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B.S. Entertainment
Agent: Look, miss, um... I'm sorry. If you want to book our client Kiro, just having money isn't enough.
Agent: Almost every show wants us. We can only pick those with the highest audience ratings.
MC: But Miracle Finder was rated number one, 2 years ago...
Agent: I was a fan of Miracle Finder too. What a pity that the previous producer passed away.
Agent: I'm sorry, but business is business.
I had to leave Kiro's agency. After this second swing and miss, I only felt more dejected.
MC: The company's going under... I better just take the subway back instead of a cab.
MC: And on the way I can buy some snacks and fruit to comfort the crew.
A supermarket nearby B.S. Entertainment
As I purchased my crew's favorite snacks, I rehearsed in my mind how to break the news to them.
While Lost in thought, a slender hand appeared in front of me-- we've grabbed the same bag of chips.
I turned my head, and the person beside me turned to look at me as well.
A smile was hidden in his deep eyes. I could not help but be attracted.
MC: Kiiii...mmph!
Kiro suddenly covered my mouth with his hand and glanced about.
His smiling eyes told me he's not angry at all about my impulsiveness.
Kiro: Shhh... I don't wanna get noticed.
I nodded.
Our little scene seemed to have drawn attention, so we squatted down in hiding.
We crouched together next to that shelf, waiting until he could get away unnoticed.
Looking at the bag of chips in my hand, I suddenly had to suppress a laugh.
MC: Bbbwa-ha!
Kiro: Uh?
MC: Sorry, I just saw you on huge screens, and now, we're squatting here like little kids.
MC: I can't help it...
Kiro: If I were still a little kid, I definitely wouldn't let you have the last bag of chips.
I turned around and found Kiro looking at the chips in my hand, seemingly not willing to give up.
I now felt like I was in on some big secret, and my heart somehow beat faster.
MC: You... really like this flavor of chips?
Kiro: Actually... I can't really recall. Since my career took off, I don't get to eat chips.
Kiro: I just, um, want to see the prize card inside. Everyone is collecting them, right?
I held up the chips and saw the notice on the packaging about promotional Batman AR cards.
I thought for a moment, opened the pack, and took out the card.
MC: Take it.
Kiro: Thanks. If we were kids, we would already be best friends.
MC: Oh no!
Kiro: What?
MC: ...I haven't paid for it yet.
Kiro: Oh! Yeah...
MC: Let's just pay up later...
MC: So sorry, ma'am. I'll buy 10 bags later!
MC: Sorry!
Kiro: Sorry!
We looked at each other and burst out laughing.
Remembering what he just said, I handed him a chip.
MC: Now that it's opened...don't you want to have a try?
Kiro look at me in surprise.
MC: One chip couldn't hurt, right?
Kiro hesitated for 2 seconds and took the chip.
Kiro: Thanks. Um... do you like chips?
  • Like
MC: Yes, this is my favorite flavor.
Kiro: You like this flavor? Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
  • Don't Like
MC: No, I don't like chips.
Kiro: Then-- I don't like them either!
MC: Eh?
Kiro: Next time how about sharing something you like with me?
He looked into my eyes and let out a smile.
Even though I know smiling at fans is his job, I couldn't help but feel my face get all flushed.
Kiro: Thanks. I have to go now. Next time we meet, I'll bring my favorite snack to share with you.
MC: Um... hey, wait a minute! Kiro!
He turned back suddenly and drew very close.
Kiro: Shhh!
MC: Sorry, I forgot again...
I gathered my confidence and took out my business card.
MC: Actually, I'm a producer at <Company>
MC: I'd like to invite you to the last episode of Miracle Finder-- We can pay you a lot!
Kiro: Is Miracle Finder ending? When I was a kid, I would wait in front of the TV for it to come on every day.
MC: Yeah, we've lost funding, so... I want to end on a high note.
MC: Your fans say you have the superpower to make everyone fall in love with you.
MC: I think a Miracle Finder episode like that would definitely attract viewers, right?
Kiro: So wait, now I get to be one of the superhumans on Miracle Finder?
Kiro: But... then, what would I do? Stare at the audience and think "Love me... Love me..."?
MC: Haha! Um... maybe some singing or a performance?
MC: Or I was thinking, maybe talk about how you come up with your songs and performances?
MC: About your creative process, and how you do that love-at-first-sight thing--
As I prattle on about my thoughts for the show, I suddenly realized Kiro has turned all quiet.
MC: What? You don't like this direction? Of course, it's just some preliminary ideas...
Kiro: No it's settled! I'll do it! Let's just go back and find my agent!
MC: Really! That's great!
Then I thought of the agent's reply to me just then and fell into despair again.
MC: Actually, I just came from B.S., and your agent turned me down already...
Kiro, who was so excited at first, fell into a similar despair at hearing those words.
Kiro: Sorry... It's such a special show. I really want to be a part of it.
Kiro: But... I don't really decide my schedule.
Even a big celebrity has moments of helplessness.
Seeing Kiro's trouble expression, I felt I just had to comfort him.
MC: Um... it's okay! I'm still gonna do all I can to make the last show great... Will you watch?
Kiro: Of course. I wouldn't miss it.
Kiro: And later... If you have other shows, will you invite me again to be on one of those?
To a producer, such a question is like a gift from heaven.
MC: Of course! I'll have a thorough plan prepared! --Oh, can I have your contact info?
Kiro: No problem! I'll be eagerly expecting your next invitation.
MC: Mmhmm, you can count on it.
No matter how Miracle Finder ends up, I will make a show that's worthy of Kiro's presence.
Before that, I will draw Miracle Finder to a beautiful close for the audience, my colleagues, and my dad.