Main Story (Normal): 20-13

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Main Story (Normal) Stage: 20-13 (Mission)
Under Street Lights


The street lights at the Verdant Plaza were on. You held a cup of hot coco, sat at the bench of the Plaza, and thought about what to do next...

Stage Info

  • Cost: Stamina x5


Scores are not exact, but are the minimum numbers people have successfully completed the stage with.
Feel free to edit the scores if you have a smaller number.

Stage Crown.pngStage Crown.pngStage Crown.png 41776
Stage Crown.pngStage Crown.png 4574
Stage Crown.png 3430


Event 1 (Scenario)

Gazing at the streetlamps, you got lost in thought. Suddenly, you heard a woman screaming at the near distance. Startled, you decided to...

  • "Go closer cautiously to observe the situation."

Event 2 (Scenario)

Hollow held up her phone and screamed with joy, "Thank you for your gifts! I love you all!" Seeing such a scene, you decided to...

  • "Ask her if she remembered you and Gavin."

Summon Karma*

  • Main Attributes:


  • EXP x300
  • Gold x100

  • Bond Wish


This stage may drop:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Skin Lotion

*Approximate scores and attribute weights taken with permission from /u/MundanelyShiny's Mission Score Calculator Spreadsheet