Crisis Date

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"I saw a group of sneakers around the apartment. I hid in the corner and someone suddenly covered my mouth. Is he Lucien?"

General Requirements

  • Character: Lucien
  • Required Intimacy: 6
  • This date also contains content that requires knowledge from or is a spoiler for Ch. 10+.

Required Karma

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary

Section 1

I was being followed on the way home so I found a place to hide. I probably needed to work on my ninjutsu since a hand soon covered my mouth.

Section 2

The man asked me to help him lay low, and I struggled until I realized it was Lucien! I brought him home discreetly and noticed there were bloodstains all over his clothes and a long laceration on his arm. What happened to him?

Section 3

I couldn't bear seeing Lucien's injuries. I could only fumble my way through binding the wounds of a pale professor who was normally so dapper and personable. Fortunately, the wounds weren't too deep, and he regained his senses soon enough. That was when I realized how much I cared about him...

Section 4

He told me he was in danger because drug runners were involved in his latest project. I felt it was more complicated than that, but chose not to pursue it. After a harrowing night, I found myself in mv own bed instead of the couch as I had insisted. He left a while before, but still made me breakfast.