Summer Night Date

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"I had Shaw's birthday all planned out. But to my surprise, he asked me to meet him at the school library. Will the birthday celebration go well for such a person who never plays by the rules?"

General Requirements

  • Character: Shaw
  • Required Intimacy: 4

Required Karma

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary

Section 1

I came up with an excuse to ask Shaw to meet with me. What I didn't expect was that he wanted to go to the library. I racked my brain and couldn't figure out why, and he was running late again.

Section 2

I demanded an explanation on why he was late again. He apologized and promised not to next time. He then leaned closer to tell me to be quiet in the library, which drew the gaze of the surrounding students. I ignored him, only to see him taking a stack of books out from his bag.

Section 3

Shaw loved the antique shore decorated with balloons and ribbons, but he told me that his old man would be outraged if he was alive. This was probably the third time he mentioned his mentor, so I couldn't help to ask questions to find out more about him.

Section 4

Shaw demanded a gift from me?! I was accustomed to his shamelessness by now. I took my phone out of my pocket, Shaw even thought I was transferring money to him as a gift. I put my headphone into his ears and played a song and played him a song from my phone.