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Remembering our parting promise last time, I specially made some pudding to give to Kiro for my visit.

Staff: I'm sorry, you can't enter without a credential.

MC: Hi, I'm the producer of [Company Name]. I'm here to visit the set. (Shows business card)

Staff: (Barely looks) A fan again? Come on, you're a student. Stop pretending. You did make a nice card though...

Anna didn't believe me, the staff doesn't believe it, and I'm now starting to doubt it too...

MC: No, I'm not a student...

Staff: Tch! I can't stand you stalker fans. Security!

MC: (Panic) Please, I'm a reporter for City News. I have a press card and everything.

Staff: (Takes card and inspects carefully)... Journalist, huh? Certainly don't seem like one...

Staff: Tch... Come in.

Good thing I also came here as a journalist.

MC: Thanks. Do you know where Kiro is?

Staff: Are you a journalist or a journalist fan? You can't interview a guest without a reservation.

Staff: Go to the makeup room for the extras if you want to interview someone. That way. Don't wander about!

Okay, I have time anyway. I can call Kiro after I finish an interview.


I happened to find something quite interesting when I entered the makeup room.

Blond Kid: No private room for me? Unbelievable!

Blond Kid: Do you call this dirty dishwater tea?

Bob Utility Girl: If you're done with makeup, get out of the way. You'll probably get edited out anyway. And still so whiney.

Blond Kid: To whom do you think you are speaking?

I find this pretty amusing, so I decide to get an interview with this boy.

MC: Hello, I'm a journalist for City News. May I interview you?

Blond Kid: A person of my standing doesn't just go around giving interviews.

Bob Utility Girl: What is she thinking about... interviewing this little boy while so many stars are here?

Long-hair Utility Man: Too funny... if she asks, I'm refusing too. Can't afford to embarrass myself.

Makeup Designer: What's a journalist doing here? Get out now. You're disturbing our work.

I didn't expect to cause such a commotion. I made an apology and prepared to leave.

Kiro: Think it over. You won't regret it.

Crowd: Kiro!!

The appearance of Kiro instantly made the makeup room boil with excitement.

But, when did he sneak up behind me!

MC: (Smiling surprisedly) Kiro.

Kiro: Miss Chips, hi! We meet again.

Blond Kid: (Blushes) Ahem... Hello, I'm Christian. I gratuated from the Royal College of Art. I quite admire your music...

Kiro: Yeah. If there's time later, I'd love to chat about music.

Blond Kid: (Blinks) Re-- really?

Kiro pushed me in front of Christian.

Kiro: So, do you want to let her interview you?

Kiro: She's my favorite producer. Doing an interview with her will get you noticed by a lot of people.

Kiro: What do you say?

Blond Kid: (Nodding excitedly) Of course! I'd love to.

Bob Utility Girl: Can I be interviewed too?

Long-hair Utility Man: And me!

Makeup Designer: (Brushing her hair back) Miss journalist, would you want to interview a makeup designer?

The atmosphere has done a 180. Everyone's become so positive...

Perhaps Kiro made them believe I'm a good friend of his.

MC: Please be patient. I'll interview you all one at a time.

Kiro: Then I'll be on set. See you later.

MC: Mm, thanks.

Kiro waved his hands with a smile and left the makeup room.

Everyone in the room waved back and silently watched him leave.

When I finally escaped from the dressing room, I had a pile of material collected.

This experience has taught me to disguise myself a bit before going into a scene to gather information.