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Mind's Quests are the dates/stories attached to SP Karma. They can be accessed by going to Dates and selecting the topmost option.

Each male main character's Mind's Quest unlocks after a different stage in the Main Story.

  • Lucien - Unlocked after Stage 1-15
  • Gavin - Unlocked after Stage 2-6
  • Victor - Unlocked after Stage 2-15
  • Kiro - Unlocked after Stage 3-20

They consist of 5 sections, unlocked by evolving SP Karma. They may also include extra content such as Exclusive Radio, Silhouette, as well as contain the choices for selecting the different SP Karma animations called Flickering Light and Locked Gaze. Flickering Light includes small background changes and Locked Gaze movement changes of the male character

You can reset animations by entering the main page of the Mind's Quest and tapping either on Plot 3 or 5. After that you can select "Reset Image" which resets your current chosen animation effect. You'll have to enter the plot section again and reselect your desired animation.


Section Requirements Rewards
Section 1 Finish Section One 120002.png Bond Wish x2
Section 2 Finish Section Two C general gold big.png Gold x4000
Section 3 Finish Section Three C general sand5 big.png Memory Stardust x5
Section 4 Finish Section Four C general jewel big.png Gem x30
Section 5 Finish Section Five C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x1


Radio rewards are very similar to Phone Calls with the exception that both characters are voiced instead of only the male character. These Radio Calls include a conversation between the male character and one minor story character.


Silhouette rewards are an additional story of the actual Mind's Quest.

List of Mind's Quests