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Main Story (Normal) Stage: 1-1 (Story)



Anna: MC? Why did you just hang up on me this morning without letting me finish?
I stood at the gate of LFG and answered the call in frustration.
Anna: You... you're at LFG, aren't you?
MC: Yes... But to no avail. I signed the investment withdrawal agreement.
I seemed to be able to see Anna on the other end of the line, petrified.
Anna: Did you meet the CEO of LFG, Victor?
MC: No... I couldn't even get past his assistant.
MC: All we have no is one last episode of Miracle Finder...
Anna: Oh... Still, they probably spared you some heartache. I've heard the CEO is a real terror.
Anna: If you'd met him today, I doubt we'd even have a final episode to make.
Hearing those words, somehow a gangster boss image popped in my mind, like in The Godfather
MC: ...Really?
Anna: Of course! You're still so green. You have a lot to learn. This Victor is a legend in finance.
Anna: Loveland Financial Group was founded 9 years ago, and it's the industry leader today. Really incredible...
MC: ...How did they manage that...
Anna: Nobody knows... Some invisible tycoon is probably pulling the strings behind the scenes.
MC: No matter who's pulling the strings, they're pulling out funding.
Anna: We can't complain really. The show doesn't have much of an audience really...
Anna: When your dad was still around, it was really popular. Maybe the culture's just moved on...
MC: Anna, you practically ran everything for 2 years after dad passed... We owe you a lot...
Anna: Just doing my job, and I didn't do it well... Just trying to keep the lights on until you graduated and could take it over.
I still remember the promise with Dad when I was a kid: we will make the best show in the world...
MC: Anna, thought it sounds unrealistic, I don't want to give up.
I just can't give up this dream Dad built for me.
Just then, a scream drew my attention.
Passerby Maiden A: Ahhhh! Look, that's him! My lifelong idol, my one and only-- KIRO!
Passerby Maiden B: Where, where? Let me see. Just one look and you fall in love? Seriously?...


Following the eyes of the girls, I saw the ad on the giant screen of Trade Tower.
Superstar Kiro-- in concert, he exudes a glowing aura, attracting every girl that passes by.


Passerby Maiden B: My gosh... How handsome he is... He's glowing!--Ahhhhhh! He's looking at me! No, I'm gonna cry!
Passerby Maiden A: Ahhh! He's looking at me, not you! You aren't a fan of his. Drop the act!
Passerby Maiden B: I'm dizzy! Kiro must have the superpower to make everyone fall in love with him!
Passerby Maiden A: So now you admit it? I thought you said before that was all nonsense?
Passerby Maiden B: I'm a believer now! If superpowers really exist, then Kiro's gotta have one!
Passerby Maiden A: Okay, okay, dry your eyes. Come on! The line for the album is getting longer by the minute.
MC: !!
An idea pops into my mind. The perfect plan.
MC: Anna, I got a plan! You said before there are countless ways to get a show popular.
MC: How about... for the last show, we put everything we have into getting one, giant superstar to come on.
I looked at that radiant star on the screen.
MC: Let's invite Kiro!