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NameStringEmbracing Date

After finally extricating from a pyramid scheme cult, Lucien invited me to a hot spings for a change of scenery. At night, I finally laid bare my heart to him, and he showed me a side of himself he'd never shown to anyone...


As I read comments online about the pyramid scheme cult, I couldn't help but think back to that time. Just then, Lucien called to invite me to a mountain hot springs for a change of scenery...


To my chagrin, I heard people discussing it in the hot springs resort too. As for how I got out of it, only Lucien knew, because he went through it with me...


Sensing that I was having bad dreams, Lucien comforted me, after which I truly calmed down. Compared to the steamy hpt s[rings, his kiss was actually more soothing...


It turned out Lucien isn't always so calm and collected. He had some PTSD too, so of course I had to comfort him. And if any similar situation pops up in the future, we'll always give each other lots and lots of hugs.

RequiredKarmaList of String, delimiter: ,Lucien: Soaked Through
FeaturedKarmaStringLucien: Soaked Through