Shaw SMS: Best Audience

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General Info

Character: Shaw



How to get: Love Returns (Event)


Shaw: I have a show on Friday at Live House. I have reserved you a seat, remember to come.
Shaw: Why aren't you there? Busy?
Shaw: Going out of town without letting me know, I'm speechless.
Shaw: How busy are you that you don't have time to return my messages?
Shaw: I got the last bottle of cola from the vending machine.
Shaw: Tch.
Shaw: I canceled the show next week, it's no fun.
Shaw: The others at Live House though I was otherwise occupoed.
Shaw: Didn't feel like explaining to them.
Shaw: Just saw people from your company doing an interview.
Shaw: Your daily job looks boring, no wonder you need to seek inspiration from outside.
Shaw: But you should come back now.
Shaw: That special antique you talked about before is fully restored.
Shaw: It has been transfered to the museum today.
Shaw: I went there and it was very crowded.
Shaw: But so few people are actually knowledgeable about it.
Shaw: If you were there, it may have been more interesting.
Shaw: I'm going to look for you.
Shaw: Don't be surprised when you see me.
Shaw: Figure out how to explain leaving without saying goodbye while I am still in a good mood.
MC: Sorry, I didn't see the messages... Shaw, I'm back.
Shaw: It seems you haven't forgotten me yet.
Shaw: Stay there, I'm coming.