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NameStringSurprise Encounter Date

One day at noon, on my way home from my summer internship, I blundered my way into a 330 Bus. Little did I expect that I'd see Shaw right there standing on that familiar platform at that familiar street corner...


After getting off my internship at noon, I wandered into a 330 Bus. When the bus arrived at the platform where Shaw and I once met, I thought there was no way I would see him again this time. But then to my surprise, the bus door opened.


Once again, Shaw sat down next to me, music playing in his earphones. Just as I was looking for something to talk about, thunder rumbled and it began to pour. Shaw and I were stranded in the bus, which had pulled over to the curb. Like last time, he took the initiative to speak.


Under the pretense of an interview, we got to talking and learned more about each other. When the rain stopped and the bus reached its destination, Shaw left behind his transparent umbrella and walked off. Hating to miss out on him again, I caught up to him.


Shaw invited me to take shelter from the rain at the flower exposition o the street. I insisted that I was just trying to give him back his umbrella. Shaw said he thought I was coming for my key - which he found in the bus. He proposed a deal out of the blue, and we exchanged our numbers. A chance encounter turned into something of a date...

RequiredKarmaList of String, delimiter: ,Shaw: Invasion
FeaturedKarmaStringShaw: Invasion